Wrecksnick's Trashaz (very long ork army intro fluff) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Wrecksnick's Trashaz (very long ork army intro fluff)

    "Oi, runts, gimme anotha arma plate ere!" The grimy old mechboy watched impatiently as a team of grots strained and struggled with another large slab of metal from the recently deconstructed imperial tank, slipping on engine grease and stumbling over the various mechanical parts strewn about the make-shift factory. “Urry up or I’ll av yer hides!”

    As soon as the plate reached him he hefted it against the hulking battlewagon’s side in one practised motion. The mechanical arm grafted to his side went to work with a large nail-gun, slamming eight-inch titanium nails at even intervals around the edge of the tanks newest upgrade. The neat and even spacing of the bolts was at odds with the random tilt of the new plate but the mechboy didn’t seem to notice.

    “Anotha!” shouted the orky mechanic sending his team of helpers scurrying back to the pile of scrap-metal in the corner.

    Just then another, bigger ork shambled in out of the dessert sun. His huge frame was made distinctive by the crude bionics and armour plates augmenting his body. The grots turned towards the sound of his hissing hydraulics, saw who it was, and immediately scattered. By the time the new ork approached the mechboy they were completely alone. The mechboy himself seemed unperturbed by the approaching leviathan and simply craned his head back slightly in order to maintain eye contact.

    “Wreksnick you grot, what’s da ‘old up ‘ere?” shouted the larger of the two once they stood face to face. “Da boyz iz all getting tired of dis ere camp and I’z need a gud fight!”

    “Stop yur racket Gurt, I’m not dun wit the wagons” said Wreksnick. His quieter tone seemed to hold more command then the raging of Gurt da Scrappa, his Warboss. “You got stomped by dem skinny gitz and der floaty tankz las time. You wanna av anotha go at it wifout da wagons?”

    “I’ll stomp dem bak gud! I will!” The warboss wasn’t getting any quieter but a hint of desperation had entered his voice.

    The elegant Wave Serpents of the Eldar had cut a swath through his boyz a few months ago and left his warband depleted. Only after having met Wreksnick and his small band of mechs and trucks had the Warboss’ luck turned for the best. Now with a heavily upgraded body, a fleet of Deffkoptas at his back, and a few victories under his belt he was getting self-important again. Wreksnick knew he couldn’t back down if he was going to keep the upper hand.

    “You wanna go den go. Take da Wagons an Koptas too. Be fun ta see how far yah get wit no repairz and batries. Da boyz’ll hav fun wit ya when yur cybork bitz shut down eh?”

    The menacing look in Wreksnick’s eyes let Gurt know he wasn’t bluffing. Unlike many mechs Wrecksnick understood that there were always new machines to play with and never got attached to his creations. The Deffkopta fleet he had scrapped together for Gurt was his finest accomplishment to date but he was willing to give them up to see Gurt get smashed for his arrogance. Unfortunately, for all his cunning Wrecksnick still could figure out how to hold a warband of boyz together and needed Gurt to do his dirty work. He had to throw his dog a bone.

    “Jus wait a bit mo’ an I’ll make ya a da big boss da biggest, stompyest Waaaagh in da planet.” He explained, trying not to let his amusement at the boss’ stupidity enter his voice. “We’ll stomp dem Eldar and ummies den use da scraps ta get off dis grubby rock.”

    “Ya got two dayz Wrecksnick, two.” Having asserted his dominance slightly Gurt the Wrekka turned and sauntered back out into the ork camp to find some grub. He’d see the self-important Wrecksnick dead once he’d built his Waaagh and had a whole team of mechs but for now he’d put up with him. He flexed the bionics which made him so strong yet kept him dependant on the mechboy’s mechinations. Where he human he might have perhaps understood the irony of the situation but being an ork he simply shrugged and called for his nobs to bring him something to eat.

    Back at the mech shop Wrecksnick also seemed to forget the conversation and returned to the battlewagon as soon as his faithful grots snuck back from whatever hole they used to hide in.

    "Oi, runts, gimme anotha arma plate ere!"

    I'm thinking of starting a mechboy-themed ork army. So far I have a wagon converted from a Land Raider (badly painted and beaten up land raider I bought for $20 ) and have ordered 9 AoBR Deffkoptas. Once the stuff comes in I'll be starting a thread in "Projects" so stay tuned.

    Edit: C&C of course welcome. I've got no idea which desert planet these guys are on. They don't care so I don't care. The idea is to develope the story as I expand the army one painted unit at a time. The starting force will be the Warboss, 2 squads of boys in Wagon and Truck as well as the 9 Deffkoptas. I know I'm going a little over the top with the flying contraptions but I love the models and the idea. Also, I knew that some on Bartertown had 9 just sitting around from buying AoBR. They ship today (I hope)!!

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