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    Make me Swiss cheese!

    I designed a backround fluff for my little chas warband and wanted to run it by you to see if you think the fluff is viable. I've tried ot follow the advice on the mainpage, keep them low-key that sort of thing, but with a goal in mind. see what you think

    C&C welcome as always, If you find a gap in the story, please could you suggest posible cover for it?


    A space marine order initiating a withering hail of cyclone missiles, completely exterminating all life forms on a planet, on-one has ever survived one....
    Until now.

    Imagine a small war band of chaos underground, led by the Khornate Battle Master Kurn, fighting for their lives and for favor of the chaos gods against the near infinite tide of Necrons, on a planet far from the centre of the imperium, followers of slannesh fighting on the surface against wave upon wave of imperial guard and loyalist space marine...
    And when they emerge they find everything gone. No war. No Loyalist scum or brother chaos. Just ... nothing.
    And so retrieving the last two ships from underground, and hell bent on destroying the traitorous scum who robbed them of a birth planet, they leapt into space. One ship filled with Khornate soldiers and Nurgle plaugebearers, the other filled with Tzeench's minions...

    But there was another...

    Behind them in the void flew a daemon price with no pronounceable name. Betrayed by Tzeench and believed to be destroyed, he whispered psychically into Kurn's mind...

    Without any warning, the Tzeench ship was fired on broadside, and was lost to the warp. And so the war band was eternally blessed by the presence of the daemon price, which remained unseen, but quietly guided them.

    The last ship continued unheeded dropping out of the warp only for fresh victims and spawn planets. It would continue in this way for millennia, until it reached its destination...


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    So you want fluff for your warband which is led by Khorne Lord, has Khorne Beserkers and Plague Marines as troops?

    With the possibility of getting a Daemon Prince in the future?

    I think that you should fill out Kurn's back story, how he got to power in the warband, why he is hanging out as part of a bigger group with followers of the other gods and who shot them up and why?
    Why did the Imperium blow up their home planet? Are the marines ancient warriors from the original Legions? Or are they defectors from loyal Chapters, or are they the last of a traitor chapter?
    Why is the Daemon Prince following them around? Does he not have the strength to remain in the real? Was he slain by someone cos of Tzeentch?

    What you have here is the ending of the intro.
    Good luck!
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    and my attempted foray into fantasy
    'Dark Angel Green' Dark Elves in need of fluff

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