Hi there, looking for some help with the fluff of my ork army. I was inspired to start recollecting with the release of the planet strike supplement. So my army is based around the force org charts of that.

The army is quite unorky by normal accounts but i like it none the less nomatter how it performs ingame (i have yet to try it out but i suspect badly )

I've got a rough idea of what i want my army to be but i'm having some trouble pieceing it together in a kind of coherent way to make sense, heres where i need the help.

I would describe the way my army is painted to be most like Snakebites/Freebooters. Mostly earthy tones with light browns for their fatigues and clothes and some bright reds and some white here and there. I didnt particularly intend this but its the way i like them looking. Trouble is the "theme" around my army is that they are Armageddun Vetrun's, they've battled through all three wars, running guirrila battles when their wasnt a waaagh on. They've been battling so long they are understandably big orks so the entire army is basically nob squads. Looting for a long time they are all well equipped, including a hefty mega armored squad. I want this army to be seen as a kind of line breaker force, the biggest baddest orks that get sent into the meat grinder to get tha job dun! When an ummie gun line needs breaking these are the orks sent in to weather the storm.

So as you can see its kind of akin to a space marine planet fall force, with lots of elite squads the likes of terminators, drop pods and assault marines/dreadnoughts. I guess you could say i want my orks to be a similar kind of thing. However the ideals of snakebites doesnt really go along with being the best kitted out orks so i guess i'm leaning towards making them freebooters. Orks for hire that break the lines when no uvver orks is good enuf. Saying that, none of them really look Piratey and i'm not to comfortable with the idea of my orks wearing pirate hats and the likes.

This is all fine and dandy for battles supposedly taking place on armageddun, but since its a planet strike army it doesnt make much sense for them continually doing drops on one planet, so the freebooters does kind of fit in here that they travel around guns for hire. What i dont understand is how a group of orks would make planetfall in a simaliar style to a space marine assault force, they have drop pods ofcourse but orks...well ... i cant really think of how they would go about doing this. Tellyporting doesnt seem like it fits to me, nor roks landing and dispersing troops. One giant rok would be cool but the manner in which units land is obviously quite allover the place so i dont really see small roks enough to carry one squad. The best i can think up is kind of subterranean drilly vehicles that come up from the ground and dispense the orks, more of a kind of they landed elsewhere and make there attack in these vehicles drilling up from below.

I realise this is abit of a muddle of ideas but maybe someone can offer me some input and come up with something they think fits. I suspect i probably am trying to fit to many ideas into my army.

I guess in sum i'm wanting idea's for how an ork army would go about making a surgical strike planet strike style similar to a space marine drop pod assault.