this topic is to discuss possible combinations and structures of the exploratory military forces the Imperium puts out, these almost always have mechanicus genetors with them, and ordo xenos ( and regular guard, space marines, inquisitors)

I am designing a paint job etc around this, and a few choice conversions.

some of my ideas are

Genetor Collection Tank-- based on chimera chasis, with skitarri or servitor collection team, specimen tanks, and grippy arms a must, otherwise basic chimera armament.

ordo xenos inducted guard kill teams-- heavily armored guardsmen, ( the ol vets with shotty thing?) all with shoulder lamps a la aliens , and large backpacks full of xenos smashing ammo.

ordo xenos inquisitor-- I have absolutely no ideas about this, if anyone knows anything about the written matierial behind ordo xenos inquisitors please assist;

Logis - always a necessary addition to a mission outside of the eye of the emperor; just a good opportunity for a neat mechanicus character of almost any design

I would love to hear anyones ideas about a force like this, or any corrections that need to be made in my fluff understanding