This is the background on my Chaos warband im about to run a campaign with. If there are any errors or things I should add let me know. Or just let me know what you think.

The Emperors Children 15th company was lost to the warp just after their battlebarge Terra's Pride warp jumped after the assault on terra millennia ago. There they were at the full mercy of their master Slaanesh. For their treachery and impudence on terra the 15th was forced to serve Slaanesh in the warp against the other gods and their minions in the eye of terror for eternity. There they fought terrible wars against the other chaos legions till the coming of Abbidons great 13th black crusade. The 15th swore its allegiance to Abiddon in exchange for freedom from the eye of terror. The 15th changed the name of their order and the name of their vessel. The Children of Excess tore from the eye of terror aboard the Wings of Sin, a changed monstrosity. From eons of battle in the eye of terror only the strongest and most warped of the Children of Excess had survived and now they were a terrible and powerful force to behold. As Abiddons plans unfolded the Children of Excess chose to betray him and flee from the main battle force. In the material realm the Children of Excess found a whole new realm of sensations and pleasures. Ever since that day they have been plying the galaxy going were ever the sensation of war and pain calls, they take slaves by the thousands and offer them to Slaanesh through torture and sacrifice. But lately the Children of Excess have taken a noticeable change in strategy by the inquisition. The inquisition has recorded the Children of Excess as wearing the old colors of their chapter as defilement to the emperor. Instead of keeping the emblem of their chapter they bear the mark of their god on all their armor and vehicles. It seems that from spending such a long stretch of time in the warp has lead to the Children of Excesses units to bear many numerous gifts and mutations from their dark god.


Septiss the Prince of Sin- Septiss was the Captain of the 15th company before their exile into the warp. He displayed terrifying zealotry and loyalty to Slaanesh and all his teachings. Many called him the prophet of Slaanesh or the Mouth of Slaanesh for ability to vocalize and spread his masters teaching to all his troops. No other new more about the ways of decadence, Pride, and Excess than Septiss. Septiss could seduce whole worlds to fall under his banner and many a loyalist both man and space marine have fallen to his charismatic seductions, promising power, glory, and excess in all things. Itís for this reason that Slaanesh looked to Septiss with a keen eye. Septiss bore many gifts from his master till he was given a divine mission. It was said that Slaanesh came to Septiss in a dream and told him that the end of all things was near and that they age of chaos was at hand. Slaanesh informed Septiss that he must help prepare the galaxy for his coming. 6 worlds and a million tortured eldar souls must be offered up to Slaanesh in a manner only fitting of the Children of Excess. Septiss was able to sack 2 worlds holding great decadent feasts, there many atrocities were committed, turning them into little more than demon held rocks. He also gathered thousands of eldar souls both dark and pure, but in a duel with the Wraithlord Tsiegen, Septiss was crushed to the ground. Within an inch of his life he cried out to his master Slaanesh and seeing his good service thus far and realizing his minion was not powerful enough to complete his given state Slaanesh saw fit to give him a new body and a new life in the form of a demon prince. Now the Demon Prince Septiss presses on with his mission for Slaanesh taking the form of a shining glorious mortal atop a demonic steed. The Prince of Sin will never tire till his masters will is done and with the Children of Excess at his back he draws closer to his goals every moment.

Abysímaul the Will Twister- Abyssímaul is a powerful sorcerer of slaanesh who is formerly a rogue sorcerer for the thousand sons. After servitude to Tzeench, Abysímaul became enthralled with the teachings of Slaanesh and his dark power to control the wills of others. Abysímaul took great pleasure in enslaving whole hives to work under his rule with Slaaneshís dark promises. He became known as the puppet witch, and the mind bender. It is also believed that Abysímaul studied as an apothecary for some time as he is a master of the drugs and stimulants the constantly flow through the veins of the Children of Excess. Abysímaul is Septissís right hand and second in command he handles most of Septisses menial chores and battle activities including basic command while his master is free to indulge in the slaughter. But being a former servant of Tzeench it is no wonder that Abysímaulís scheming and ambition know no bounds and with his power under Slaanesh growing ever greater there is no telling how far he will go for more control.