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    Hive Fleet Amarok (warning long)

    Hive Fleet Amarok (the Giant Wolf)

    First Recorded Contact: 838 M41 with an explorator Fleet in the Valen System within the Goul Stars Region

    Primary Colors: Black Skin with Dark Blue to Ice Blue Chitin, and silver eyes

    Notable encounters:
    (Devoured) Ork Warlord Makgard Iron Hide and his WAAAGH!

    (Stalemate) Craftworld Yme_Loc’s Third Fleet led by Farseer Iridi, and Autarch Krasus

    (Devoured) Imperial Guard Regiment led by Commissar Raenef

    (Repulsed) Tau Commander Ion’Zaeed of the Third phase expansion 12th fleet

    Main Tactics: utilizes Ymgarl Stealer broods and large waves of Mycetic spores to isolate and destroy enemy opposition, led by a Hive Tyrant that physically looks similar to the Swarmlord encountered on Macragge. Designated Tyrant Lord

    842.M41 a ruined explorator fleet is found within the Valen system sent to bring the light of the Emperor back. What ships remained where covered with bio plasma scarring, and what appeared to be giant claw marks. Scouting teams sent into the derelict vessels found only ruins and signs of fierce boarding actions, and compartment to compartment fighting. In the commander’s quarters was what remained of a data log which showed the grim truth of what happened, though much was missing the message it sent was clear.
    …find the Valen system scoured of all life, records showed that system was full of life before the +DATA CORRUPTED+, further investigation shows that +ERROR+ stripped from the system, Something doesn’t feel right I can feel in my gut. I’ve seen this before but for the love of the emperor I can’t remember where.
    (Gun fire and explosions) By Holy Terra it’s them it’s really them, just like Macragge, they’ve already boarded us, +ERROR+ (high pitch alien screeches)caught us off guard the whole fleet is trapped, we’ve no hope of survival (closer gunfire, frantic screaming can now be heard) +ERROR+ only hope that this survives to warn the imperium, before it’s too(tearing sounds and more alien screeching), damn them! they’re at the door,(single gunshot, more alien screeches)…..

    856.M41 more clues as to the identity of this Hive fleet are found when the Ork warlord Makgard Iron Hide blunders his massive WAAGH into the Hive fleet. The initial fighting is fierce in the beginning as the Bio ships tear asunder the ramshackle hulks and cruisers of Makgard’s fleet, however the WAAGH was not be denied and many Bio ships were blown stem to stern. The WAAGH had the upper hand in both numbers and fire power, so the Tyrant Lord had the hive fleet do something unexpected…it ran to the nearby planet of Manxome. This planet was to be the next meal for the hive fleet had it not been for Makgard. As the fleeing bio ships passed the planet they spewed out hundreds of thousands of mycetic spores onto the frozen world. Makgard’s fleet instead of pursuing the remaining hive ships he directed his WAAGH onto the planet, just as the Tyrant Lord had predicted.

    I'll be adding more as it happens

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