The eldar of craftworld shalaereen are mysterious even to their fellow eldar, it is said that they know more about the webway than even the harlequins, their motto is, strike fast, kill silently. The imperium of man is till trying to find the location of the craftworld after a small warship sent out out by them was found floating aimlessly through space with not one crew member left alive. they constantly search for maiden worlds and will attack any army stupid enough to attack the worlds, shalaereen was one of the first craftworlds to leave before the fall, even before saim hann. their colours mainly included red helmets, with black bodies and red kneecap and upper leg plates, they say that the black represents the mysterious webway, and the red represents blood that flowed after the great horrific fall, the craftworlds main farseer uthasesh is believed to be one of the most powerful of all the psykers in all the craftworlds, he believes that by starting with the maiden worlds, and by manipulating other races they can reconquer the galaxy, they are a swift attack force, using warp spiders to teleport in behind the enemy, and the best howling banshees they can offer, they are currently searching for a webway portal that supposedly contains a long lost spirit stone of one of the mightyest farseers of them all, but whose name has been long forgotten.

just a bit of fluff their abpout my craftworld eldar.
hop u guys like it