"Reagan your up front" said an arrogant but dutiful sergeant Chris as they moved through the ork side of the jungle."ahh what smells like-" Reagan was quickly dispatched by a roving squig."Ohhhhhh f-" Chris was met upon by a number of howling squigs thirsty for blood

"Oi! did ya yoofs see dat? Dat's when duh squigs come in handy now let the snowboyz geev us da okay sign and we'll move" .Nob Dagur told his swampboyz as they prepared to attack the 'Umies' on the other side.Soon da swampies saw the snowboyz and followed by them the sand and jungle boyz. That's when Dagur told his mangy little gretch to 'make da big booooo'. Suddenly there was a lone gretch running torwards enemy lines screaming wild profanity before exploding in a bloody confetti mist"WAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH LURKUS!!!!!" yelled a million orks ready for 'da head bangin to begin'
The orks of the moons of Banthos on the far edge of imperial controlled space are unlike any orks in the galaxy. They worship neither Gork nor Mork but instead rely upon Lurkus, God of squigs for guidance. However if it wasn't for the spac emarine chapters of the ultramarines,Desert Snakes, and space wolves these squig breeding planets would be very neutral. It all started in the 36th millenium when these chapters 'accidently blew up Banthos prime(the birthplace of the squigs of the banthos moons,also a holy squig land). The reason for the destruction was the fact that it had a archive of necrons inside however these were later found to be just the remnants of previous rituals with no possible identification. The orks that were situated on each moon of Banthos varied in lifestyle. Banthos I as the domain of the jungle orks,Banthos II is the newbie swamp orks, Banthos III is the domain of the chaos taitned Snoworks, and Banthos IIII is where the WAAAAAGH! was founded y the desert orks. After the destruction of Banthos the orks assembled a space fleet and attacked the marines unitl they retreated with heavy losses. After this event the orks all met on Banthos I to decide to either crak heads all over da galaxy or sit here not doing anything. Then a wierdboy known only as Squiggles entered the conference proclaiming thatb the squigs need to be spread across the galaxy so all can be destroyed and enslaved by the power of almighty god LURKUS. So the Banthos moons united to form WAAAAGH LURKUS!

They use their squigs often for suicide missions and other possible way. WAAAAAGH LURKUS uses Dread,Kanns deffkoptas and tons of boyz to win da fight!!!
All the customs very from moon to moon

Snow Orks: A snowboy is the most deadly ork to be reckoned with. They barely use squigs for fighting and are very distrustful of technology so they use extremely deadly hand to hand weapons. These orks were tainted by a chaos warp hole opening in ancient times; this caused an age known to them as ‘Ages of da head bangin death wrangling blood curdling holy blood WAAAAGH!’ which resulted in chaos orks remaining on the planet while Gork and Mork worshippers were executed.COLORS:White skin, Blood markings

Swamp Orks: Squigs are their best friends. All WAAAAGH LURKUS wiierboyz go here to train and focus on Psiiiikkick energy. This is also the only Banthos moon to be able to house Gretchin because of the swamp orks tolerance against them,.COLORS: Green skin, sickly clothing.

Jungle Orks. The ork version of a Catachan. Able to move through the jungle lightning fast then release millions upon millions of squigs on the enemy. They are the squig breeders who first discovered the use of squigs during the ‘Warlording of da holy squigy temple’ which was when an ork from out of system lorded over Banthos’s planet. This is also one of the planets with imperials on it, in this case the imperial guard.COLORSark green skin,camo colors

Desert Orks: This is a very…spartan environment. The orks here never are hot but hate the cold which is why they constantly war with the snow orks who have hatred for the desert orks. This plant is where bthe orks test weapons of mass destruction which caused the devoidness of life besides for squiggoths and orks. The orks here are constantly learning ways to fight and are on the only other planet l resistance which is held up by the Desert Snakes chapter. Before these orks noticed the bretheren in space they thought of themselves as the ‘master race’ and when they made contact with, as luck would have it the the snow orks they were enraged and revolted on their leaders who told them they were the master orks this was called ‘Da biiiiiiig mistake’. COlORS:Yellowish deasert colored skin, all metal armor.