Chapter number: 836 8th founding
Chapter name: Thunder Angels founding chapter: record inconclusive
Chapter master: Ramhu Asdruius Belithie Myrolve.
Home Planet; Tempestio

The Thunder Angels are warriors clad in bright yellow and gold armour with small lightning bolt motifs.
Their homeworld of Tempestio is located in the far galactic north west from the eye of terror bordering on the halo stars.
The planet itself is a long forgotten feudal planet, the landscape is steppe throughout most of the planet and the sky is filled with the eternal storm, a series of huge storms that travel round the planet throwing bolts of lightning in all directions.
The people of the planet worship the lightning lord(Emperor) with an all most fanatic fervour.

Methods of recruitment.
Lords and kings hold tournaments all year round on the planet, all the chapter does is send a few senior marines to attend these and pick the best warrior to be made into a living embodiment of the lightning lord.

Notable History.
When Abbadon lead his 9th black crusade the thunder angels were one of the firs forces to attack the legion, the horrific losses on that day still scar the chapter and so they paint their left arms crimson in an act of remembrance, only when the black legion is destroyed then they can paint their left arms yellow.
After the slaughter only three companies survived, the 1st, 2nd and 8th.
the armies of the thunder angels are dreadnought and veteran heavy and always have a senior techmarine leading them.

The chapter has many senior techmarines that carry out the master of the forges duty on the battlefield when he is not there.

Chapter master Ramuh, B ,A Myrolve.
became famous in his company when he was a lowly assault squad sergeant, he led the charge against 2 defilers from his 10 man assault squad.
scince then he has led many near suicidal charges and triumphed, in fact he has so many medals and other rewards that he had two wings made that attach to his jump pack to hold all his decorations.
he also carries the hammer light, it was forged long ago by an army of 30 techmarines, the hammer glows with a yellow light.
Counts as a master crafted thunder hammer.l

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