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    Size and strength of the Dark Mechanicum?

    Right, this came up when I was looking at doing my Battlefleet Gothic fleet. It says that there was only one Acheron Class heavy cruiser ever recorded to be built, which subsequently defected during the Horus Heresy.

    What are the chances that, post heresy, the Dark Mechanicum built more? Or pehaps that pre heresy more were built, but the Adeptus Mechanicus lied (They do that alot) and had built more pre heresy (Thank you for the idea Jaffy).

    So basically, is it viable that there ARE more than one Acheron Class heavy cruisers?

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    I would say yes, that it is possible that more were made. Pre-Heresy, I'm not so sure of because the Emperor was still around and, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the AM was more open and connected with the rest of the Imperium. Not completely of course, but more so.

    As for after the Heresy, if the Acheron defected and survived the battles then I would say it's entirely possible that the Dark Mechanicus was able to use a corrupted forge world to produce more of them, though their numbers would likely be very limited.

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