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    How to write up IG fluff??

    Having recently worked done my SM Chapters fluff, i obviously used the IA format.
    My question is now, whats the best way to write up fluff on a self-created IG Regiment??

    Thanks in advance, trub.

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    very carefully.

    well to write about Imperial Guard you have to understand how they think and operate. The Imperial Guard does not value the lives of their own troops, and "For every one of us who falls, ten more of us will take his place!"* They use the principle of "we'll overwhelm them with numbers" and with millions, if not billions of planets to draw from, this works quite well.

    They value quantity over quality, BOCTAOE**. Lots of cheap tanks, lots of cheap, under-trained infantry, poor results from any one unit, but the sum of all is massive.

    The Imperial Guard calls on unaugmented humans to face the horrors of the xenos and heretics, with nothing more than flack jackets, lasguns, and faith in the Emperor. Guardsmen who fail in one or more of those tend to be executed.

    The Imperial Guard is hierarchic, arrogant, and tends to fail miserably in canon. In the tabletop, they can overwhelm units with the unrealistic amounts of firepower they can put down, as well as some tricks involving casualties in squads to preserve weapons.

    That is who the Imperial Guard are, as a gross generalization.

    That is one of two components. The other is that you are a capable writer.

    *Dawn of War, Imperial Guard voice effects
    **BOCTAOE = But of Course There Are Obvious Exceptions.
    the exception(s) being the Baneblade (superheavy tank), some HQ/Elite choices, and certain tanks using the chassis of the Leman Russ (laser destroyer, etc)
    Terminator armor going critical would be like Three Mile Island only very, VERY angry, and carrying a hammer.
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    The above is a very good description if by fluff, you mean a story...

    but if, as I assume, you mean to write up the background to your Regiment, then doing it in the style of someone compiling a report upon the fighting forces of a particular campaign would work.

    Alternatively, you could just adapt the IA format, I'm sure it'd fit with a little tinkering.

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