Akos: Northern Frontier - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Akos: Northern Frontier

    Akos: Northern Frontier

    Ayshana moved with her Banshee sisters through the long grass towards the low outcrop of rock as an inspiring sunset left a pinkish hue to the sky. There was time when the beauty of this world would have inspired her to write poetry or fill a canvas with her impressions. Those days were long dead, half remembered, as faded as a dream come morning.

    Now the grass was cover and the sunset another factor to take into account when deciding where to strike.

    She was an Exarch, The embodiment of Morai-Heg‘s gift to Khaine, a myth come to life, the herald of ill fate. She was screaming death and she had found her quarry.
    *************************************************************************** **********

    A slow cold rage burned in Dorimus’s heart. His mission on Aurora Prime should have been already over and the souls of this world damned to Chaos as a final consummation of the pact between him and his Masters.

    Instead the xenos had come. They had come as a desert storm, they had come in waves striking at the heart of his warriors and as individuals, assassins coming in shadow. As soon as one attack had been resolved another two would begin.

    Eldar, he had hated them 10,000 years ago when he fought alongside his Primarch and he hated them now that he fought for the Ruinous Powers.

    He eased his bolt pistol from its holster and hugged the ground as best he could in his power armour. He crawled forward slowly making little sound despite the bulky ceramite armour he wore. Over the millennia the armour had been modified and repaired and enhanced. The servos fitted with noise dampeners and the external exhaust ports fitted with silencers.

    Despite his stealth Dorimus was being hunted. He realised this. Separated from his battle brothers he was an easy target. He was not afraid though. Not because he had been taught to suppress fear, nor because he was confident in his own combat prowess. He was unafraid because though he was separated he was not alone and because he knew the difference between a predator hunting prey and a predator about to take some bait.

    *************************************************************************** **********

    Ayshana made the slightest of movements to signal the rest of the Howling Banshees to stop. The mon-keigh was nearing the top of the small ridge. If he made it to the edge he would have a good firing position. Even with the advantage of numbers Ayshana knew not to underestimate a fully armed Astartes. She should strike now, fast, cover the distance in a blink of an eye and kill him.

    And yet…..

    And yet Ayshana had fought on a thousand worlds across the stars, She had trodden the path of the Exarch for too long her life was an endless cycle of battle and training so that the two blurred. Her instincts were as part of her equipment as her sword or her mask. Her instinct was a lover, a protector. They kept her safe and she listened to them. They screamed out to her now.

    A single mon-keigh

    Abandoned, separated by his comrades. Mon-keighs were weak cowardly they did this. Astartes were not. Mon-keigh were virtually blind stumbling through their short lives with little grace or elegance barely aware of their surroundings. Astartes are aware. Mon-keigh fell back when met by resistance. They retreated and relied on numbers. Alone they would crumble. Astartes wouldn’t. Astartes would fight.

    *************************************************************************** **********
    Dorimus had reached the edge of the small outcrop of rock. He was surprised that the Eldar hadn’t launched their attack yet. He moved forward further, if he stopped then they would know that he was aware, if he kept going much further he would be on top of them.

    He tensed himself ready to strike.

    *************************************************************************** **********
    The Astartes was still moving. Ayshana ran through the possibilities in her head. There was a chance he didn’t know they were there. Pull back or attack. She was no Farseer she could not see along the strands of fate.

    Her sisters needed a decision.. Ayshana sighed a prayer to Khaine and gave the signal.





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