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    Casting the "Feature Film" Horus Rising

    So, before you start drolling on the keyboard, let me shoot your hopes down, to my knowledge there is no real feature film in the works for the Horus Heresy books (as a side note, there is a 40K underway, you can see my blog for details if you like). Now, what I do want your help with, is to fictionally cast the first Horus Heresy book, "Horus Rising" by Dan Abnett (and in a way, the rest of the trilogy)- if money and availability was no obstacle, who would YOU want to play the parts?

    To keep things organized, I thought we could discuss just a couple of characters first, perhaps come to a conclusion/vote and then move on to some others, so we don't have rampant thread hysteria (assuming anyone actually participates in this little experiment. So, when you post, it would be helpful if when you suggest someone, to include a picture, a name, and a list of well known movies (if you can) so that others can reference them and know who you're talking about. Also, let's keep from any cross-Atlantic debates about who's actors are better, etc. (That's lame and counter-productive)

    And, if we can all come to conclusions to get one actor/actress for each part (or maybe two) I can keep track of them here in this main post. Once we start casting, I'll start working on a long list of all the stuff we need to cast (important parts anyway).

    So, I thought we'd start with one important part, and one not so much and hopefully try to maintain that pattern. So, let's here your ideas for the beloved Garviel Loken and for Lucius of the Emperor's Children.

    When visiting this idea over the past few months, I often imagine Mr. Clive Own as Loken

    Some of his past big name credits include - (from most recent) Duplicity, The International, Shoot Em Up, Children of Men, Inside Man, Sin City, King Arthur, Bourne Identity

    Admittedly, I've not seen a whole lot of his movies, but, he has a face/common persona that seems to resonate a seriousness and focus I imagine Loken to have. He's been in lots of action movies, so it's easy to see him kicking butt, etc. I think he'd be a good choice. What about you fellas?

    Lucius was a bit tougher, and I'm still not sure, I think that many of you will probably come up with better candidates, but for the sake of participation I considered Mr. Edward Norton

    I can't really pinpoint why I chose him, I just get a weird vibe from him, like he could be really freaky if he tried, which is what Lucius is all about. Some of his past credits include The Incredible Hulk, The Illusionist, Fight Club, Kingdom of Heaven, The Italian Job, and Death to Smoochy.

    Anyway, what about you people out there? Surely you've thought about a movie for the books, now's your chance to voice your opinion! It won't affect the material universe, but you can voice it!

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    I'm not sure about Horus Rising but Will Farell should definitly play Magnus The Red.

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    I wouldn't think it would be all that easy casting someone as Magnus. 0) I guess effects would make things a little easier, though.

    I don't have any brainwaves myself, but this kind of looks like an interesting thread and something might come to me if I think about it for long enough...
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