DIY descending from Imperial Fists gene-seed line. Which chapter though? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    DIY descending from Imperial Fists gene-seed line. Which chapter though?

    There was a thread where I asked this more or less, but taking that thread in the direction I did was probably not the best idea, so I decided to start a new thread for this.

    Basically, I've been writing fluff for my marine chapter, and I've been trying to figure out how their founding should occur.

    The story I originally had was that a Black Templar Crusade (of around 200 marines) crash landed on a planet on the Eastern Fringe around M35 or M36. This planet was similar to the Tau homeworld in that it was protected by warp storms from the outside world, but instead of Tau there was a fairly advanced human civilization (late 21st century sci-fi stuff). Also on the planet were Orks, and the marines started fighting the orks, allying with the humans. Eventually, with their numbers depleted, the Black Templars chose to create new marines on the planet. Eventually (many centuries later) the warp storms subsided, and the Imperium was able to find them again. All of the original Black Templars were dead, but their numbers were hardly minimal, over 400 marines were on the planet, and they had the capability to make more. The High Lords of Terra, instead of either destroying the marines or reabsorbing them into the Black Templars (who the High Lords were wary of due to the nature of the Black Templars being non-Astartes to begin with), christened them as a new chapter. They took the name "Lightning Templars," Lightning because it exemplified their tactics, as well as paid homage to the freak lightning storms that would occur on their home planet that they used as cover to make assaults, and the name "Templars" as an homage to their parent chapter.

    Now, would this be okay as a founding story, to have them be descended from the Black Templars? Or would it be better to just kill the whole crashing story and have them be descended from the Imperial Fists. Personally, I'd like them to be descended from either the Black Templars or the Crimson Fists, but neither seems well suited to it without some sort of outside force (Black Templars being THE crusading fleet of the Imperium, and Crimson Fists having been crusaders until M39 or so). Just having them be descended from the Imperial Fists seems kind of boring to be honest, I like the idea of a non-standard founding. It helps explain some of their non-Astartes behavior (I should probably clarify, they don't follow some of the Astartes tactics and organizational guidelines, their gene-seed is pretty pure though) later on starting around M38. (That and the fact they are in the much ignored Eastern Fringe out near the Tau Empire)

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    What do you mean the Black Templars are non-Astartes? All Space Marines, even Chaos ones, are Astartes. I think you mean that the Black Templars are a non-Codex chapter.

    As for descending from them, I'm not sure but I don't think that the Black Templars do that, it's why they have such huge numbers.

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