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    Deathwing DIY Chapter

    Codex: Angelus
    *uses the Dark Angels Codex, but only using Terminator Infantry*

    The Origins of the Chapter
    We are the Angels of Apocalypse... We have come to cleanse...

    Ten thousand years ago, we were the majority of the legendary Deathwing Company, during the Great Crusade, we were proud, and proud we should've been, for we were among the greatest warriors of the Light.

    Yet all did not last...

    The Great Betrayer, Horus, turned against Man and the Savior, and he, corrupted by the Chaos Gods, turned to darkness and folly, and betrayed the Emperor.

    We, though engaged en-route to Terra, suffered many losses from betrayal, and the stain upon our honor was great.

    When all was ended, the Fallen escaped, and our glorious homeworld, Caliban, was destroyed.

    And our chance to repent was removed, our sin to be left forever, or so we thought. We kept our sin secret, hunting the Fallen down one by one, yet until all repented, we would forever be dishonored.

    However, the Horus Heresy had left the mighty Imperium of Man weakened, and, fearing another epic betrayal, the High Lords of Terra disbanded the Legions, and we were separated from our brothers.

    However, the High Lords allowed us, including most of the Deathwing, to form our own Chapter. An elite legion of some of the greatest warriors of Man shall be formed. We were angels, and we would deliver apocalypse to any who stood against the enemies of the Emperor.

    We remain dedicated to our Great Hunt this day, and we are ready. When our Brother-Chapter, the Bolt of Wrath finds a Fallen, we shall be the first to answer, and we will hunt down each and every one, to ease our mistake.

    And we will stand against all... For the Lion, for Caliban, FOR THE EMPEROR!

    From the Index: Angelus, written by Paladin Athus, of the Second Divison, M31, updated by Paladin Recor, of the Brotherhood of Blades, M41

    Allies: The Unforgiven

    The Unforgiven, as they refer themselves as, and also the former members of the Dark Angels legion, bear an eternal dishonor. Eons ago, the heresy of fully half the Dark Angels broke the legion, and they turned to Chaos. Each and every one of them is referred to as the Fallen.

    The Hunt for the Fallen
    Whenever a chapter's units discover a band of the Fallen, the Chapter is honor-bound to capture him, and to deliver him to the Rock. For every Fallen captured, the Unforgiven's dishonor is lessened, but it will only be cleansed if every Fallen repents.

    However, if a large group of Fallen is detected, or if they are in the presence of other forces, at times, other chapters are called in, especially the Angels of Apocalypse.

    History of the Angels of Apocalypse

    After the disbanding of the legions, we gathered our fleets, and we set out to find a new homeworld. We passed over many worlds, recruiting, but never staying.

    Thus, the Fleet of Devastation traveled the stars for many centuries, and we still wander to this day, seeking for a home. However, instead, upon a world named Charos, we discovered the remnants of one of the great spaceships of the Great Crusade. Our Techmarines rebuilt it, and we named it Destroyer, for it will be the destroyer of our enemies, and it became our fortress among the stars.

    Battles of the Angels

    Arshaidain, M36
    Upon one of the "Crimson Crusades", a smaller Black Crusade, our brothers, the Angels of Vengeance, discovered over one hundred of the Fallen. Calling upon the Unforgiven, we immediately set out to help. And for the first time, the Unforgiven gathered together again.

    However, delayed by warp storms, we arrived late to the battle, and defeat was almost upon us. Landing among our brothers at the last moment, we stood firm, and drove back our enemy. With the 2nd Companies of the other Unforgiven, the then Master of the Ravenwing, Sathur, led a rally to destroy the enemy Titans, and they found the Fallen, gathered together.

    Our reserves were immediately called in, to secure the line and to hunt the Fallen. Appearing suddenly among the battle, our Storm Bolters shattered the enemy around us, and we managed to capture a full thirty of the Fallen, slaying the rest.

    Chapter Organization:
    Lord of Angels, Asath (equivalent to Supreme Grand Master)
    Lord of Paladins, Dayer (slightly below Supreme Grand Master)
    Lords of Fortitude, Retribution and Devastation (remembrance to Legion)
    Circle of Deliverance (equivalent to Inner Circle, ordered Faith, Courage, Hope, Wisdom, Love, Wrath, Intellect)
    Circle of Salvation (slightly below, ordered Vengeance, Redemption, Absolution, Repentance, Salvation, Dedication, ?????)
    Paladin (equivalent to Company Master)
    Champion (for vs. Space Wolves duel)
    The second set (the ones "slightly below" reside upon their homeworld, governing recruitment, management, etc...

    The Chapter is divided into six legions (companies), each containing roughly 160 fully-trained members of the chapter. .
    The first legion, the Legion of the Righteous, contains the most elite warriors of the chapter. The second legion, the Legion of the Wings, the only legion not fully equipped with Terminator armor, is dedicated to tracking of the Fallen, and is also a fast-attack company. The third legion, the Legion of the Blade, is an assault legion.
    The fourth legion, the Legion of the Storm, is a heavily armored legion, designated for bombardment, support, and for assault.
    The fifth legion, the Legion of the Bolt, the first ones to hit ground, an orbital strike legion.
    The sixth legion, the Legion of the Many, infantry support legion.
    New recruits are trained extensively, before possibly assignment to a legion.

    All of the legions, except the first, rely only on Terminator armor.


    The theme is mainly fantasy.

    Any suggestions of fluff?
    ICYDK (in case you didn't know), this is successor chapter coming from the Dark Angels

    Help with names greatly appreciated...'

    UPDATE - Tomorrow.

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    Live for the Swarm!

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    I like it, but it feels a little...unfinished. Sorta like a promo. You are getting us idiomatically slavering for the idiomatic meat of the story.

    Also; if you put a relevant Monty Python reference in the next post, you win The Game. If you mention idioms (out of Monty Python context), you lose The Game.

    Terminator armor going critical would be like Three Mile Island only very, VERY angry, and carrying a hammer.
    LO rules in a nutshell: Don't post unit costs, be polite, rep posts containing of win.

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    Wow man, if this was the Angels of Vengeance rather than the Deathwings, this would almost work perfectly alongside my army, check it out: (The Death Bringers - CSM fluff in progress)

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