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    Angels Sacrifant: history

    Angels Sacrifant

    “War must always continue, so that each time and whenever we wish and our god wishes to eat and feast, we may go there as one who goes to market to buy something to eat!”
    -1st Captain Cauhtémoc

    Nacatl first entered into The Imperiums records during the Great Crusade, as the sight of a major battle between the Luna Wolves legion and the ork hordes invading the system Nacatl was among the last of the worlds visited by the Emperor before his withdrawal to Terra. When the Emperor and Horus descended to the planet to lead the spear head against the ork forces the tribal populace believed that their god had descended from the sun and quickly turned their devotion to the mighty being alight with holy power that fought amongst them alight with divine power, even as the Emperor tried to discourage the practice of god worship.

    With the threat of the orks broken and their warboss eliminated the Imperium had no further use for Nacatl and quickly moved on to further conquests leaving the tribes to recover from the wars with the orks and the cultural shock of their deities’ arrival. Shortly after the legions departure from the planet a shaman of one of the greater tribes predicted that the Sun Lord would return and lead his people from destruction.

    For the next ten thousand years Nacatl was lost to the greater Imperium, forgotten from memory like countless other worlds reclaimed in the great crusades following Old Night. As the galaxy raged the tribes of Nacatl flourished, great temple cities where constructed upon the ruins of a long lost civilization. Crops were planted as the tribes fought the jungle and each other for more land. As the strongest nations grew thousands of captives where sacrificed, each hoping to insure the Sun Lords favor and to please him upon his return.

    The stability was not to last, as crops began to die do to drought thousands succumbed to starvation. The bodies of the dead created plague and in the span of a few years millions had perished; it was a time of blood and savagery. The people of Nacatl prayed for salvation from the Sun Lord, passing their last breath through their blood-flecked lips in the hopes that their prayers would be answered. Unknown to the Nacatl they had been manipulated for the amusement of and ancient being, a creature of neigh limitless power who had consumed entire civilizations. The Nacatl where dyeing for the entertainment of a god, the Deceiver.

    Playing on the faith of the Nacatl the Deceiver created plague and famine. Through subtle manipulation the Deceiver drove the tribes into a state of barbarity with the intention of inserting itself into the role of savior and god, as the Ctan made itself known whispers passed among the cities that the Sun Lord had returned to his people. Who could doubt the word of a being whose very skin reflected the sun, who with a wave of their hand could cure the ill, and who caused crops to grow green and fertile in its passing. The Deceiver played its roll well and within a year, half of the population was bowed low before their new god.

    Not all where fooled by the Deceivers tricks, while many believed that their savior had returned there were those who realized the truth. The time of the Sun Lords return was prophesized to come during the time of the greatest war the Nacatl had ever seen, a war to rival that fought by the Sun Lord himself against the green skinned demons ten millennia ago. The prophesy told that the Sun Lord and his warriors would descend from the sky riding great birds wreathed in fire, they would cleanse the world of the evils that besought it and after enough blood had been shed an unprecedented peace would come.

    Those who apposed the Deceiver where soon hunted down and taken to the Great Temple in the city of Mictlan where their hearts where removed and their heads cast from their bodies as their souls where offered as gifts the necron god. One such warrior was able to evade the Deceivers hunters and unite the loyal tribes in war against the Deceivers forces. From a young age Cauhtémoc had been a consummate warrior and hunter, stronger than any other with bow and blade it was Cauhtémoc who first chose to defy the Deceiver and denounce him as the true Sun Lord

    After three years of war Cauhtémocs forces where outnumbered and surrounded in their last strong hold, the ancient city of Ataxahuan. As the defenders made themselves ready to die the sky burst into flame. Thousands of objects resembling the Chariots of The Gods descended upon the battle field, great red birds screamed through the heavens spitting flame into the ranks of the foe. The Blood Angels had come to Nacatl.

    For 12 years Inquisitor Lord Enrique Sparta along with a squad of the legendary Deathwatch had hunted the Deceiver, following its trail of trickery across the galaxy they arrived on the Death World of Nacatl. Through observation of the tribal populace Sparta learned of the Deceivers significant amount of influence on the local masses, while the Deathwatch are trained to handle almost any situation even these elite marines could not last long against an entire nation. Sparta immediately sent a distress call requesting military aid from all Imperial forces in the sector; the Blood Angels 4th company answered the call. At the urgings of the Inquisitor Lord the Blood Angels 4th company under the command of Captain Hestos made all haste to the small back water world of Nacatl.

    As the Blood Angels 4th company descended from the heavens, so to were the Deceivers true servants awoken. From the depths of the jungles came the Necrons, summoned from dark pyramids long dormant the glistening armies of the C’tan marched forth. As thousands of tribesmen were killed, stripped of every atom by the Necrons gauss weapons the Blood Angels drop pods landed amidst the lines of battle while Thunderhawk gunships strafed the enemy with missile fire. Through disciplined Bolter volleys under the command of Captain Hestos and perfectly timed counter charges by Cauhtémocs infantry the forces of the Deceiver were driven back.

    With the Deceivers forces cut down the Blood Angels set to the task of hunting the survivors. With the help of the Nacatl, Blood Angel scout squads were dispatched to find the Necron tombs and identify them for orbital bombardment so that the Xenos threat could not return; strangely the Blood Angels met little resistance in their efforts. While a great many tombs were destroyed Inquisitor Sparta believed that yet more Necron strongholds remained undiscovered throughout the planet and that the Deceivers grip could once again tighten around the world of Nacatl.

    Petitioning the High Lords of Terra, Sparta requested that an Astartes chapter be created to govern the region and stand vigil against the Necron threat. Using geneseed taken from the Blood Angels and drawing recruits from the tribes of Nacatl the Angels Sacrifant were born. Impressed by the Nacatls bravery and skill Captain Hestos requested to lead his brother chapter in war, he has held his position as Chapter Master for the last two hundred years. As for Cauhtémoc he has since risen to the position of the Angels Sacrifant 1st captain were he has continued to prove his skill and loyalty to The Emperor.


    Once a Necron tomb world the planet of Nacatl was a primordial death world resplendent in a vast array of mega fauna, eighty percent of the planet is covered in dense jungle. The natives of Nacatl survive by building great temple-cities. The few tribes who dwell within the jungles themselves are feral barbarians who still worship the false Sun Lord. These tribes are rarely seen and are constantly hunted. Among the various predators of Nacatl the greatest is known as a Coatl, this mighty serpentine creature is a master of the sky and indeed the Angels Sacrifant have developed a build of Thunder Hawk named after this might hunter.

    The Angels Sacrifant themselves inhabit the great Temple of the Sun, a vast complex situated in the center of Ataxahuan. The marines themselves are a common site among the people of Nacatl but they do not share the same level of technology as the wider Imperium do to this contact. Indeed the Angels Sacrifant maintains the primitive (yet advanced for the culture) level of technology.

    Combat Doctrine

    The Angels Sacrifant believes that the Emperors favor can only be gained in the crucible of battle, that when enough unholy blood has been spent in his name that he will grant his blessing upon them. As such the Angels Sacrifant field a large amount of assault squads, the Angels Sacrifant also only field 9 companys. They have no scout company as each company is tasked with drawing its own recruits; these are usually drawn from separate temple cities. A warrior may prove himself to join the Sky Warriors by either slaying a mighty beast of the jungle or by capturing a member of the traitorous tribes who will then be taken into the custody of the Angels. Unlike most chapters aspirants are not deemed worthy by a chaplain but instead the duty falls to the most senior scout sergeant of each company. The Angels Sacrifant maintain a close relationship with the Ordos Xenos and have been extensively trained in anti Necron tactics.

    Gene Seed

    The Angels Sacrifant hail from the line of Sanguineous the Angel Primarch. Like all decedents of the Angel the Angels Sacrifant are subject to the effects of the Red thirst and the Black rage. Though it is rare for a member of the chapter to fall to these genetic plagues it is seen as a boon in this combat driven chapter.

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