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    Report on Commorragh

    What I've done here is my interpretation of Commorragh.
    This is probably not realistic fluffwise, just my picture of the place
    and its purpose/nature. Hope you have a nice read and please comment!


    "A place where darkness loses its meaning in the complete abscense
    of light. Fear and uncertainty create an atmosphere of stress and paranoia
    bearable only to those born in this wicked place. The morbid city of Commorragh
    cannot be placed on a map. It is also impossible to draw blueprints of this place
    or memorize even one bit of it. This place is beyond human understaning and perception."

    -Milar Yngar,
    Historicus//Historical Revision Unit/Xenos - Terra

    The stories told by those who have witnessed and survived the home of the Dark Eldar are
    more horrific and discontinuous than one could expect. No sane being has ever understood anything of the ramblings of these individuals. Their descriptions of this place contain no rooms, streets or buildings. What has been deciphered from their descriptions has been entirely useless in drawing a more clear picture of the city. It would seem their only memories of Commoragh are of feelings that they have felt and absurdities they have witnessed. It's like they were talking of a dream they've had. These observations question the nature of this place.

    "I don't feel movement, yet when I open my eyes I'm in a strange place. I'm trembling with fear but most of
    all I'm confused. From the second I passed out in our ship I haven't understood a thing that's happened. A horn
    blows in the distance and there is whispers all around me. I feel a presence of unholy lust and loathing."

    -Martin Dothimus, survivor of abduction

    "When I first woke after my abduction I realized I was on some kind of a vessel. I was surrounded by hundreds of
    fellow humans, most of whom lay immobile in the shadows. Dazed and confused, I looked out a small opening in the
    vessels hull. I have no idea how far up from the ground we were but below us there was a thick layer of mist. To our
    side and all around us were enormous buildings built in sharp forms full of deadly corners. The overwhelming darkness
    of this place frightened me. The buildings rose to as far as I could see. The purpose of them was a mystery to me."

    -Ethel Taret, survivor of abduction

    The previous citations were from Imperial documents undisclosed from ours and the Adebtus Arbites
    files from interviews with ex-slaves of the Dark Eldar. Telepathy among other methods were used in these investigations
    due to the mental conditions of the subjects. Of course this information has very little value considering what
    the interrogates have gone through and their state of mental health.

    How the Dark Eldar have access to Commorragh is beyond our understanding. We do know it's located in the webway but know
    too little about it to even begin to understand how it is accessed and how to navigate in it. Recent attacks and raids have
    shown that the Dark Eldar have perfected it's usage. With large raid parties appearing and disappearing from seemingly
    out of nowhere one must not underestimate the strategic value of the webway.

    Before further investigation unfortunately there is not much more we can learn about the Dark Eldar and their mysteries.
    Our budget being what it is, allows us merely to contemplate the nature of Commorragh, the Webway and the species of
    Dark Eldar. Hence, I plead you to consider us while making up the budget.

    Yours truly,
    Falak Thark,
    Ordo Xenos//Xenos studies - Terra

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    That's interesting. I think it is good to hear some info about Commoragh. There is very little fluff about it which makes it a bit difficult to understand the Dark Eldar. This helps.

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