Just a story of a dark eldar vs. sisters of battle & imperial guard battle. Not based on a battle I've played, just felt like writing. Please comment and if you have title ideas I'd love to hear them.

The Raid

The wind swept through Kin’ghars hair making it flow with the air current as the raider craft speeded forward. Kin’ghar looked to his left and saw the neighbouring raiders moving in formation towards the enemy camp ahead. The jetbikes were on the forefront of the raid along with Dracon Dozhar. The raid was organized in order to capture some of the Emperor’s whores to sell in Commoragh, as an order of the battle sisters was currently serving on the planet in coherence with an Imperial Guard regiment. Kin’ghar was positioned in the back of the left side of the raider craft which he knew was the best place to be under fire. He checked his splinter rifles sights and fixed his bayonet on to the weapons barrel. “Raiders get set were only a minute away!” Said the raider crafts crew commander. Kin’ghar put on his helmet and started to ready himself for the battle ahead. The enemy camp was located on high ground in the middle of the desert. Not exactly the best defensive location but after all, they’re just human. The raiders night shields were activated and the enemy location was now visible in the horizon. Sweat was dripping on his forehead partially because of the uncomfortable helmet but mostly because Kin’ghar couldn’t wait for the slaughter. Guardsmen were his favourite prey of all.

As the raiding party was drawing closer and closer to its objective they were finally noticed by the imperial swine. Random lasgun fire began to develop as the camp was put into a state of alarm. After about thirty seconds of advancing the imperials were all in their positions and the marauding raiders were now taking on heavy fire. Before reaching the trenches of the enemies two out of eight raider craft were lost along with a single ravager. The jetbikes reached the enemy lines first and started to disrupt the organization of the imperials. “Alright you bastards, get ready to assault these swine!” The sybarite Dreach’a cried out while readying his agonizers. The disintegrator of the raider started to lay out its deadly fire as the skimmer started to circle around an enemy heavy bolter position. “Open fire you dirtbags, take out that position!” Dreach’a ordered as the squad started to fire upon the position. The raider circled the position about three times after the skimmers anti-grav engines took a critical hit and the vehicle crashed right on top of the heavy bolter team.

It took a while for Kin’ghar to regain his consciousness after the crash. When he stood up he noticed two dead warriors on the ground along with the remains of the heavy bolter team. He also saw the raider craft itself was totalled with the crew lying dead, but a warrior from his raider squad manning the disintegrator. “Kin’ghar! Get your filthy ass up here and start shooting! These humans aren’t going to kill themselves!” Dreach’a shouted while laying down fire with his splinter pistol. Apparently the only casualties from Kin’ghar’s squad were the two warriors and the raider. Kin’ghar ran to his squad whom were on the slope of the crater created from the raider crafts crash landing. Kin’ghar took his rifle and started shooting. The Imperials had been driven away from the first line of trenches and were running towards the second line of defense through open ground, making them extremely easy targets. Kin’ghar managed to take out three retreating guardsmen.The rest of the raider squads with their transports still mobile were circling the camp shooting randomly into the enemy lines while squads with no transports were taking cover in the trenches captured from the enemy, laying down suppressing fire. The jetbikes had been taken out except for the Dracon whom survived but repositioned himself with one of the raider squads. The imperials had regrouped in the second line of trenches and started to build up a fire base. Dreach’a had a moment of thought after which he said “Hold here, I’ll go find the Dracon and figure out our next move.” and then ran off. After several minutes he came back with news. “Right maggots listen up. We’re going to assault the enemy ahead us. No complicated plans, just an all out assault so get ready to run and run fast. Have your plasma grenades at hand to throw at their lines when we’re close enough. Assault starts in a minute.” He said, drawing out his agonizers with blood in his eyes.
The firing between the two sides didn’t stop for a second yet the raiders were preparing to assault.

Approximately thirty minutes after the start of the fighting the Dark Eldar raiding party was preparing to attack. As the last rounds were fired at their foes they began their attack, running like the wind towards the imperial held trenches. Kin’ghar and his squad were on the left flank of the assault, supported by a raider transport along with the squad inside it. As Kin’ghar was running and shooting he saw the raider fly above him with its disintegrator firing like crazy. The imperials were concentrating all their firepower against the assault but still had very little hope of actually holding the line. After they were forced to fall back they had taken massive casualties and lost many heavy weapons in the defence, along with their fighting will. There was firing everywhere and Kin’ghar’s squad lost 3 warriors while advancing. By now the skimmer units had reached the enemy lines and the raider-bourne squads were charging the enemy positions. “Hurry up imbeciles, you don’t want the fight to be over once we get there do you?!?” Dreach’a shouted while increasing his running speed. The squad finally reached the enemy position. Dreach’a took out a plasma grenade and threw it in the trench ahead. As soon as it exploded he started to rush the position with his men following him. In the trenches Kin’ghar along with his squad faced a squad of imperial guardsmen led by a commissar. “Come men, for the Emperor!” Shouted the commissar whilst leading his already beaten squad in a desperate fight against the raiders. Kin’ghar opened fire on the foe killing one guardsman with his rifle and another in close combat. Dreach’a was wounded by the commissar whom he slayed with his agonizers. After the squad was taken care of Kin’ghar and his squad started to clear out the rest of the defensive complex. They moved along the trenches swiftly only to encounter lone guardsmen trembling with fear. After cleaning out the trenches all that was left was the bunker which connected the western and eastern trenches. The squad took a moment to rest before rushing the bunker and while waiting were joined by remnants of other raider squads clearing out the trenches. “Alright now listen up. That door is barred and we’re out of grenades, so you there with the dark lance blast that thing open.” Dreach’a said while the rest of the squad took position in front of the door. “On my mark!” Dreach’a said. “3….2…..1….FIRE”. The dark lance fired and the door was now just a massive hole in the wall of the bunker. The squad rushed the bunker only to be welcomed by a hail of bullets coming from a battle sister heavy bolter. The five warriors that were the first to go inside were all cut down within seconds. Dreach’a ordered the squad to halt and gave new instructions: “Damnit! One of you men run to the other squads and tell them to charge the door opposite to our position. We can’t take this bunker by ourselves!” A warrior started running along the trench line while we waited for Dreah’a to give out our orders. “We can’t survive alone for long so we better hope that runner does his job. What we will do is lay down all the fire we can and then assault the whores hiding in there. Remember to try not to kill them, just to make them harmless in combat. Now go!” He instructed the squad. Right after his orders, Dreach’a picked up a splinter cannon laying on the ground and started shooting wildly into the bunker. “Now go!” He shouted and Kin’ghar along with the rest rushed the bunker. Kin’ghar was hit in the arm while running towards the enemy yet was able to fight. The female warriors of the Empire were shouting praises to their master as they cut down the assaulting Dark Eldar. Kin’ghar hit the floor and crawled next to some boxes inside the bunker and started to shoot the defenders. He was not yet going to fall into the claws of Slaanesh. Kin’ghar and Dreach’a were all that was left of their squad and were pinned down inside the bunker. Kin’ghar peeked behind the corner of his cover only to see the battle sisters slowly closing in on him. While preparing himself for the fight of his life something happened. The bolters of the sisters were suddenly silenced and replaced by shouting and screaming. Kin’ghar took another peek behind the box and saw the raiders along with dracon Dozhar fighting the sisters in hand to hand combat. The runner had done his job. Kin’ghar and Dreach’ar quickly rushed to their aid and the imperials were subdued in no time. After the fight was over, Dozhar gave his final orders : “Take these whores into the remaining raiders and kill everyone else so we may finally get off this travesty of a planet.”