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    Steel Legion 11th Airborne 'Black Eagles"

    Hello everyone. Due to the release of the new codex and with it the Valkyrie and Vendetta models i will be writing some fluff about my regiment the 11th Airborne "Black Eagles" one of the most famous regiments of the Second and Third War for Armageddon. I will be following this with a series of short stories depicting the heroic and bloody actions taken by this regiment. Tell me what you think.

    During the Second War for Armageddon millions of men and hundreds of regiments gained renown and valor for their efforts in opposing the Greenskin hordes. One of those however stands above all other, the Steel Legion 11th airborne or as we now know them...the "Black Eagles". One of the first and few of the Airborne units at the Steel Legions disposal.

    When Gazghkull hordes reached Hades Hive the greatest display of grit and determination the planet had ever or will ever see took place as Old Man Yarrick made his stand. With him were a little known regiment known as the 68th Mechanized Infantry who made several daring and succsesful attacks in the form of sorties charging out and smashing apart ork artillery and vehicles. The men of the 68th were there as the gates of Hades Hive fell and stood with old man Yarrick in its shattered arches meeting the greenskin tide head on. With the arrival of the Blood angels Hades was saved only at the cost of over 90% of the men of the 68th and Old Man Yarrick being mortally wounded.

    During the fifty years before Gazghkull returned Hades was being painstakingly restored like the 68th infantry who even after fifty years still numbered roughly half of their former numbers. But when the Roks fell on Hades, the 68th along with almost every other inhabitant of Hades hive were anniahlated.

    The few surviving men of Hades, including those from the 68th crawled from the wreckage and as the orks poured into the shattered hive once again went to war. For several weeks the shattered remains of the imperial guard of Hades Hive fought alone in a brutal close quarter battle amid the ruins of Hades once again effectively stopping the Orks cold. But instead of Yarrick leading them it was the last surviving officer of the 68th, Lieutenent Marcus Wolfe.

    When other guard forces and space marines arrived to help cleanse the ruins and form a battle line against the orks they were astonished to find groups of battle weary survivors fighting to their last against overwhelming odds. Quickly taken off the front lines the remains of the 68th and the other surviving men of Hades Hive expected to be absorbed into another unit. However an general who oversaw the cleansing of Hades Hive saw how effective the survivors had been at fighting being outnumbered and all but surrounded.

    Soon all the survivors ranging from over eleven regiments where merged into the 11th airborne and after a quick few weeks of training they were deployed to help in the defense of Tartarus hive were they single handily were responsible for the destruction of the Mega Gargant "Gorks Rage"
    Using very unorthadox a young sergeant ordered his Valkyrie as close to the Gargant as possible and landed his squad on top of the gargant and fought its way into its plasma core, before detonating it. This is just one of the many accounts of heroic actions taken by this regiment.

    Commander: Colonel Marcus Wolfe

    Deployment Status: Currently en route to a besiged system near Armageddon

    Uniform Colors: The standard sand colored uniforms worn by the forces of Armageddon. However it is noted that the uniform has been dyed to reflect type of terrain they are fighting in.

    Symbol: A diving Black Eagle Clutching a Cross in its talons with the number 11 engraved on it.

    Favorite Special Weapon: Melta Gun

    Favorite Heavy Weapon: Missile Launcher

    Current Strength: 836 Men

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