Ok, starting an IG army, made some fluff.

This is 1st draft so advise me what to improve on and so forth.

812th Infantry – “The Undesirables”

Home Planet : Various
Found : 40390.M40
Strength : Approx. 15 000
Commander : Colonel Korr

The 812th Infantry regiment was founded in 40390.M40 for the purpose of fighting in General Tarkas “Backbreakers”. The regiment was meant to be used as reinforcements for the Cadians serving in the campaign, but their prolonged training didn’t allow them to embark on their mission. The 812th were drawn up from all corners of the galaxies, but mostly from hive worlds and civilized worlds. The 812th consisted of criminals, heretics, agitators and other undesirables. These men were not given a choice whether or not to join the regiment, as the recruitment was part of their punishment. The undesirables were given quite unorthodox training. When the training started the regiment consisted of approx. 22 000 men. In the end of the training the regiment was only approx. 15 000 strong. The training consisted mostly of “re-education” and “rehabilitation”. This quite simply meant the recruits were subject to brainwash, torture, propaganda or any other methods to break their spirits. After the initial combat training, the regiment had become one of the most fanatic ones in the whole of the imperial army.

In the history of the 812th, commisars have played a big part. In their training the commisars supervised everything from the torture to the executions, and in the field they are extremely important as morale is one of the regiments most important features. The commisars of the 812th are even more cruel than in other regiments and are known for their “trigger happiness”, against friend and foe.

Colonel Korr was given the command of the 812th for a reason. Korr was known for his cruelty and loyalty to the emperor. He had served in many battles against traitor legions etc. and is responsible for the deaths of millions in collateral damage. Korrs characteristics were crucial in the early stages of the regiment.