The planet of Reich 4 was an industrialized world on the eastern fringe. It had a population of about 10 billion souls and maintained a large military industrial complex. The people of Reich 4 have a strong martial tradition and made significant contributions to the Imperial Guard. Contact with Terra was sporadic but in spite of this the imperial creed remained strong. The loyalty of the planet was further solidified when Space Marines of the Emperor’s Shadow helped defend the planet from a Tyranid splinter fleet.

Soon after this tragedy befell the planet, with the PDF depleted from battling with the Tyranids the arrival of the Skull Smasha Tribe was a disastrous occurrence. The Orks swept onto the planet in a tide of destruction. Intense fighting broke out, and whether a random occurrence happened in the warp, or something more sinister, all contact was lost with Imperium. Intense fighting lasted for 6 years that ravaged the planet. Finally the Orks crushed the last pockets of resistance in the planetary capital and set about using the captured human population as slaves in the arms factories, producing orkified versions of the Reich’s military hardware. The Tribe is composed almost exclusively of Deathskulls who greatly enjoy producing new vehicles and weapons (with the help of their captives) in the vast arms factories of Reich 4.

A substantial insurgency has sprung up on the planet, between remnants of the PDF and escaped and freed slaves. This fighting is enough to keep the Orks happy as small scout forces spread out to find a new adversary. In the meantime the strength of the tribe is ever increasing as the new weapons and vehicles are spread throughout the tribe. However, just as the Orks grow stronger rumours abound in the captive human population that the Space Marine’s of the Emperor’s Shadow have returned and now wage a guerrilla war alongside the insurgency to weaken the conquering Orks.

So the Emperor's Shadow is my DIY chapter of Marines and the Skull Smashas are my planned WW2 SS themed orks (which are still very much in the planning phase). I was just writing some fluff to tie stuff together and explain my Orks' theme (list found here ). And the Painting of the Marines is here (Camo Marines) Hope you like it.