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    Bedelia Righ eldar army

    I've been collecting an eldar army for about 2 years now, and finnaly i am making my own army. this is my 1st post on librarium, so if there is anything i have left out please let me know.

    any additional thoughts on what i have written or what i should add would be very welcome.

    I have claimed here that Eldrad Ulthran had a son, and i know this would big quite important, but i was between that and something like his most trusted apprentice or follower, but i liked the idea of his son.
    His son i named Uaine (which means young warrior)

    my army is based on Ulthwe, but is a kind of division of it.
    the name Bedelia Righ (which translates into Mighty King)

    introduction bit (taken from codex)
    During the Thirteenth Black Crusade, the Eldar of Ulthwé fought against the forces of Chaos, and Eldrad was at the forefront, knowing he would not live to see the end of the conflict. Eldrad attempted to retake a Blackstone Fortress, but the fortress was already occupied by Slaanesh, the Great Enemy. As Eldrad realized his folly, his soul was devoured, and the greatest Farseer of the Eldar was lost, however a handful of way stones he had created still remained active causing some Eldar to believe that he's still alive but trapped in the warp.

    (my bit)
    The BEDELIA RIGH was founded after Eldrad Ulthran doomed himself to the warp inside the great chaos fortress's heart. Eldrad's son UAINE swore that he would fight against the forces of chaos, and would not rest until Eldrad is freed from his doom. With this vow, UAINE gathered his own army, from those Eldrad trusted most and volunteers from the web way. Soon they gathered a strong enough force to purge the chaos, and revive their fallen leader. Soon after the army had been gathered, the seer council of Ulthwé foresaw the return of Eldrad, and with this information UAINE set on a crusade against chaos to free their leader; only he could save the eldar race from Slaanesh.
    Bedelia Righ does not have its own craftworld fleet and the majority of the time they stay aboard Ulthwé ships. Bedelia Righ fights alongside Ulthwé, but when Uaine’s seer council foresee a chance to encounter the black fortress, they swiftly leave the safety of the craftworld and are not seen for up to hundreds of years before they return.

    their armour colours are similar to ulthwe with the addition of ice blue used around highlighting areas (gems, swords, symbols)


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    Ehhh... a mech Ulthwe force is kinda pushing it in the fluff department. Expect people to not approve.
    Terminator armor going critical would be like Three Mile Island only very, VERY angry, and carrying a hammer.
    LO rules in a nutshell: Don't post unit costs, be polite, rep posts containing of win.

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