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    Death Guard Fluff

    Sempiterna Strike Force – Death Guard army.

    Decripitus paced furiously around the desecrated basilica, maddened by the damage his ancient power armour had sustained.

    A shot had penetrated him in the torso and had destroyed one of the chaotic runes that had once danced around his traitorous armour. “You should look after yourself a bit better Decripitus, how can you hope to reach daemon hood if you keep getting shot....?” A low bellowing laugh attacks the air as Gravatus approached the Lord.

    “If it were anyone else Brother than you would be on the end of my spear....” spoke Decripitus almost impatiently. For although Gravatus was his brother in arms and also in birth, he was his inferior, and as long as he was alive, that’s the way it would remain.

    “I see you have brought your mechanized division Decripitus... If Mortarion knew what you were doing then he would condemn us both to the lower ranks” but before he could finish his sentence Decripitus was upon him, faster than a devotee of Slaanesh and with more strength than the mightiest Khorne Lord he picked up Gravatus and brought him close, spitting in his face as he boomed “NEVER USE THAT FOOLS NAME IN MY PRESENCE”.

    Before Gravatus could evaluate the situation he had once again got himself into, he was choking on the floor. Even though he was a proud member of the Sempiterna strike force and a member of the Death Guard, he had once again got on the wrong side of his brothers temper, much like their childhood.

    “You’re a fool brother... The Mechanized division of our strike force is the best equipped to take this horrid planet... And, unfortunately, you will not be here to see it fall...” Before Gravatus could react his brother had spun round flicked his spear from out of its quiver, with the delightful grace of the demon entrapped within and thrusted it straight through his head.

    As Gravatus stood in place, death encasing his already dead flesh, his soul escaping the power armour it had once animated, Decripitus stood perplexed at the person who had once been his brother standing in front of him, twitching. With his last words escaping his bubous face Gravatus uttered, “For the Death Guard......and Mortarion”.

    As the Leader of the Sempiterna strike force swung round and walked away from the lifeless lump of treacherous scum he remembered the very reason the conversation had begun. He peered downwards to where the damage in his ancient power armour had once been. Glancing to the long expanse of black above the horizon, the starless sky and poisonous clouds which surrounded his rhino transports and Predators of old, reminded him so much of Barbarus. He thanked grandfather Nurgle for the opportunity to prove himself and take a planet in the name of Chaos...

    “To the Rhinos my Brother’s, Nurgle is with us on this night!”

    This was my first attempt at writing anything like this. What do you guys think? C&C very welcome

    My homage to my time spent at Libararium Online:
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    Very good. Basic writing stuff needs fiddling with. Sentance structure, etc.

    But barring that, I really like the story. Fits with the tone that I always imagined for the Death Guard.

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