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    Fluff for allying three factions.

    Greetings and salutations all. As of right now I am in the process of collecting and making my first army which is going to be my main army(Black Legion). I plan on expanding into a IG and Orks after I am done with my main army buying the respective codexes and getting the models bit by bit and whatnot.

    Now as far as allying IG with the black legion goes I plan on making the IG a Lost and Damned unit and just fallow their codex for ease of playing. As of right now I am leaning towards using one of a few scenarios. The first of which is that they were converted during warp jump. Second being that they were subjected to Chaos by local inhabitants of planet they were stationed on(I will probably try to avoid this one since it is a bit to close to the Horus plot). The third, and so far the one I am leaning the most towards, is that Abbadon sent agents into a remote outpost colony to subvert the officers and promote denouncing the Empire covertly.

    As far as Orks aligning with Chaos Marines I have only come up with one decent idea so far. I am thinking that a Captain was sent to "negotiate" an alliance with an Ork Tribe that is already worshiping Chaos. what I am thinking is that some Chosen ambushed and captured the leader of the tribe in order to make sure the he was willing to sit and talk. The terms of the alliance would probably be along the lines of dividing up any conquered lands and providing each other aid and reinforcements.

    It will be quite sometime before I even have my first army battle ready and Like I said they will be my main army. I know I want to collect the IG and Orks and I just want to have some kind of thread that combines the three fluff wise. IG as far as becoming a Lost and Damned unit is not unprecedented so I just need to hammer out the back story as to why they did. Am I just reaching a bit too far fluff wise when it comes to Orks allying themselves with Chaos Marines or does it sound somewhat reasonable? When it comes to IG is their any faction that would make more sense in becoming LAD of the other? Is their one that would absolutely not turn traitor under any circumstance whatsoever?

    thank you for any input and advice.

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    Orcs are too carefree and dont care about preatty much than three things:Fight,Fight un deir bannas!So it would be easy to convert em to da ta stinky chaos boyz worshup!Ofcourse there have been accounts of khorne worshipping boyz in the past and i even remember a whole list of possed orcs in a white dwarf issue.Khorne and Nurgle are you best choice though!
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