The Winter Wolves

In a small out post in the middle of the frozen tundra of Fenris sat Vladimir Von Claw. He is the leader of a small compliment of grey hunters and blood claws. Their main job this day is tracking the Chaos ships that have just entered Fenris’s orbit. Logan Grimnar suspects that when the Chaos army begins planet fall that Von Claw and his small force will be the first line of defense. From the last transmission he received that more support is on the way, but will take several days to reach them do to the severe winter storm.

When the clarion horn rang out from atop the outpost, over the frozen plains of Fenris the next day they all knew that the time for battle had come. Each of them girded themselves and joined their brothers in the center of the outpost. Logan Grimnar himself stood upon the dais on the briefing screen. The Great Wolf spoke: “The time has come, my brothers, to fight! Our world has been overrun by the vile hordes of Chaos. The gathering darkness is ready to erupt from the sky onto our planet, and I pledge that the evil that is Chaos will not defile the glory of the Imperium with their presence. Go now, and destroy the cursed traitors!? With a great roar, the small force broke into a howling cheer, filed into the waiting transports outside the outpost, and set forth on their quest to stop the latest Chaos incursion.

On the second day since the arrival of the vile chaos ships the invasion began. With only 10 grey hunters in a rhino, 14 blood claws and him self in a Landraider Crusader, they made their way to the chaos’s landing area. The storm was at near blizzard proportions now. Just after they left the outpost a transmission came in saying that more ships have entered the atmosphere, but they are not Chaos. That transmission was never received.

No sooner had Von Claw’s force reached the landing area that giant bolts of fire began to rain down on them from the direction they had come in. The storm was furious at this point sight was restricted to only about 10 feet. Von Claw and his pack were overwhelmed by hordes of daemons and horrors the likes of which had not been seen since the Horus Heresy – Horrors and Flamers, along with nameless, shapeless forms of devastation, threw themselves at the squad with everything they had, but Von Claw’s pack stood fast. He directed volley after volley of precise bolter fire into the hordes, until finally the Chaos onslaught stopped. Thinking themselves safe for the moment, Von Claw called the cease-fire – that is, until one of his pack-mates was ripped to shreds by a behemoth with a Lightning Claw. Chaos Terminators! Von Claw immediately threw himself into the fray, swinging frost axe as a man possessed. How Von Claw slew that day cannot rightly be counted, but in the end, only Von Claw remained alive atop a heap of corpses.

High above in the atmosphere there was another battle raging between the Chaos and the second arriving battle fleet.

Meanwhile, back at Chaos’s landing area, Von Claw’s jaw dropped when he saw a second wave a Chaos coming through the storm. When out of the storm, to his right, at the edge of the battlefield charged Warriors of terminator size in shiny metal armour. Von Claw howled. He noticed through stories this was a force of the infamous Daemonhunters. Through the storm he saw there numbers ripping through the second wave of the chaos horde. Although there was nothing between him, and the front line of the chaos horde he showed no fear. Then as he raised his axe, and was prepared to rush, the front line, a shimmer appeared in front of his eyes. A small 10 man unit of those Grey Knights appeared in front of him. For a few seconds he froze thinking that in front of him there was nothing then in a blink of an eye there were 10 men. One of the Grey Knights turned around and looked at Von Claw yelling “my name is Justicar Storm, join us this day and push the vile chaos off of your planet?. He did just that, howling and running along side the Justicar into the front line of Chaos. The ensuing battle that followed was long and epic. The Wolves won the day at the cost of many of their own brethren, including almost all of the Daemonhunter force that arrived on planet. The only survivors on the battle field that day were Von Claw, the Justicar called Storm and his 9 man grey knight unit.

High above in the atmosphere the Daemonhunter ships either destroyed or are at present chasing down the remaining Chaos ships. With the storm below the battle fleet commander didn’t receive any updates from below. Thinking his brethren below have perished he had no choice but to leave and chase down the remaining Chaos ships. With a prayer for his fallen brethren he embarked on his continuing crusade of cleansing the universe of Chaos.

When the storm let up Von Claw could see the destruction that had happened that day. Thousands of dead chaos warriors, one hundred or so dead grey knights. In the distance he also could see the force coming in the distance. It was a large portion of the Space Wolf army on Fenris coming from the Fang. When the army arrived all they say was all the dead and the small group that was left.

Justicar Storm approached Von Claw and extended his hand. They shook a mighty hand shake. The Justicar pledged allegiance to Von Claw and the Space wolves.

So began the Winter Wolves which Von Claw’s new unit will be called. This name was given to it by Logan Grimnar himself. They will be the elite fighting force of the Space Wolves along with their new allies Justicar Storm and his men. Von Claw will lead this unit with Logan Grimnar’s blessings, and be able to hand pick his men.