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Thread: HQ vs. Fluff

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    HQ vs. Fluff

    I'm an ork player and was really looking forward to gettng the HQ Wazzdakka Gutsmek, King of Warbikers or whatever. But he is the leader of the Speed Freeks which my army is at war with. So couldnt I just make my own Warbiker boss, call him something else, rename his special rules and wargear, but basiclly play him like Wazzdakka?

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    All special characters in all books can be used as counts-as whatever so long as you're only taking units from the one army list. I can play Lysander without painting my guys as Imperial Fists. I can play Ghazghkull and rename him Captain Ownage McPwnypants. I can play Eldrad and put him in a pink polka dot dress.

    This means that Lysander and Calgar can be in the same list, as well as Ghazghkull and Wazzdakka. Your Wazzdakka doesn't have to be the Wazzdakka of the Speed Freeks. He can be Dazzwakka of the Hasty Weirdos if he wants to. So long as you're paying the points for Wazzdakka and using his rules, no-one cares.
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