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    The Kabal of the Poisoned Claw

    This is a WIP piece detailing the history of my Kabal. I'm reasonably happy with chapters 1 & 2, I still feel 3 needs a bit of work. Chapters 4 & 5 are on the cards. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and any constructive feedback is welcomed.

    Name: The Kabal of the Poisoned Claw

    Chapter One: The Founding, and the Fall.
    The history of the Poisoned Claw is long and convulted. It is suffice to say that its origins lay at the very foundation of the Dark City. At time of the Fall there was a young Eldar known as Van'Kar. Van'Kar belonged to one of the many cults of the time, one that had begun to explore the paths that poisons could open up. As others toyed with drugs, Van'Kar's cult used their poisons for the same purposes. When the fall came Van'Kar himself only narrowly escaped, and from that day he would be known as Van'Kar the Mad. The Great Enemy had torn at his mind and soul in her birth and ripped from him his more rational side. A twisted form of his previous self Van'Kar fled into the webway with many of his other kin and the remains of his cult.

    In this new realm the Mad Van'kar began to cut himself a new life. He used the poisons of his past to gift himself with strength and attempt to drive out the laughter of Slaanesh that filled his mind constantly. For many life times of men Van'Kar lead his cult in the Dark City, preying on his neighbours and always leading any battles from the front where he could bath in the slaughter and the smell of toxins mingled with fresh blood. But with every year that passed his rational mind grew weaker and the laughter of the god he had helped create grew louder in his mind. It was at some point during Van'Kar's rule that his forces gained the name of the Poisoned Claw. But as is the way of the Dark City Van'Kar's final fall did not come from an outside enemy, but from within his own Kabal. On the eve of his greatest victory after having slaughtered his way through the territories of his greatest rival, Vir'aki’s the lord of the Kabal Thrice Cursed, Van'Kar was betrayed by his own body guard as he stood over Vir'aki ready to deliver the final blow. At the sight of his defeated Van'Kar's concubine, Amut, who had accompanied him in the battle fled through a portal into another region of the webway. Unknown to any but the Kabal's Poison Master, Amut carried Van'Kar's offspring with her into the webway, unknowingly insuring the survival of Van'Kar's blood line.

    For countless generations afterwards the Poisoned Claw was lead by lords who lacked the vision of Van'Kar and the Kabal gradually lost power until the glory of the days past was almost completely forgotten. But amongst the Kabal there were those who still remembered Van'Kar and the glory he had brought the Kabal. These few were the twisted remnants of the Kabal's Poison experts, who over the years had gradually degenerated into Heamonculie. Secretly they kept the legend of Van'Kar alive, confident that someday a Lord with arise who would be the embodiment of Van'Kar reborn. Over these years they continued to refine their arts, showing the lords of the Kabal only the slightest glimpse as to what they truly knew of the ancient poisons.

    Chapter Two: Return of the Masters and the Rebirth of a Kabal
    It was during the Reign of Archon Lasoon that Kabal's Heamonculuie found hope. One amongst them, Jabud the Flayer, had had dealings with Lasoon's favoured Dracon, Dracon No'ki. He saw in her the power of Van'kar, the same iron will and that same glimpse of madness. A madness that could bring power to the Kabal. Jabud convinced his fellows that No'ki would be able to restore their Kabal and allow them the chance to truly expand their experiments again. So it was then that Jabud began to reveal the legend of Van'kar to the young Dracon, and with every story and likeness he drew between No'ki and the legendary Archon the more her lust for power grew. With her confidence bolstered No'ki began to lead more and more brutal attacks on Mon'Keigh worlds and on neighbouring Kabals. The warriors of the Kabal began to view No'ki as the strong leader the Kabal needed, it was her who supplied them with the stream of slaves, not Lasoon. This feeling was only increased as the Poison Masters returned and spread their stories amongst the warriors.

    No'ki eventually challenged Lasoon for leadership of the Kabal. The battle was quick and bloody. A full two thirds of the Kabal had thrown in their support for No'ki, and had been supplied with the Poison Masters' finest cocktails. With her position secured as Archon No'ki now set about expanding the realms of the Kabal once again and lead her warriors in a tide of conflict that spread out over the surrounding territories and many lesser Kabals were destroyed or forced to pay homage to the Poisoned Claw. The Poison Masters were extatic, truly their new Archon carried within her the blood of Van'kar. So long had they waited, they're day had finally come.

    But No'ki's lust for power knew no limits and fed by the belief in the old legends she began to believe in her own, almost divine, power that the Poison Masters had granted her. She made endless demands of the Poison Masters and any of them who chose to defy her were thrown to the beasts in the Arena. But one of the Masters saw a chance for his own power, to become the greatest of the Masters. Jabud used his influence with No'ki to remove any of the Masters who would oppose him, or would not share their secrets with him. He would conjure minor mis-deeds and then inform No'ki and sit back and watch the results. She never disappointed. This is how Jabud became No'ki's closest advisor and in effect second in command of the Kabal.

    Chapter Three: The Council of the Ra'Star and the Black Crusade
    At the turn of the millennium the worlds of monkeigh were plunged into warfare by one of the great enemies' champions, Abaddon the Despoiler. The consequences of this war would be felt not just in the area around the Eye of Terror but throughout the galaxy, and some believed throughout time. Even in the halls of the Dark City there were those who recognised the consequences this war could bring.

    It was a short time before the war erupted that No'ki was approached by an Archon by the name of Yggdrasil. He represented a group amongst the Dark Kin who called themselves the Ra'Star Council. A council of particularly far sighted Lords who saw the devastation the coming war could bring for their kind. Harlequins of the Laughing God had visited the Council and explained their visions of the Dark City laying in ruins, the dark kin all but exterminated. The Council had sworn to defend the city, and their way of life, no matter what. Having seen for herself the visions of destruction painted by the Harlequins, and the power which the council held No'ki agreed to lend the power of the Poisoned Claw to aid the Council.

    In the war that followed Archon No'ki was at the forefront of the Council's attacks. She fought in the webway to drive out the armies of Arhiman who sought the Black Library itself and she led raids to ancestral worlds thought lost to She Who Thirsts at the time of the Fall. The glory and slaves she won where numberless and soon the Dread Lords of the Council, the four rulers, saw her true potential and she asked to join them. And so as the war in the webway came to a close, Dread Lord Archon No'ki led the assembled forces of the Ra'Star into the material world and ravaged planet after planet, stealing away entire generations for the glory of the Ra'Star.

    Some would say that No'ki believed in the ideals of the Ra'Star, that perhaps she did what she did to preserve her people. But in the end it was No'ki's lust for power that saw her ascension in the Ra'Star. In her eyes the council was nothing but a tool to be used for her own ends, for her own power.

    Chapter Four: War in the East and The Last Dread Lord
    Coming Soon

    To rule in Hell is only the beginning...

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    I like it!
    It has great depth and I like how the history of the kabal is colourful and eventful in every turn. Maybe you should talk about the fighting force itself a bit more? Tactics etc.

    One thing though. In chapter two when the Dracon is thought of leading the kabal, this is highly unlikely. As bad as it is for fluff, a Dark Eldar Archon would probably (but just probably, your kabal is not every kabal) not encourage his competitors.

    But remember, not every Dark Eldar are alike...

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