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    Screaming Angels

    For now I play Space Marines ( my own chapter )
    I have 2 chaplains one in terminator armor and a regular jump chaplain .
    A librarian in terminator armor.
    1 scout unit
    2 assault units
    4 heavy units
    1 elite unit and soon to have a inquisitor en route to me.

    my unit is formed from a near annihilation of the White Scars and Sable Swords on a planet (drilling for resources) and get attacked by the Dark Eldar.

    the two surviving sergeants of the white scars and sable swords wanted to make their own chapter and travel the galaxy finding the next fight and assisting other marines or Imperial Guards wherever they may be.

    Triarius sergeant from the assault marines in the Sable Sword and the other sergeant from the white scars.

    Soon recruit other members from the Imperial Guard and other chapters within the space marines.

    the reason they call themselves the screaming angels they fit their whirlwinds and drop pods with items to make a screaming sound when they are falling or shooting they make a high pitch screaming sound as a psychological effect towards their enemy and when they are not fighting they are training.

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    I played a Dark Heresy campaign where there was an Imperial Guard regement called the Screaming Angels.

    They had been given land on a Hive World and their descendents had eventually becoming Hive gangers.

    Anyway the two sergeants wouldn't just forsake their oaths of allegiance they would rejoin their Chapters.

    If nothing else neither of them would have the resources to create new space marines.
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    Yeah- remember that the limiting factor in Space Marine chapter strength is genesee. 2 Sgts simply would have no clue what to do with them- and what of the mixing of geneseed betwee chapters? There could be serious problems there.

    How about the Screaming Angels are a "pact" between a few chapters because of their losses due to the dark eldar?

    Surviving members banded together and overcame thier enemies-naming themselves after some native critter or something...or an Imperial Guard unit that died assisting them...and the tradition continues centuries/millenia since. Sort of a Deathwatch except created by the marines themselves?

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