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Thread: The Outsider

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    The Outsider

    After a long discussion about The Void Dragon spanning over almost three years(a couple of those years spawning no new posts), which involved a few drifts into other topics, I think it's time we had a discussion about The Outsider. Basically, it is another one of the four remaining C'Tan who was driven insane after being tricked by The Laughing God into consuming other C'Tan. So, what references do we have so far?


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    To my knowlege there isnt a huge amount of info on the outsider, and most of it is from the necron codex.

    This was all i could find.

    An eldar artefact has a brief bit of text "That Which Lies Outside will be drawn to the harvest," seems to be about him

    There's a small bit from an ulthwee farseer talking about where the outsider lives as such, he describes it as being full of inverted geometries and an illogical labyrinth. It also talks about how it treats its caputured harvest, he drives them insane but allows them to keep a sliver of hope, increasing their agony.

    Theres also a small peice of conversation between 2 tech adepts where 1 mentions "the one who lives beyond, the lord of insanity"

    The only other possible peice i can think of is theres a star chart somewhere, and on it are the paths of the tyranid hive fleets. 1 of them is in one huge swarm, but diverges around something labeld as a dyson sphere. Its presumed that could be the outsiders residenence, as there would be a lot of anti-psycher stuff nearby, potentially damaging the nids if they tried to consume it.
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