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    Signifigance of the "Wolf of Fenris"?

    I was wondering about the story in the Chaos codex on the Wolf of Fenris. At first, I thought it was just a cool side story, but then I noticed in the 40K rule book, it lists it on the timeline as a significant event. Is there more to it then I'm ready? Other then the Space Wolves spontaniously attacking their brethren, I don't see why its a big deal. Any thoughts?

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    From what I've read most of the stuff having to do with the Red Corsairs and Huron Blackheat has been somewhat overblown by GW. Sure. he lead a fairly significant rebellion against the Imperium and got several space marine chapters to side with him. But other than cause a fair amount of damage he isn't all that important on the galactic scale.
    GW has put a lot of emphasis on Huron recently, mostly, in my opinion, due to their seeming desire to shift chaos away from the original traitor legions to the more varied and customizable rogues and renegades.

    So purely speaking Fluff, the event is important to the Wolves and the Red Corsairs but hardly galaxy shaking like say, the black crusade or the Armageddon wars. It's importance stems from the new direction GW is leading the Chaos fluff. Thats my opinion/ take on it anyway.
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