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    Black war of Berog


    Por’ui Elro ran in a crouch to the back door of a kroot home, watching nearby windows for snipers as he went. He quickly
    aimed his compact pulse rifle at the window of the small hut he was looking for. “Shade one in position ready to
    execute assault pattern alpha.” His voice sounded soft and flowed from word to word. He looked behind him at the three other members of Shade one. He made three quick hand gestures and they took positions on either side of the
    door and started scanning for booby traps. Elro looked back at the small kroot village surrounded by tall fluffy green
    trees. The crisp nighttime breeze whistled loudly through the trees and covered any small sounds the elite Special
    Forces team made. “Shadow one this is base move in when ready.” Elro looked around at the team who were wearing
    all black and made sure everyone was ready. He made a curt hand gesture and one member of the team prepared to
    kick the door in while a second readied a photon grenade.

    Another gesture and the door was kicked in and a grenade flew into the three room hut. Elro crouched next to the door
    and waited a second for the bang and flash of a photon grenade. It came loud and out of place on the quiet breeze
    Elro ran into the house firing over the kroots heads. “Empire law enforcement freeze!” He looked around at the three
    kroot in the house all holding their ears and eyes blinking rapidly. It looked as if they had been eating a meal when
    the team approached just as they had intended. One kroot made a move for his weapon but was quickly killed by Elro
    with a burst to the head. “Team take take take!” the three Shas in the team moved to capture the two remaining kroot
    guns flashing as they suppressed the kroot. One jumped out of a window and ran. Elro chased him yelling orders as he

    “You freeze you are under arrest!” Elro fired a stun bag from a second barrel under the first and the bag hit the kroot
    in the back of his head. The kroot fell through the wall of a second hut. Elro jumped on the kroot mid fall and pressed
    him to the ground. “Stay still. You are under arrest for high treason to the Empire!” Elro wrapped the kroots hands in
    restraining tape and then his legs the kroot was making loud chirping sounds. The kroot then started to struggle in
    quick sharp motions. Elro brought the butt of his weapon down on the kroots head in a one fluid motion and knocked
    him out.

    ++Two dec later++

    Elro drug the unconscious kroot up the ramp of the orca and strapped him into a seat near the door he sat down three
    seats away with the rest of his team. A few ki’rotaa later Elro was walking to his Co’s office. He walked in the warm caf
    colored room. “Sir I am happy to report that traitor Angor Herun is in custody and inbound to detention center 14. The
    operation went according to plan and we made it look like a local gang murdered one Kroot and kidnapped two others.”
    The Co a tall Shas who had a thin layer of red hair on his head smiled at Por’ui Elro.

    “Good to see you back in one piece Elro. I am glad the seizure went well. I have good news” Elro stood upright a little
    more and took in a sharp breath. “Your request to lead an operation has been accepted by the Aun. You are going to
    take the Berog operation your team is already put together and inbound to Berog.” Elro smiled widely. He grabbed the
    thick file the Shas was handing him and made a fist over his heart. “Thank you sir I owe you for putting you good word
    in on my account. I will put my own good word in on your command.” Elro saluted again turned and walked towards the

    “Elroy your team will meet you on the B’kak capitol ship.” Elroy smiled even wider as he headed to say goodbye and
    pack his things.
    Chapter 1

    Por’ui Elro ran after the traitor. He watched the Berogian closely he had
    black hide like skin and his thick hair was a mess of brown unkempt hair. He
    was running through the street and jumping over transporters. Elro ran
    forward and fired a stun bag, it missed. Elro looked back at the team
    wearing specialized jet black carapace and modified helmets. “Ori head
    north and cut him off in the square. Kath head south to cut him off if he tries
    the forest. Sev you stay with me.” He turned as the team split up and fired a
    warning shot at the traitor. “Freeze security detachment!” Elro ran after the

    Elro ran after the traitor and smiled when he head north. “He’s inbound for
    you Ori.”

    “Ok I have him in sight.” Ori replied excitedly. Elro and Sev turned the corner
    in time to see Ori tackle the Berogian. They ran up as Ori stuck a needle in
    his neck. He’ll be out for two dec no problem. Where is Kais with our
    extract? Let’s move him to that alley so we don’t draw attention.” The four
    Tau drug the creature to a nearby ally way and waited for a blue transporter
    to drive up. After a moment it did and the team picked up the body and
    threw it in the trunk of the vehicle. They then sat down in the transporter.
    “How was it?” The Fio in the driver seat asked as he peeled out and sped up
    towards the main road.

    “We took out the body guards and then pursued him a couple blocks. Ori is
    the one who took him out.” Sev replied quickly.

    “Computer end simulation.” The battle dome phased out and the buildings
    melted away as did the transporter revealing a large soft cream room. “Well
    we did well I think. Let’s get to the ops room to review our score.” The team
    walked out of the room into a soft yellow hallway and then they walked a
    short distance into the green ops room.

    “So boys and girls how did it go?” asked Kor’la Lynu.

    “I think it went well we bagged the bad guy within fifteen of first shots fired
    and he put on quite a chase.” Sev replied calmly.

    “I hate how fast these Berogian people run it’s a pain to hunt them down on
    foot.” Ori muttered under his breath. Elro looked around the room at the anti
    terrorist team. They had one of every caste here in one force a true
    combination of skills. “Kor next time you drive Kais makes me queasy when
    he has the seat.” A chuckle rolled through the room and Kais gave Elro a
    nasty look. Elro smiled as he looked the seven Tau over. The team consisted
    of two Fio, four Shas, one Kor, and one Por.

    “I have the scores you blue freaks.” Jacob a human Auxiliary to the team
    walked in carrying five holo boards in his hands. He handed each member of
    this run a board and sat down next to one of the Fio nicknamed Shorty
    because of him being unrealistically short. “Well I stomped face.” Ori
    sounded off cheerfully as he reviewed his near perfect score.

    “As did the rest of us Ori that’s why they call us three commandos and him a
    sissy agent.” Kath joked with Elro. A second round of chuckles roared
    through the room. “So Jacob out squishy bigger friend how to you like that
    language implant? Is it functioning properly or are you hearing us speak
    Ork?” A further round of laughter as Kath made another joke.

    “It works great you blue scum.” The room got totally silent all at once and
    the Tau stared down Jacob. Jacob’s eyes got wide and he began to sweat.
    The room erupted in laughter again and he gave the tau dirty looks for
    tricking him. The Tau calmed down and returned to what they were doing a
    few moments ago. Elro walked out of the room to the captain’s office and
    put on a straight face. He entered the reception room where a young female
    Por sat at her desk and greeted Elro with a smile. “May the path guide us.
    May I see the captain?” Elro greeted the Por.

    “Yes he has been expecting you.” She smiled up at him charmingly. He
    nodded and walked into the captain’s office. The captain of the ship an aged Kor’O sat behind his desk reviewing some paper work as Elro entered.

    “Welcome Elro I am glad to see The captain of the ship an aged Kor’O sat
    behind his desk reviewing some paper work as Elro entered. “Welcome Elro I
    am glad to see you are in good health.”

    “And I you Kor’O. I am here to confirm we are being deployed tomorrow on Black flight 283 is this correct?” Elro inquired.

    “Yes it is Por’ui you will leave at 12:00 and you will be able to do whatever it is you are doing. May I ask your real mission I don’t think that add on guard and an assistant would need a full battle dome to themselves.” The captain asked mildly.

    “Sorry sir but no that’s all we are to you is a special guard with special
    privileges.” Elro smiled. He watched as scenarios went through the captain’s
    mind as his natural curiosity bugged him to know what was really going
    on.”All I can tell you is that we are thankful for your co-operation and
    understanding. If you wish to know more you will have to put in a request
    with our local Aun.” That seemed to put his mind at rest as his face retuned
    to being its usual expressionless stair. Elro smiled saluted and walked out of
    the room.

    ++The next Rotaa++

    Elro walked at the head of a single file column the squad were forming. They
    walked in full forest green armor weapons at their sides and various articles
    of kit for their mission placed in lack cases and various bags they were all
    carrying. They had various guns, at least 700 ammunition for each weapon,
    explosives, night vision, modified pieces of armor, grenades of all types.
    Silencers, hacking equipment, crime scene investigation kits, decoders,
    camouflage netting, and many smaller devices. The procession walked up a
    hall and into the busiest section of the ship. The main boarding hangar. Shas
    and Kor jogged to and from various areas to do a thousand different tasks a
    chorus of voices could be heard drowning out the sound of machinery and
    the ramps that positioned ships to take off in the launch sector just beyond
    the loading hangar. The team walked to a blue Orca on the way their Sev
    noticed something or somebody and left the group for a moment. Elro looked
    around the cabin of the Orca. A few crates of supplies were already loaded
    on the Orca and the squad took their seats one by one in the most
    professional fashion possible. A few of the Kor and Shas outside stared at
    the squad and asked their friends if they knew who or what the team was.

    Sev jogged back and ran quickly to his seat next to Kath and Ori. Elro
    watched as they started a conversation and Sev got a dazed look in his eye
    and he noticed that Sev was crying, something he had thought the extremely
    professional Shas incapable of. He would have to ask him about it in private

    “Ok team we are departing cut the chatter.” The team cut into immediate
    silence. The rear doors closed and the background noise of the hanger
    ceased. “We are inbound for Berog in five. Our team will be known ad Bravo
    19 we will be dispatched to the main palace in the capitol city to give a
    show for our cover. We will then slip away thought a few underground
    tunnels.” A holographic image appeared in the center of the compartment
    showing them all the rout they would take. We will then move down this
    back road here to three transporters waiting for us on the corner. The
    directions to our safe house will be in the global tracker of the middle
    vehicle. Once we have gotten to our statehouse the Fio will set up camp
    while Lynu and I go to meet out underground informant. You Shas will start
    by making the safe house defendable just in case.” The team nodded as
    each group got their orders. “Ok get ready we will be in a new world with
    medium Tau presence. They are the majority but they are used to seeing us
    Tau and moderate Gue’la so we will be able to blend in. Good hunting.” Elro
    finished as the Orca was positioned for takeoff.

    ++On the planet++

    Elro walked curtly up to the ambassador and bowed deeply. “Ma’am I am
    here with your new guard detachment and new orders from the Aun.” The
    team stood behind Elro and saluted in silent unison. The ambassador a tall
    blue skinned Por she had a gray vertical recess where he nose and the
    center of her forehead should be just like all other Tau. “Thank you Por’ui.
    Do I see a Gue’la among your ranks?”

    “Yes Ma’am he has proven himself in many campaigns and is a superb
    warrior he has earned the right to serve in your guard.” Elro replied
    wondering if the ambassador who knew their real mission was concerned
    with a Gue’la on the team.

    “That is absolutely fantastic. Please have them follow me to the main
    room,” The ambassador walked away and the team followed behind and
    waited for a few moments until they had left the group of onlookers behind.
    “Ambassador thank you for your co-operation we are in your debt. We will
    depart soon so I advise you signal your original guard to come to you.” Elro
    bowed to the ambassador as he pulled off his ceremonial robes revealing
    tightly knit fabric armor made to resist most light weapons.

    “The pleasure is mine Por’ui your reputation in the Black Ops community
    precedes you and I will do anything to help this fine race achieve the peace
    they desire.” The words came from her mouth like water flowing down a
    stream the melody was extremely pleasing to the ears. Elro bowed again
    and looked to the team the Shas had taken over watch positions while the
    Fio had located the secret tunnel. Elro ducked into the darkness and
    crouched as he moved forward.

    ++At the safe house++

    Elro walked through the two story four bedroom three fresher house and
    looked around. It was nice with coffee colored walls were warm and inviting
    he knew that over the next few kai’rotaa they would disappear under
    surveillance photographs and maps and well as a hundred other things. “Ok
    team move we have work to do and were already late!” He was happy they
    had been able to find and use a perfectly soundproof house. He looked
    around as they rushed to set everything up. Four super computers were set
    up side by side in the center of the main room and monitors were placed on
    the walls as security and surveillance cameras were set up around the
    surrounding neighborhood.

    A few moments later the house was set up for kai’rotaa of investigation and
    interrogation. “Ok let’s move Kor’la.” Elro and Lynu walked outside ant
    directly the front blue transporter. Lynu sat in the driver seat and Elro sat
    down next to him. “Here is where we have to go.” He said as he pointed to
    the global tracking system.

    “Ok we should be there in five.” Lynu said confidently. They drove for a few raik’ors and then they stopped next to the
    entrance to an alley way. Elro looked down the dark path to see two dozen Berogian warriors in black cloaks. “This can’t be

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    Chapter 2: The Jedin mission
    Elro eased out of the car holding his compact Pulse rifle at waist height. “Why the body guard Fetruna? We are here to discuss something and we don’t need the whole planet to know.”
    “Forgive my Por’ui but my supporters felt uneasy about me meeting a special agent alone. We will cause no harm and these warriors are my closest followers.” Elro waited as Lynu got out of the transporter and he walked over to Elro. They then slowly advanced on the group entering the shadows. “Well then let’s get to business.”

    ++Back at the safe house++

    Sev took his place at the second story east window that overlooked the street corner that the house was located on. “Kath this looks so much like the human settlement we attacked doesn’t it?”
    “It does Sev it truly does. The architecture is very similar. It’s efficient and to the point.” Sev nodded as Kath made his points. Sev looked over at the small suburb near the capitol building. He watched a family of Berogians cross the road. They were light skinned and liked like they had a thick hide like a lizard. Their faces were rough and looked like the dragon lizards of Tau itself. They all had short quills on their heads like the kroot which would stand trait up when aroused or when ready for battle.
    Sev pondered their mission. They had to find a single Berogian out of the thousands in the capitol and they didn’t know if he was even in the capitol or far away giving orders somewhere. The only lead they had was this mysterious contact Elro had found deep in some Por files. He had to wonder why they were being deployed to this backwater. “I just got a message from Elro he has made contact and is on his way back now with our first mission.” Kath alerted Sev. He looked back in around the medium sized bedroom that he and Kath were to share during the operation.
    “I have to stay here but let me know when they get back.” Kath left the room nodding as he agreed to tell Sev when they got there.
    ++In the transporter++
    Elro sat grimacing as he read a thick file in his hands. “He really expects us to raid a house our second day here. This is crazy I don’t want to risk men but I need this information.” Elro grunted deeply and continued reading the file in silence. A few moments of driving later and a zig-zag way home he exited the vehicle and approached the house inconspicuously. He opened the door and walked in casually. “Good day boys we have our first target.” He walked all the way in shutting the door behind him he sat at the table in the sitting room and waited for Kath, Kais and Shorty to sit down. “I will let you know and you will all tell the others. We have our first mission here it is.” Elro placed the thick file on the table and displayed three of the pages. One with a picture of a young Berogian, one the layout of a home, and another the file on a Berogian named Jedin. “We have to kidnap this man. His name is Jedin and he is a low ranking rebel. He has been spotted at two of the nineteen bombings in this region and ever since the second the local law enforcement has been keeping tabs on him. Last season they discovered where he lives and decided to put it under surveillance. We now have the privilege of raiding this nice home and capturing this person. He lives with two others also rebels but he appears to be higher ranking than either of them. We will move in tomorrow morning and we will take him and burn the house to make it look like a natural accident. The local law enforcement has already agreed to say it was because they left their oven on. The house is not far so we are going to stake it out tonight and we will move in tomorrow at 030.” Elro looked around the table and everyone nodded and left to tell The Shas commando team. “Shorty, Kais here is the addresses go and start your stakeout from across the street there is an abandoned apartment in this building here that should work nicely.” The group separated and the sounds of commandos getting ready for a no notice op. Sev walked down stairs already in full operational armor and carrying a small satchel with breaching gear in it. “I’m ready and I request permission to go stake out the place for a while.”
    “Stop with all the formality Sev we're not on the line anymore and yes you may.” Elro replied with a grim smile.

    ++At the stake out++

    Sev sat in lawn chair cutting at a piece of wood as he pretended not to watch a small home across the street. “Kais the subject is currently in the main room listening to the news. One other subject is cooking their dinner and the last is not viewable from my location.” Sev reported like he had every five minutes for the last three dec.
    “Last target is in the bed chamber reading something.” Kais replied calmly from his vantage point on the top of a garage on the other side of the house. Sev picked up a copy of the layout and moved the little red pins to represent the targets current location. Sev then thought about the best way to enter the house. They could go in loud and b force or quietly and take the subject and when they left start a fire in the house and make it look like the body was burnt to ash in the fire. Or they could even kill the other two at range and walk in the front door and give the subject two options. However they did it the three untrained guerillas stood no chance against Tau commandos trained for several kai’rotaa in urban combat and anti terrorist actions.
    “Bravo nineteen actual to bravo detachment one over” Elro sounded over the tactical radio.
    “Detachment one reads go ahead.” Sev replied making it look like he was reading the paper out loud.
    “Tactical assault team is inbound. Prepare your entry plan. Out.” Elro stopped abruptly sounding extremely professional. Sev switched over to the commando net and stood to walk inside. “This is delta actual to delta over” A beep showed Sev that they could hear him and he walked inside the house which had belonged to a family who were now convinced that the guerillas were using it as a temporary base.”Approach the house on the south side and prepare to enter silently through the windows.” Sev quickly placed his armor back on and gathered his supplies. He looked outside into the pitch black. “Kais, Shorty prepare your over watch positions we move on the house in ten.” A beep sounded on the net and then another two beeps. Sev looked at his chronometer it read 0200 they would strike a good dec and a half before their original plan. He didn’t like going against the plan but he had his orders and he was in charge of the small group of commandos. He stood behind a tinted glass window and watched the house. He shut off the outside lights to darken the street. A dark blue transporter parked by the side of the house and shut off. Four beeps sounded on the com. Sev glared at the house for a moment. “Team move up and stay low.” Someone tapped his shoulder it was one of the inhabitants.
    The female Berogian stood there saying something quietly. Sev supposed she was asking what was going on. He put his index finger over his mouth and pointed to the ground. She nodded and went back into the basement. A second beep sounded. Sev looked over and turned on his night vision Three Shas crouching by a window could be seen. “Kais, Shorty if the targets are alerted take them out. Team move in when I reach the front window. We will seize the subject without starting a fight if possible.”
    Sev took a deep breath and walked out of the house towards the target house. He crouched as he crossed the street feeling invisible in is dark armor. The house was a ghostly green and the windows were a lighter green from the night vision. He reached the window and decided to peek inside first. “Team hold off.” Sev peered over the window and his heart stopped. This house had a basement too and three more armed targets just walked out of it. “Team be alert three more contacts spotted exiting the basement.” Sev cursed in his mind the blueprint said nothing about a basement.
    He thought for a moment and decided what to do. “Kath move around back and get ready to cut the power. Ori prepare a breaching charge into the main room and Kais and Shorty prepare to use your sniper rifles to good measure. There are probably more contacts in the basement so use flame grenades down the stairs.” A series of beeps sounded on the net. Sev took a deep breath and readied a photon grenade. “On my command we move in three… two… one. Take take take!” Sev broke the glass of the window and through in a flash grenade as the power cut. A flash and a deafening bang later he was standing in the window.
    He fired a burst into the three contacts careful to avoid the subject the pulse rifle kicked lightly. The house flashed with the discharging of pulse rifles and the loud cracks of sniper rifles could be heard from across the street. One by one each target was riddled with pulse wounds. Within moments the targets were a bloody mess on the floor and Sev was inside throwing a flame grenade down into the black basement. Screams echoed throughout the house and smoke began to seep up the stairwell. Sev looked over in time to see two Shas pin Jedin to the ground and stick a needle in his neck. “Extraction team dispatch now!” It would be a few until the team got there. Sev walked over to check be bodies the place was suddenly quiet. Shouting in the local language could be heard from across the street. Sev looked out the window and saw a dozen armed rebels wearing camouflage running towards the house. “Get down!” he ordered as they opened fire on the house. Rounds riddled the house and set the upper part on fire. Sev crawled to a gaping hole in the wall which had been formed by the teams breaching charge. He took a position and opened up on the rebels. His pulse rounds hit two of them knocking them off their feet.
    “Ori Plant a bomb in the middle of the house and set it for 10!” He ordered as Kath took aim beside him. “Sev more tangos are inbound and the extraction team is five away!”
    Sev took aim and riddled the closest rebel with pulse fire. The neighborhood was filled with the sounds of gunfire and the screams of wounded Berogian rebels. “Move to the house across the street Ori provide cover while we move the subject!” Sev rose to a crouch and picked the unconscious Jedin onto his shoulders. Kath fired a grenade at the approaching rebels then ran to the door and fired as he ran to the other side of the street. “Kais and Shorty go quiet and take cover.” Sev ran out the door after Kath and Yan the other Shas in the team. The four Shas sprinted across the street and ducked into the second house. The whimpers of the family could be heard downstairs. “Ori blow the bomb remotely as they get to it!” Sev demanded as the threw Jedin on the couch.
    Ori pulled out a detonator and flicked a switch. “Take cover.” He warned as he pulled he red pin and squeezed the trigger. Sev smiled as the ground shook and the house caught fire engulfing a number of the rebels and setting the area alight.

    ++At the local security office++

    Duran sat at his desk in the local security office in the Berogian capitol half asleep as he waited for the night shift to end. The com rang and he answered it dozily. “Berogian security Duran speaking.” He answered in the local dialect. His eyes widened and he grabbed a report pad. He began typing quickly. “What do you mean city village is a war zone…a house…what?” He hung up after saying goodbye and called the Berogian armed forces dispatch. “We have a situation in city village.”

    ++In the extraction team++

    Elro drove following Lynu at high speed down the deserted road. He could see the mushroom cloud of a bomb going off and then the glow of a fire. “Jacob, Lynu when we get there get them loaded and then get out I just received a message saying the army is inbound to stop what they think is a inner rebel dispute.” Elro smiled the commandos cover their tracks well. Elro spun around a corner and slammed on the brakes. The three vehicles stopped directly in front of the team. Jacob then peeled off to go pick up the Fio. “Get in!” He yelled at the commandos who ran and fired at the rebels. Sev got in the vehicle with Jedin and the other three commandos got in with Lynu. Elro looked around before getting back on the move.
    The remains of the target house were alight in flame. And the flashes of small arms fire could be seen everywhere. Smoke clogged the air and debris rested all over the streets. Elro slammed his foot on the gas and his mounted evasion training took hold. The two vehicles separated and started the process of loosing anyone who tried to follow. Elro peeled out and sped off down a street in the opposite direction of the safe house and drove at a high speed for a few then turned right he then kept going a couple blocks and turned right again. He was finally sure they weren’t being followed and drove back to the house making sure to avoid the target area which was probably swarming with Tau and Berogian armed forces and it would be hard to explain why two Tau in battle armor were driving around town with a tied up Berogian in the back. “Is everyone ok?” He heard Sev as on the net. “Ok good get everyone back to the house and be ready to bring in the subject.” Sev looked up at Elro and removed his helmet revealing his sweat soaked face and smiled.

    Chapter 3: Interrogation technique

    Sev smiled and rested in the back seat eyes half open and his head resting on the back of his seat. “I hate surprises they always end with me getting shot at.” Elro chuckled musically. The transporter took them quickly to the safe house winding down back roads and twisting in-between the homes of Berogians who were probably listening to the news on the radio and looking out their windows at the faint orange hue of the subject’s house burning in the distance. “The local security detachment is going to raise all hell o try and find us now. They think that the black armored guys are terrorists. Hopefully they don’t figure out that were tau.” Elro commented as they passed a security vehicle heading for the blast site.
    Sev looked out the window at the orange glow on the horizon and smirked as he remembered their raid. He looked down at his battle chronometer that showed the time between first shots fired and when it passed the censor in the transport. “Ninety raik’an. We were in and out in a third of the time it takes to brush your teeth, that has to be some kind of record. We even put up with a surprise response force. If only the transporters had been deployed closer pre op.” Sev marveled at the speed of the commando unit. Then he got even further exhausted as the adrenalin in his blood wore off.
    Sev rubbed his hands together and calmed himself reminding himself to remain professional. He got out and slowly walked to the door. Which was slightly open, he froze. He immediately dropped to a crouch and grabbed his pulse pistol as he had stashed the rifle in the transporter. Elro ran up behind him. “Check” he whispered. Sev walked forward and sprinted the last bit deciding to go in with force. He kicked the door and it spun open he quickly aimed his pistol at the figures in the door. He took a deep breath.”Remember to shut the door next time Kath we nearly killed you.” Kath smiled and clicked his tongue a couple times.
    Sev holstered his gun and sat on the sofa next to Jedin, who was shaking in fear. “Hello Jedin I am going to take the pleasure of asking you a few questions it that ok?” Sev told the Berogian rather than truly asking.

    ++Interrogation room++

    Sev sat down in a chair in the basement of the safe house and took a deep breath. He readied himself for what was to come next. He was to do something that his instructors would have had him placed in isolation for at the academy. He looked Jedin over and the Berogian whimpered. “We are going to be close friends for the next few Rotaa.” He said and the translator machine spat it back out in Berogian. Sev moved closer to the Berogian and grabbed a stun baton. “Easy way or hard way my friend?”


    Jacob walked from the kitchen holding a sandwich and sat down on the sofa next to Lynu. “What is it you do again?” He said the translation chip in his brain making him speak in fluid Tau.
    “I transport you people to and from missions as well as monitor our equipment, rations, ammunition and vehicles. I pretty much do all the logistical stuff.” Lynu replied appearing to speak in Gothic but his lips were moving in Tau. Jacob nodded and took tabs in his head of where all the team was. He then reviewed his role in the mission. He was to provide support in missions investigate any clues they found decipher codes and finally make coffee. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He thought about how happy he had been when the Tau had decided to trust him when he had told them he had seen the light of the greater good then he thought about how even happier he was when they said he could help further it.
    Jacob ate his sandwich and stood up to walk over to the trash dispenser. He cringed as a muffled yell could be heard from the stair well. “Jedin must have given Sev some back talk.” He commented as if stopped abruptly. He turned to face the super computers. They had brought four two too many in his eyes but none the less they were all being used to sift through a thousand different sources and a hundred thousand files each. They were searching for patterns or leaks in the local police force. That reminded him that today Elro was supposed to kidnap the chief of the security force to gain his co-operation in their mission. He sighed as he also remembered that the deed fell to him as it was his Rotaa to operate.
    “Jacob we move on the chief while he makes his coffee run. That’s in about thirty so we need to suit up so we can get in position.” Elro said as he walked through the room reviewing a clip board.

    ++en route to the coffee shop++

    Jacob smiled at the Berogian as he walked slowly toward the chief. The Berogian looked back and smiled cautiously. The Berogian was on his way to the coffee shop when Jacob walked up to him. “DO you know where the local market is?” He asked politely. The Berogian was shocked to hear a Gue’la speak Berogian. “Yes it’s just down the road and turn…” The faint sound of a tranquilizer gun sounded and the Berogian took in a deep breath as he fell forward into Jacob’s arms.

    ++a few moments later++

    “Well chief I have something to talk to you about. Once again I apologize for having to go to the limits I did but, there was no other way to get to you with no one knowing. I am part of a team. This team has been formed to keep your people safe from terrorism now would you like to help us?”

    ++That night++

    “The chief has agreed to provide us with support when we need the security forces to help. The one condition is we provide some… special support for a convoy transporting food to some of the poor villages on the rivers around the capitol. We would go to and from and when we get back they should give us a nice big folder with all of their intelligence on the “Blue vengeance” terrorist group founded to quote and quote “Rid Berog of the Tau menace” They are responsible for the death of over a hundred fire warriors.” Elro finished closing a file and placing it gently on the table in front of the seven Tau.
    Elro looked around the room at the team. The Tau with the green mo-hawk spoke first. “So what do we do sir? Just ride along or do we get our own vehicles or are we going to fly top-cover?”
    “Good question Ori. We will have two teams one in the rear vehicle one in a security detail drop ship.” The room was quiet as everyone saw the situation in their heads. You could almost hear calculations in their heads as the mentally reviewed convoy procedures. “When do we move and I demand I pilot that transport.”
    “Of course Lynu and we move in at dawn tomorrow.” Elro stood from his chair and smiled as he left the room and headed towards the kitchen probably to make them dinner, a little habit of his.

    ++The next day at 040++

    Elro walked up to the jet black drop shit on his own nearly thirty raik'ors before the rest of the group. “Me and you are going to get real close.” He smiled softly as he pulled on his pilots gloves. He walked forward and started to climb the steps to the cockpit. He sat in the cockpit and the leather seats groaned. He looked around and rest his fingers one by one on every button and dial. “Yes ma’am we will get to know each other quite nicely.”
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    Hey guys what do you think of my story thus far? I would really apreiate some CC so dont be shy to telll me my flaws.
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    im going to have to read ris later, its got a good first paragraph though

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    Good news guys I am transferring to a private school which means that hopefully I will actually have time to write! So I should be finishing up this story and begin posting chapters pretty darn soon. Hope you all like it. Oh just out of my boredom and curiosity does anybody truely like this story I feel it has had a bit of a rocky start but I will finish it anyway. Although I wont exactly put my heart and soul into it if no one replies so yea.

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    Very interesting stuff.. If you want criticism, here's a few things I'd suggest.

    Por' is the water caste prefix. The water caste are physically weaker and don't deal with stress as well as the fire caste and just not physically adapted or trained for combat. It seems incredibly unlikely to me that Por would act as a security force when the Tau have a massive pool of much more natural soldiers trained in combat from birth.

    Tau are pretty physically weak, and Kroot are incredibly strong relative to most species. It's highly unlikely that a Tau would physically drag a kroot around, even restrained. A kick from a Kroot could probably break a Tau spine or at least send it flying.

    Pulse rifles fire plasma, not rounds.. They wouldn't 'riddle' people, they'd blow or melt bits off.

    The dialogue and general modus opperandi here is very, very human. Tau aren't really like humans.. they're incredibly codependent and disciplined and their entire society is based on people performing a single, specialized role. There's no way, for example, that a Shas would interrogate a subject on the scene.. they'd wait for a specialized Por interpreter and then guard them while they did the interrogation. It also seems really unlikely to me that a Tau commando (Pathfinder? Tau don't really seem to have commandos - their elites use battlesuits) team would ever act unsupported without a force of literally hundreds of fire warriors, even if they're just acting as a perimeter.

    Finally, Tau can mass produce anti-grav technology. Why are these guys driving around when they could just drop in in a devilfish (basically a silent helicopter) and then leave the same way.
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    Thankyou much Mantis I will try to adress all of these issues in the next chapter. it is good to know that someone has read my story. Besides the obvious questions and stuff did you at least like the story? Im not the best writer but I do try. If you like Tau fluff you may want to read the tale of Val'kyra flight it is a story i wrote about the air caste.

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    Ok guys I have come to a somewhat sad decision after going over my story I have decided just to give up on this one Iknow I soid I wouldnt give but well we cant win em all. I will eventually re do this story so Im not truely quiting but this version is now officially dead. Thankyou for reading next time I promise it will be worlds better and Ill actually finish. Ok well have a good one.
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