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    Fist of the Damned - Fluff WIP

    The Fists of the Damned Space Marine Chapter - I figure it is about time I post a rough draft of my homebrew chapter. I have two chapters of my design - the Ghost Wolves who exist solely as a relic of background fluff in my local gaming group's campaign universe, and The Fists of the Damned who are my tabletop army.

    Primarch Proginator: Rogal Dorn
    Founding: 21st - The "Cursed Founding" - From gene seed tithed from the Imperial Fists.
    Homeworld: Tractatus IV - Destroyed, entirely space-faring
    Combat Doctrine: Unorthodox
    Chapter Symbol: White gauntleted fist (Imperial Fists) wreathed in black fire.
    Chapter Colors: Quartered Chaos Black and Bone White with Gore Red trim and fists.
    Gameplay Codex: Vanilla (possibly new Blood Angels, as the rumors would seem that their rules and composition would best suit FotD's unorthodox doctrines), with allied Inquisitorial Storm Troopers (representing "count as" chapter serfs)

    The Founding: Like many of the 21st Founding chapters, the Fists of the Damned have a troubled history. The chapter was conceived of an experiment to correct the Imperial Fists' defunct Sus-An Membrane, an experiment which was for the most part successful and unmarred by the outbreaks of rapid mutation experienced by other, less fortunate 21st Founding chapters. Not only did the Fists of the Damned regain function of the membrane, but their modified gene seed encouraged further development of the implant and it's interaction with the host's body. In the most adverse conditions where another Marine's body perish, even in a state of prolonged stasis, a Fist of the Damned could survive indefinitely; however, this does not always occur without fail, there exists a risk that the Marine's body will have suffered irreparable damage from remaining comatose for extreme periods of time. Failed organs can be replaced, and the Marine survive, though often resulting in paralysis. Short of constructing a full bionic body, the Marine can only fight on interred within the sarcophagus of a dreadnought.

    The Betrayal: Though the genetic modifications and experiments were considered successful, the chapter still suffers a stained history, as is often as is often the case with the "Cursed Founding". Possessed of a near flawless record and held in great esteem by their First Founding chapter, the then named Sentinels of Dorn were a proud chapter. For some amongst the Sentinels of Dorn, pride turned to envy as they could never be satisfied with their high regard, always seeking greater social-political status and power amongst the other chapters. It is through envy that Chaos had whispered promises of greatness, and had spoken the "truth" of the great conflict between man and daemon, Emperor and Gods. And so, on the eve of the Age of Apostacy well over two-thirds of the chapter broke their vow to serve the Emperor of Man, and rebelled against their own brethren. The civil war fought between chapter and renegade was brief and costly, with scarcely a hundred loyalist Marines able to escape with their lives - many of which sustained solely due to their enhanced Sus-An membrane - aboard their sole surviving battle barge Mercy Abstinent, their homeworld now infested by daemons.

    The Refounding: After extensive interrogation and examination at the hands of the Ordo Hereticus, the surviving members of the chapter were deemed untainted and granted permission to exact the penitence they sought. The Sentinels of Dorn were refounded as the Fists of the Damned, and vowed a debt of blood to be paid to the Emperor. The chapter would only replenish it's numbers for every traitor brother they'd slain, never to regain their place by the Emperor's side until every last one was culled from the galaxy. At this time there were still over seven-hundred traitors to account for, and so the Fists of the Damned, broken and beaten, embarked on a three century long quest to replenish their numbers and armoury to 291 battle brothers, the remaining 709 vacant suits of Power Armour waiting to be filled by seven companies of Scouts.

    The Tech Guard of Velis: During this time, the leaders of the chapter acknowledged that their quest would be impossible to complete without further support, and their duty to it's completion was by far more important than avenging their wounded honor. It is at this time that they encountered the forge world of Velis Ophilion, located in the heart of a system lush with resources, though on the literal fringe of the Halo Stars and isolated from any Imperial support. The chapter organized counsel with the Arch Magos of Velis Ophilion, and negotiated the exchange of support. The Fists of the Damned were to relinquish the command of 3% of all Battle Brothers and Scouts to the Arch Magos and a promise to aide the forgeworld should it come to peril, and in return the chapter would be provided munitions and indentured tech priests, and in the coming years, a fleet.

    The Crusade Begins: Now replenished in numbers and armoury, the Fists of the Damned returned to their homeworld to find it consumed by a warp storm and fully converted to a daemon world. In mass, all 1,000 Battle Brothers and Scouts descended upon Tractatus IV to scourge it clean of every soul, an operation which took fully seven years to complete; upon it's completion the chapter found not one of their traiter-brethren but did learn of their plan to split into warbands and organize cults and rebellions all across the galaxy. The moment of retribution finally in hand, the Fists of the Damned returned to their fleet and bombarded the twisted parody of their once proud world until it cracked to the core.

    The Present Day: Since the beginning of the crusade the chapter had not slowed in their hunt, immediately leaving every victory after hard won victory in pursuit of their next battle, their extensive network of Scouts eternally tracking down and exposing the cults of their traitor-brethren. The Fists of the Damned have to this day executed all but ninety-eight of their traitor-brethren. In the early years of their crusade, the first Fists of the Damned Chapter Master initiated an organization of chapter serfs, roughly modeled after the structure of the Imperial Guard and comprised of those recruits who were considered battle worthy but otherwise unfit for implants or induction into the chapter, in order to fulfill a greater need for armed support as the understrength chapter spread across the galaxy in search for their foe. Though unnecessary at the present, it is a tradition which is still maintained, and after a millennia of continued support from Velis Ophilion, the Fists of the Damned have amassed a full army of chapter serfs and a navy to accompany each of the five War Hosts.

    The Fists of the Damned have developed a unique set of combat doctrines which emphasize full force planetary invasion and sieges, rapid redeployment, and ambushes.

    At this juncture I must apologize for my sloppy writing and progressive lack of organization... I am pouring all of this into words from what has until now existed only in conversation, and I am doing it entirely in one sitting.. quite exhausting. From this point on, I will write only. . .
    Other Notable Features:
    • The chapter is not organized into traditional battle companies as other chapters are. Companies do exist, in a sort, and amongst every 100 battle brothers there is a Captain and attending staff of other officers, but this is where the similarities end. Instead, the chapter forms war hosts of up to 200 battle brothers much akin to the Black Templar, aided by their amy of chapter serves and network of scouts, each to purue the crusade across different stretches of the galaxy. Exact specifications of the composition of a war host are as of yet unknown, though the chapter does maintain at least one extra (11th) company of scouts in order to sustain the extensive surveilance network they have established across the galaxy.
    • The chapter favors rapid assaults, and so I am considering using Codex Blood Angels as their rules set, despite being founded from the Imperial Fists. I feel that the codex might (though I still have to read it) portray their combat doctrines perfectly, and those qualities unique to Blood Angels, particularly the Red Thirst and Death Company, when translated into rules can then justifiably translated back into qualities unique to the Fists of the Damned which I am still considering. Example: Red Thirst = Rage and/or Furious Charge (so far as I understand) = the FotD's ever growing hatred of their enemies, and insatiable desire to get into grips with them.
    • Due to the nature of their enhanced Sus-An membrane, the chapter posesses an astonishing number of dreadnoughts (also perfect fit with the new BA codex)
    • That is all for now, off the top of my head.

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    Sounds great, I love the detail =D

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    Very good stuff man, rep to you. Few are determined enough to desribe so many fine details, and even if the idea is not very original, everything is logical and briefly yet fully explained.

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