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    The Hero Of Time

    ok so Link is teleported to the future because of the master sword being pulled fromthe pedistal. and from the way time travel works i can get away with everything i say in the wargear and fluff because he can go back to the present and change everything i have said. anyways what do you think of the char. himself.
    will put him in another MSG. any feed back is wanted. and any questions just ask

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    ok so this is all based on the legend of zelda twilight princess and Oni link is based off majoras mask.

    Link of Ordon - The Hero of Time – Champion of Ordon

    Link of Ordon Pts – 300
    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Inv
    6 4 5 5 4 6 3 10 2+ 4+/3+

    Unit Composition:
    • 1(Unique)

    War Gear:
    • “Heroes Garb” Power Armour – 2+Sv – 4+Inv.
    o An advanced prototype Artificer Armour. Granted by the three Goddesses to fix the destruction of the past.

    • Master Sword “Evils Bane”
    o Ancient Sword from the depths of the Sacred Grove.
    o Counts as a 1handed relic blade and still allows the user to benefit from the +1 attack from 2 close combat weapons.

    • Hylian Shield – 3+Inv
    o A prototype Storm shield that grants a 3+ Inv and still allows the user to benefit from the +1 attack from 2 close combat weapons.
     Grants Shield Bash Ver.2 as a free “Hidden Skills”
    Special Rules:
    • Independent Character

    • “Fearless”

    • Chapter Tactics
    o You may take 1 hidden skill for the entire army (including Hidden Skills 1, 4, 5, 6,) “Ex. One squad can not have HS2 and a different unit have Hidden skill 3 “
     Only Units with power weapons (not powerfists) may take Hidden skill 1.

    “Chosen from the Goddesses”
    o You may never join a squad
    o You gain either +1 kill point for every independent character, Monstrous Creature or toughness 5 or more. Link Kills OR you may gain 1 wound back that you have lost, (you may not go above 4 wounds with this power)
    o Link of Ordon takes both HQ slots and 1 Elite Slot to use
    o Link of Ordon may take 150Pts of Wargear

    • “7 Hidden Skills”
    o 1: Ending Blow
     When attacking a multi wound enemy, if you drop the enemy to 1 wound your opponent “drops to ground” and must take a initiative check vs. Link of Ordon. If successful than the opponent may take an Inv. check against the attack. If unsuccessful than no save of any kind allowed.

    o 2: Shield Bash
     Ver1. In the combat when you save you may chose to take an Inv. Save and on a result of a 6 the enemy that attacked you is forced to “go to ground”

     Ver2. In the shooting phase when shot are at by an energy shot (Ex. Lascannon, plasma, melta, ext.) if you Inv. save with a 6+ you take any fire the same amount of shots as you 6+ saved back at the target at Half strength, at BS2, and Full AP

    o 3: Back Slice
     May attack a Independent Character even if not in base contact with him

    o 4: Helm Splitter
     You designate the wounds for the combat.

    o 5: Mortal Draw
     When assaulted you count as being in cover for purpose of initiative order and this skill ignores the affects of Frag grenades even if not in cover.

    o 6: Jump Strike
     When you assault you gain (+3A) in the first round of combat replaces the normal(+1A)

    o 7: Great Spin
     When at Full strength (All 4 wounds) your attack in close combat become, if you chose, Link of Ordon gets as many attacks as everyone in base combat to him. All resulting on (WS 8 ) and (S8 ).

    War Gear List:

    • Lantern – 15 pts
    The Chaos is strong but the Eldar are formidable enemies. Creating any devise they can to gain the upper edge in the fight with the evil of all evil.
    o When Link is equipped with the “Lantern” he takes no penalty when playing in the “Night Fighting” rules. That includes effects that force “Night Fighting” rules to be played.

    • Gale Boomerang – 25 pts
    The Harlequin Troop Leaders have decided that taking the fight to the enemy is too “unexciting”. This equipment was designed for Harlequin assault squads charging towards an enemy, the fools are instead pulled onto there swords and then the jokers move on.
    o In the assault phase you may instead of assaulting the normal 6” you may pull your opponent towards you 8” and treat the assault as normal.

    • Heroes Bow – 35 pts
     [I]Made for the veterans of the Pathfinder squads. This Advanced Rail Rifle is the best technology the Tau has made to date. With capability of punching through a Carnifex’s carapace and the speed of the pulse carbine, the veterans of the Tau Empire have become even more deadly than previously thought.[/I
    ]o S(5) AP(3) Assault (2) Range(24”)

    • Iron Boots – 35 pts
    The Iron Boots were made for Tau Broadsides fighting in low to no gravity battle fields. The Orks stole this technology tweaked it to fit them better and proceeded to use it in combat.
    o When fighting an independent charecter in close combat, you can execute a single attack after all other attacks have been fininshed (after I1 as well) and that creature must pass an Int test on 1d6+1, if it fails the target cant attak next round. and you get to pick who you this attack is targeting.

    • Bombs/Bomb Arrows – 25 pts
    Eldar and Tau are becoming Battle brothers in these dark times. The Eldar are advancing the Tau technology and visa-versa. The Eldar has taken the Tau’s Advanced Rail Rifle Technology and advanced it further to destroy tanks.
    o This weapon can only be chosen if the “Heroes Bow” is chosen as well. This attack replaces your normal attack and you may shoot 2 “hey wire” Grenades at a single target at full range of the “Heroes Bow”

    • Hawkeye – 25 pts
    The Tau has devolved a visor for the Advanced Rail Rifle to make the user 30% more accurate at the loss of movement.
    o Grants the user a 1+ to BS but turns the “Heroes bow” into Heavy (4)

    • Clawshot – 30pts
    The Orks are CQC monsters. Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka’s first and only apprentice War Boss Gorfang Defcrusha was leading his own massive Waaagh against the Eldar Craft world of Eladrin. With the Hero of Time at there side the battle was one sided and Gorfang Defcrusha was stripped of his Duel Clawshots by ,the head of the craft world, the Void Priest Maraki herself. After the major apocalyptic battle the Void Priest bestowed upon Link the Clawshots.
    o In the movement phase you may move up to 12” to a squad of Space marines with Power Armour, Artificer Armour, or Terminator Armour. Or any Space marine vehicle skimmer or walker, even if the vehicle is crashed but not if it has exploded.

    • Double Clawshot – +30pts
    What’s worse than an Ork Warlord charging straight at you? An Ork warlord charging at you the same speed of a Land Speeder Storm.
    o You may do this movement explained above twice as long as there are two squads in range

    • Spinner – 25pts
    In the jungles of Catachan the Imperial Guard has created a silent but quick way to move through the twisted vines and branches of the thick jungle to pounce on unsuspecting prey.
    o Grants the “Fleet” special rule and “Move Through Cover” special rule

    • Ball And Chain – 35pts
    Originally designed for Ork Stompas the ball and chain was and is able to take out 3 Falcons in one swing Link Of Ordon has learned to take this weapon of awesome power and wield it in close combat.
    o Grants 1 attack at I (1) S (10 ) No Save allowed at all including Inv. If this power is used than you may not take any other attacks.

    • F.A.I.R.Y – 30pts
    “Fiber-optic. Artificial. Intelligence. Robotic. Yoctobytes” (10^-24). The Necron have been experimenting with Yocto regeneration technology. This has proven very effective on the Necron Battlefield and the Tau have stolen it, and infused it in there best champions.
    o When dropped to 0 wounds on your next shooting phase you may role a d6 on a 3 you stand back up with 1 wound left, on a 4 you stand back up with 2 wounds, 5 you stand back up with 3 wound, and 6 you stand back up with 4 wounds.

    • Magic Armour – 150pts
    Made from the Avatars remains, the Magic Armour is all but Invincible. Able to with stand three full squads of “Blade Storming” Avengers with out any thing to savior but the cloud of disturbed smoke that was left in the wake.
    o Instead of gaining the 1+ kill point or the extra wound you may instead trade out for a rupee. You may spend one rupee to negate all wounds done towards Link of Ordon at any point in the round (close combat or shooting). You may decide to use the rupee at anytime during the round.

    • The Fierce Deity’s Mask – 150pts
    The Fierce Deity is a force to be reckoned with but at the same time easy to overcome with the right amount of strategy, firepower, and bodies. He is an army of one and has earned respect through fear of the other daemons. With this fear came betrayal. The other daemons trapped his essence in the form of a mask that the Hero of Time now possesses.
    o Replace all the Stats and special ability of “Link of Ordon” with “Link: The Fierce Deity”

    Link the Fierce Deity – 450 Pts

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv+ Inv+
    10 6 9 6 7 7 6 10 3+ 4+

    Unit Composition:
    • 1 (Unique)

    Unit Type:
    • Infantry

    • Double Helix Blade
    o Counts as a power weapon
     2d6+(S) for armour penetration.
    o You may re-role both to hit roles and to wound roles in all rounds of combat
     The Double Helix Blade has a energy attack that can be used as the following

    • Energy Throw–Range(18”) Strength (9) AP (2) Type (Assault d6)
    Special rules:

    • Fleet of Foot

    • Rampage of the God of War
    o Once combat is over and Link: The Fierce Deity is victorious he must take a free assault phase and must attempt to assault the closest enemy unit he can see. If none are visible than this power does nothing.
    o Link: The Fierce Deity may assault as normal and continue to use this power until he has either ended his turn not in base contact or has ended a combat with models still alive in the squad he has assaulted
    o If Link: The Fierce Deity is assaulted the attacking squad must take a Difficult terrain test to assault.

    • Death of the God of War
    o If Link: The Fierce Deity is killed replace his model with Link of Ordon
     Link of Ordon is dropped to (W-1) and starts the next round with (WS-1 ), (BS-1 ), (I-2 ). After the first round all of Link of Ordon’s stats (except Wounds) go back up to there original stats.
    o If Link: The Fierce Deity is killed place a marker 1d6+Scatter inches away from Link of Ordon (if lands on terrain place at nearest edge.) if this maker is touched by an enemy Independent Character, and Infantry. The model is replaced with Link: The Fierce Deity and the Stats are replaced as well.
    o If Link: The Fierce Deity is killed a second time than the mask removed entirely.
    Last edited by TheHeroOfTime; February 3rd, 2010 at 05:10.

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    The above poster = Totally a member of the Fluff Masters Clan. Click here for fluff pwnage.

    Come, sons of LO! Kneel before Poodle!

    Mr_Wayne: "Some people believe that the World Eaters do not field any ranged weaponry. Those people often die at a distance."

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    sorry theres alot to read how should i clean it up?

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    Hello there HeroofTime!

    Well, you're a Link fan, no question! I think it's wonderful you honored your hero with this creative work, it's a wonderful tribute to him in 40K terms. The only reason I wouldn't suggest you use him in a game is because you have defined his power level with a different scale than the characters in 40K. I'm sure Harlequins and Space Marines have mastered many 'special moves' that they use, but in standard 40K games, this is just abstracted into Weapon Skill, Attacks, and Initiative. I'd love to see rules for a terminator ramming his thundershield down some tyranid's mouth but that sort of thing is left to the imagination rather than made into an ability. Maybe your version of Link would be more at home in the RPGs?

    You did a lot of thinking and writing, and I totally applaud your creativity! It was fun to see Link written up and interpreted by you, very nice job! I'm halfway through the game with that adorable little imp Midna, Twilight Princess, and can't wait to see how it end!

    Anyway, Emperor bless and cherish you!


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