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    Mercia Corp - The Black Watch

    Hey, this is the beginning fluff for my new regiment, obviously needs some work. I just wondered if some fluff pro's could take a nose and give me some feedback.

    Imperial Navy

    Mercia Corp – The Black Watch

    1st Marine Division (My Army)

    21 Commando
    22 Commando
    25 Commando

    6th Marine Division
    23 Commando

    24 Commando
    26 Commando

    In 812.M36 the Imperium had successfully ended the 200 year old civil war on Saiko IV and finally enlisted the planet into its ranks. Its armies of men were designated into PDF forces and the remainder into an army of workers, designed to build impressive underground Hive Cities that would dig into the earth miles beneath the surface.

    Each of the 4 races on the planet were ordered to give a tithe of men containing their most experienced troops. These troops would be formed into a Fleet Protection Force under the Command of the Imperial Navy. Their objective was to provide protection from boarding forces on the fleets ships and guard forces for various docking stations and ports around the galaxy.

    The Mercians signed over their 12 commando divisions, now designated Mercia Corp who due to extensive losses in the Civil War were restructured into the 1st and 6th Marine Divisions.

    Throughout the following Millennia the 1st and 6th served with distinction proving themselves in several major port conflicts, earning them the nickname ‘The Black Watch’.

    In 317.M38 it was decided that the experience and extensive training of these men was wasted by constricting them to Fleet protection force. As such they were declared as a Light Infantry combat force and although remaining under the colours and command of the navy, operational control was handed over to the Imperial Army.

    Military Style
    The Marines are primarily a Light Infantry force, as such there basic structure is simple. Platoon size troops which consist of Rifle squads supported by Snipers and other mobile special weaponry.

    Rattling Squads: Each company HQ has an attachment of Rattlings, there primary goal is to act as a reconnaissance force at the head of the army. During Fleet Protection duties the ratlings orders were to guard the main docking hangers, picking off enemy troops as they left the safty of their ships before retreating into the ships ventilation shafts to report on enemy movement and seize opportunities to pick off higher ranking individuals.

    Storm Trooper Squads: Each company HQ has an elite 8man storm trooper squad permanently attached to it. In total 1 Storm trooper company is attached and divided among the 1st and 6th Division. During fleet protection duties the storm troopers act as bodyguards for the ships Captain/Commander. When deployed as ground forces the storm troopers show off their superior training and strive to engage some of the most fierce enemies on the battleground.

    Armoured Support Group

    Each Division is supported by a Divisional ASG, their role is to provide the 3 Regiments (Commandos) with the much needed transport and heavier fire support needed for many of their missions.

    Hydra: The hydra is one of the most used weapons by the Marines. Traditionally a fleet protection force they became exceptionally versed in the use of the machines for shooting down enemy ships. As such it now provides the grounded marines with a defence from air forces whilst having the diversity to turn against ground forces.

    Valkyre / Vendetta: Being part of the Navy the Marines normal method of insertion to a planet is via Valkyre transport. However they are normally dropped well before engagement with the enemy. When required however these gunships have been known to be called upon for air support and combat extractions.

    Chimera: The bulk of the ASG is made up of Chimera transport vehicles as they allow the Marines to be inserted in safety then engage the enemy at will. They also provide the main source of heavy anti-infantry weaponry.


    1st Marine Division
    Armoured Support Group (ASG)
    -- Hydra, Valkyrie, Chimera, Tanks
    21 Commando
    22 Commando

    -- 1st Battalion
    -- 2nd Battalion
    ------ Hotel Company (HQ)
    ------ Fox Company

    ------ India Company
    ------ Kilo Company
    ------ Lima Company
    ------------ Company HQ

    ------------------ Ratling Scout Attachment
    ------------------ Storm Trooper Attachment
    ------------ 1st Troop
    ------------ 2nd Troop
    ------------ 3rd Troop
    25 Commando

    Im debating adding a few demolishers / eradicaters to the ASG as "close infantry support" keeping range to a minimum but dont want to stray to far from the fluff. Would this be an acceptable choice or does it retract from my fluff?

    Thnks for any input, Mercian

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