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    Infested marine fluff

    Stick with me folks, me and a mate of mine were brainstorming the other night and realised that all the 'fallen' marines were chaotic (with a few exceptions) and with the release of Starcraft 2 I was inspired by the classic 'infested marine' and playing alot of spacehulk recently that maybe a genestealer infected Librarian could corrupt an entire company...

    So the story begins with a librarian (as yet un-named), Goes into a Space hulk with a squad and emerges alone, strangely enough successful in his mission. Usually genestealer implants require breeding to establish a cult but if it began to effect the progenator organs of the librarian who began to hear the 'voice of the Emporer'. Spread his tainted genetics to all the upper command, pass it down the ranks... then bob's your uncle horus is your aunt you have a completely infected space marine company. I was thinking that the marines would still conside themselves loyalist and even whe running into splinter fleets in the Segmentum, the boosted Librarian would even be able to force co-operation. Naturally everyone that turned on them will be deemed "Heretical".

    Several points, the Marines are going to be ultramarines so that I can stick it to the smurfs both in the Lore and also just on the table. Was going to call the battle barge they are travelling in 'The Emporer's Feast' also had a few 40k short stories floating around my had to try and define the idea, think interrogation by other marines,
    "What does the Emporer say to you?"
    *classic horror headturn, at an angle of course with pale/purple boarder skin*
    "He tells me to Feeeeeeeeeed" *mandibles appear out of mouth*
    *Bolter fire*
    Intend to use the Chaos Space Marine codex to use on the field as it give plenty of options for 'purestrain' (deamons) some messed up dread/carnifex's (defilers) hybrids (possessed) a Librarian (sorcerer) and just get the 'still marine' feel without resricting tooo much.

    Any comments/suggestions would be very much appreciated

    PS also have a modelling thread so any help over their is greatly appreciated

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    This sounds like a great idea, but you're barking up the wrong tree with genestealers, I think.. Brood brothers (infected creatures) remain physiologically human (which limits conversions somewhat) and have to reproduce the normal human way in order to produce hybrids. Something which, despite various debates on this forum, space marines are either unable or unwilling to do.

    I would have some as-of-yet unencountered parasitic organism which burrows into the body (possibly through the mouth, hence the xenografted mandibles) and merges with the host body, producing larvae which it can implant into others. Gross and alien, without the fluff limits of genestealer infection.

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