Avenger Armour ~ Auxiliary Drive

The Avenger Armour is a highly advanced armour designed exclusively for the Dire Avengers and features advanced sensory systems with the primary objective of creating a tactically flexible armour able to attain and maintain the benefits that are normally exclusive to either range or assault troops only. In effect, the Dire Avenger becomes a range warrior with the capabilities of an assault specialist.

Inset into each and every Aspect Armour is a complex system, varying in form and purpose from each Armour, that forms the core and fulfills the intent as required of the Armour. The Eldar refer to this system that is characteristic of the Armour itself as a Drive. In the case of the Drive of the Avenger Armour, the Eldar incorporates the use of a technology that has become defined by the Eldar Mesh Armour, in fact it is a characteristic present in all versions of Aspect Armour. The surface of the Armour consists of thousands of tiny thermoplastic cells that are highly psycho-responsive in nature. When blast pressure or gunshot is impressed upon it, the mesh of cells meld together into a rigid defence. This offers the Dire Avengers unrestricted mobility, yet the ability to attain the defensive capabilities of armour several times its weight in an instant. This in of itself becomes highly characteristic of Dire Avengers, with the aim of enabling them to better fulfill their niche as a fast response unit. However the true ability of the Avenger Armour is revealed to be beneath the surface, an inlaid layer with the same characteristics as its exposed counterpart, in fact being of the same make with the little difference of it being psychically interwoven with the myriad of advance senses incorporated throughout the Armour. This is the Auxiliary Drive, a device that in conjunction with the advance senses scattered throughout, becomes a highly complex and responsive system that is tremendously effective for its intended purpose.

Like its name suggest, its primary objective is to aid the movements of the wearer, to the extent of every nuance of gesture and intent, the Armour itself psychically responding to the wearer's thoughtforms. What happens is that this meshed layer that extends throughout the frame of the Armour acts like a muscle tissue within the body, its contractions and relaxations akin to the melding and loosening of the layer complex. Combined with the advance sensory systems emitted at strategic points of the Armour, every single nuance of motion and posture is augmented to its optimum form, the degrees of fulfillment fine-tuned by the perfect monitors of intent and thought.

A fine example to illustrate the extent of the intuitive and objective interface of responses that constitute the Auxiliary Drive is the fact that in the enacting of a punch, the corresponding mesh layers of the upper arm and the joints of the shoulder in relation to the movements of a punch constrict, and upon the eventual release of the punch, the mesh layer disperses its rigidity, propelling the arm forward in much the same manner as a spring, and upon the punch reaching its extent and target, the entire mesh work from the shoulder joint onwards to the very limits of the fingers harden, stiffening the blow. What this means is that a myriad of actions that would not be possible within a certain frame of time becomes accessible, in essence allowing the wearer to multi-task. Actions that would normally be impossible due to the restrictions of impediments involved and simply by the sheer difficulty in actualising the process becomes inconsequential.

On another note, the armour is especially revered by Exarches that prefer the dual Catapults weapon configuration, as by melding the cells within an entire flank, the arms of the Exarch becomes braced, completely eliminating any difficulty and differences that might be incurred from firing weapons that were designed to be used by both hands. In effect the Armour achieves increased dexterity and unhindered flow of movement, transforming the Dire Avenger into the definitive warrior in the truest sense.

Deflector Sleeve ~ Shimmershield

The Avenger Armour is characterised by several outfittings that serve to augment the tactical options of the wearer, making the Armour a multi-purpose one. The Deflector Sleeve is one such outfitting that is common issue in every form of Avenger Armour. It is by its appearance an unseeming protrusion to the form of the Armour that appears at the forearm, commonly decided to be in the left arm. The field it generates is known as the Shimmershield, which is activated by psychic means and through the simple gesture of the flick of the arm in the direction of the incoming projectile. A short range field is generated, by which appearance is onset by a dazzling display of shimmering lights that interlace and weave inextricably, yet maintaining the stance of seamless union, despite being separate strands. This field contains an immensely strong magnetic potential for its size, that pulses constantly with varying fluctuations in the intensity of the field in direct correspondence with the movements of the shifting waves of light. Any projectile, solid or energy, becomes inexorably repelled and vector off in relation to its point of incidence. Although it must be said that despite the inherent strength of the field, without the physical redirection present in the form of the purposeful flick set against the movements of the incoming projectile, the Shimmershield would not have the same decisive response in the business of deflection. That said, the Shimmershield suffers some what from shots fired at close proximity or at approximately half the intended range of the shot, with a greater propensity to fail in its function. In close combat, the device retains some of its use against energy weapons or high frequency blades meant to make paper out of armour. The Shimmershield dissipates the energy sheath of the weapon in the area of imposition, or in the case of high frequency blades provide a surface of an even higher frequency in contrast to that of the blade, effectively disrupting the purpose of the weapon. The Dire Avengers operate it in an intuitive manner with an almost supernatural predilection to perform with unequalled grace and ease.

Phoenix Catapult ~ Shuriken Storm

The standard firearm of the Craftworld Eldar is the Shuriken Catapult, a gun with modest range and a high rate of fire. Due to its highly advance firing mechanism which, unlike the bolt action counterparts of the Humans, have none of the needless recoil imparted from the transfer of kinetic energy to the projectile. It is a very clean and efficient system that allows fast firing while on the move, with little to any drawbacks. When the weapon is fired, high-energy impulses shear off a monomolecular layer from the ammunition core. The Shuriken Catapult is built around a gravitic accelerator similar to the gravitic motors which power vehicles like the Imperial Land Speeder. The accelerator causes a peristaltic shift from the front to the rear of the firing chamber, hurling the shuriken missiles forward at tremendous velocity. The Shuriken Catapult is dependent on a solid core of ammunition, which is normally cylindrical (although many variants do exist). Up to a hundred shurikens can be fired in a two-second burst, with a standard ammunition core sufficient to provide at least ten such bursts before depletion. However, the method of firing does not lend itself to long-range accuracy, leaving the standard Eldar weapon to be outreached by opponent's, due to a lack of conventional rifling. The nature of the ammunition, a monomolecular disc of metal, prevents any form of rifling, and thus even though the firing mechanism permits firing in a long continuous stream, the lack of rifling results in a severe scattering of the projectiles, thus affecting the range and actual rate of fire of the weapon. This can be primarily solved by utilising controlled bursts, thus lowering the scattering of the shots, but this is normally impractical when firing on the move, preventing dedicated shots at a controlled pace. The method of firing favoured in such junctures is a short range spray, effectively a moving zone of monomolecular hail of discs, that shred through flesh and bone. Firing in this form, despite the apparent drawbacks, is efficient for its purposes, although somewhat deficient in range.

As a testament to the advancements in Eldar technology and indicative of the future, in contrast to another weapon of the Dire Avenger, the Direblade, a symbolic relic of the past, the Shuriken Catapult incorporates an advance mode of firing, that when triggered, turns the hail of monomolecular discs into an unrelenting storm. This version of the Shuriken Catapult which inherits this advance mechanism is called the Phoenix Catapult. Upon achieving this mode, the Phoenix Catapult shoots with such fierce devotion that most conventional armour is rendered useless in the face of this overwhelming firepower. The sheer weight from the volume of shots fired bears down on the foes, literally tearing them to shreds. Only armour of a high calibre can withstand such a devastating salvo. The shots are made especially deadly when fired at point-blank, chewing through all resistance with little distinguishing between flesh and armour. As such this firing mode is amply named the Shuriken Storm. The Dire Avenger activates the Shuriken Storm with but a simple gesture, jerking the gun forcefully in a horizontal fashion. When this is done, the entire rifling barrel detaches and slides upwards as the grooves where the firing barrel splits off and detaches will force it so. The entire motion is fluid and natural, with the same simple action required to deactivate the mode, resulting in translation between modes to be extremely fluent on the fly. As the rifling barrel is guided up the grooves and before it finally locks firmly into its new position above the primary firing chamber, the firing ports realign themselves, integrating a unique micro-device, which is essentially a very powerful mini-magneto generator psychically augmented by the use of memory spirit stones that operates in a fashion that deceptively, and amazingly, gives one the impression the device has become semi-sentient, due to it behaving with such precision and detail. This gives it an extremely high energy upkeep, thus the reason for the accessing mechanism and separation above the primary firing chamber.

The sheer power of the firing mechanism as it breaks the sound barrier many times over with each shot, means that the full potential range of the weapon is not being used when shot conventionally, due to the design of a purposely short rifling barrel as the overall physical aspects were implemented with intentions for ease of movement and for it to restrict movements to a minimal, a philosophy always inherent in Eldar doctrines what with an emphasis on speed and flexibility. The nature of the ammunition in the first place, a monomolecular disc, means that it is impossible for it to fit in a manner such as a slug would fit in an Imperial Boltgun, due to a need for small spaces between the sides of the rifling barrel and the sharp edges of the disc. The dimensions of the barrel is unable to “hug” the disc, and the spaces themselves, although small and seemingly redundant of any attention, as the shot is exposed upon leaving the barrel to further external forces such as wind friction, the linear would-be path of the disc becomes greatly affected and any deviations in direction is further amplified because the disc itself is not forced to travel in straight path even in the already short rifling barrel. In response, the Eldar has created a device to compensate for this seemingly inherent and unavoidable flaw. This is where our mysterious generator makes its appearance. It is essentially a generator that emits specially placed rays of very strong magnetic potential at strategic points meant to precisely control the movements of the disc in the firing chamber through intensifying the rays at the required points, while lowering the rest. The device itself is situated directly over the firing chamber and it uses a positive potential from the nodes situated both on the ceiling and floor of the chamber, and by manipulating the intensities at the nodes as required, control the suspension heights of the disc. The nodes are placed at points that were designed to conform to the dimensions of the disc, which is precisely the same in all discs due again to the same delicate precision in the mechanism that shears off each slice from the ammunition core. Thus for example, by adjusting the magnetic potential to be the same at all nodes, the disc is forced to form directly onto the template disc the nodes are meant to fit and represent, thus being in the optimal and desired position. The disc is forced to hover precisely at the mid point in both horizontal and vertical dimensions, a sheer contrast to how it would otherwise be without the augmentation of the generator device. What this essentially does is grant increased stability and reduced scattering of the shots fired through means of bracing the paths travelled by the shuriken discs. The Dire Avenger then proceeds to empty out their weapons in a devastating hurricane of bladed discs, the micro-magneto generator compensating for the unavoidable scattering incurred when firing so many discs in one continuous stream in a short frame of time.

The sheer drain on the ammunition requirements of the weapon means that time must be wasted in replacing the ammunition core, delaying any subsequent firing from the squad. The time spent reloading is a welcome relief to the weapon itself, as such delicate and precise manipulation takes an extremely high energy toll, and is a further reason why the Dire Avengers do not further tax their weapons with subsequent shots by not firing them for several minutes. Recent implementations of the device has a short beep emitted when the device has cooled down sufficiently from overheating. Although there appears to be a tremendous effective gradient between firing with the magneto generator and without, the latter is always considered the default firing mode and the device is not implemented in Shuriken Catapults used outside the Dire Avenger faction. This is because the “flaw” is partially intended, as although it reduces the range, the scattering shots give rise to a greater area of lethality, and as such, a greater damage potential, perfect for a gun designed to be shot on the fly and to be used by the less accurate citizen militia, Guardian Defenders. It has even been proposed that the advance firing mode be intended as a sniping mode, to make full use of the increase in bracing and range, but it is as yet to be implemented as such. Although the disc is noted for being sheared into the sharpest possible degree, the Eldar understands the limitations in its killing potential, as the shots although possessing of tremendous penetrating power, are only ever able to slice through specific points, inflicting flesh wounds roughly the size of the disc itself, so it is a welcome fact that the discs scatter, increasing the area of impact. Another flaw incurred as such is the penetrating power being not utilised to the fullness of its potential due to the deviations in the course of the discs. Studies have been held on the matter and dissections of enemy bodies always show the trajectory path and point of incidence of the disc in a manner that gives more evidence for the oblique movements of the disc. However the path of trajectory is often a down-spiralling one as the disc contacts the flesh at an angle, which is evidence enough to the Eldar engineers for pride, and a side node for humour, as the “flaw” ironically improves the lethality of each hit from the Shuriken Catapult, compared if it was otherwise a straight, undeviating path.

The Phoenix Catapult is named after the mystical Phoenix of Eldar mythology, the bird of revival, which is most representative of the technology of the Phoenix Catapult, always reviving its capabilities by staying at the forefront in advancements. It is not curious to see new inventions being implemented on the Phoenix Catapult as a prototype weapon, from targetfinders to targeting matrices.

Direblade ~ Blood Awakening

Just as the Shuriken Catapult has evolved its killing potential successively over generations, staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, the Direblade has remained stagnant in form since the formation of the Dire Avengers. It is their close combat weapon of choice but it is selected as such more for the symbolism attached to it than for its fighting capabilities. This unseeming slab of spirit stone sheared into the sharpness of a blade has its origins at the very founding of the Dire Avengers. It is the very spirit stone weaved into the chestpiece of an Eldar's armour, the same psychically-attuned gem that absorbs an Eldar's essence upon his passing. In keeping with the lack of standardisation of the Blade, the Direblade is a highly personal item of issue shaped into varying degrees of size and sharpness, conforming to the personal likings of the bearer, most commonly taking the dimensions of a sword. Further adornments that serve to distinguish their Blades are not unusual, varying with the levels of vanity of the bearer. As such, there is a great degree of randomness present in the appearance of the Blade, which throws further mystery as to their importance to the Dire Avengers. To the Dire Avengers many millennia since their founding, this unseeming article of war is their greatest relic of times long gone and ages past, a firm reminder of a pact long made, and since then forged repeatedly in the furnace of war, unshakeably lodged into the psyche of the Dire Avengers.

It seems that Asurmen was faced with an impossible task, to rally a disciplined and dedicated fighting force, during dark times when their very survival was at stake from the ravages of the Fall, from a destitute and beaten people with no skill or experience to the ways of war. His first line of strategy was to instill a fighting fervour, and through it create discipline. With the two guiding forces of discipline and purpose, he would fashion a force that ultimately was to attain the characteristics that would respond best to the natures of the dangers and situations faced in those times, which in most cases were against a numerically superior foe. As such, Asurmen's underlying philosophy was a defensive one, of which the "modern" Eldar army drew its origins from. Asurmen's ideal of a warrior was to be set forever into the battle doctrines of the Dire Avengers. "Ideally, a warrior must be intuitive in response, his very nature versatile and conforming, to mete with the ever-changing landscape that is the battleground, at once able to come to grasp with the enemy up close and able to engage them at a distance, fulfilling both within the space of a flicker of light." Each of the first warriors were trained directly upon the battlefield, and as such had to adapt and be flexible to fulfill any tactical role. The fluid movement of such a tactically flexible force would require the presence of a high level of discipline, to be able to take up cues and adapt with the changing situations.

With the aims to create such an ideal fighting force, Asurmen devised several tactics to coerce an otherwise reluctant people. Proving himself a capable psychological manipulator, Asurmen attacked them at the heart of the matter, where their devotion would be most greatly kindled. Asurmen cleverly also used the force of factors that were beyond their powers of control, thus creating an army of "converts on the knife", forced to take up arms or face certain obliteration. These destitute people had recently lost their homelands and was left at the other end of the spectrum when they once had the power to destroy entire star systems in a heartbeat. By filling them with the idealistic notion of an attempt through arms to revive their lost species and reclaim what was once theirs, Asurmen manage to stir their spirits up, and with it their fighting spirit. The first Dire Avengers were initiated through a pledge of blood, which came to be known as the Ritual of the Bloody Hand, a ritual that carries on in tradition to this very day. The Dire Avengers would take up a slab of spirit stone, and graft onto the back of their hands, traditionally the left hand, the symbol of the Phoenix, itself symbolic of Asuryan, greatest of the Eldar pantheon. The pain came to symbolise "endurance in the midst of struggles", an iconic gesture that mirrors their own efforts in fulfilling their dream. The grafting of the Phoenix itself came to represent the merging of the idealogical entities of Asuryan and Bloody-Handed Khaine, used in the context of Asurmen to symbolise the mental and physical aspects of war, for in Asurmen's eyes the definitive warrior is the Mind Warrior. Throughout the endeavour of carving the Phoenix symbol upon their hands, the Dire Avengers recite the Creed of the Noble Warrior, which decreed that "The Warrior was forged out of necessity and duty bound as the necessity would dictate, deviating or otherwise would bear consequences too great and mark them a failure to our people, at their dire hour of need." It is from this statement made with great conviction, forceful and intense, that gave rise to their name as the Dire Avengers. Through this painful test of initiation, the Dire Avenger proves his devotion and willingness to the fore. Once steeped with the blood of its bearer, the spirit stone glows with a dull red, the spirit of its bearer forever bound to it.

By its structure apparently, it appears that the entire process possesses little significance in impact, due to its rather short lifespan. It is only after all a blood carving and a short recital of statements. It does not seem to have the binding power required to seal the hearts of the initiates. The Ritual however compensates by being saturated in symbolism. The mythic cycles are known to each individual Eldar like the back of their hand (pun unintended), being imparted in all manner of forms to them from birth. Many forms of this ancient lore has been developed to express and retell these events, through books, art, dances, and other elaborate rituals. All these extraneous knowledge helps tremendously in appreciating the Great Blood Ritual, for the core of its symbolism is centred around the mythic cycles, albeit in Asurmen's interpretation of it. It is true that without the background knowledge of the mythic cycles, it would be impossible to fully interpret this deceptively simple ritual. The carving of the Phoenix unto the hand for example, is akin to merging Asuryan and Khaine and the ideals they present, the mind-body, the pledge-war, respectively. Asuryan Himself has never truly been described, as it is seen as an impossible feat, to limit the Greatest and define Him with mere words. As to His domain of power and what He alludes to, He is simply described as the King of the Gods, and associated with the Spirit of the Phoenix. Asurmen has always interpreted Him to represent the mind in its totality, for it is said that His true domain is over all of creation Itself. As such, every single aspect of the Ritual that is in some manner associated with the mind and its workings are symbolic, an utter declaration of the great presence of Asuryan in them. The Phoenix, steed of Asuryan, is said to be created through an extension of His Being, and is synonymous with Rebirth, Hope and Reincarnation, which is the Ultimate Aim, and why they consecrate themselves as Dire Avengers in the first place, for the Rebirth of the Eldar race. Khaine on the other hand, represents all its physical aspects and actions, Him being the God of War, and the Strongest. Thus we can deduce as such that the Recitation of the Creed and the simultaneous Ritual of the Carving, is another means in which Asurmen attempts to allude the Two into the process of the Ritual, making both entities inseparable from each other, thus allowing the Dire Avengers to carry the symbolism of the merging and union of the aspects of Asuryan and Khaine to eternity itself. This merging of the mental and physical was never unintended, in fact always being the template of aspiration for the Dire Avengers, to become One in Body and Mind, to contain the essence of the Mind Warrior. The Scarring and Gifting of Blood itself was meant to represent the Curse of Khaine, when Asuryan condemned Khaine's Hands to bleed for all eternity, in light of His actions of utterly crushing Eldanesh's body. Taken in this perspective, the Dire Avengers are apparently cursing their lives forever to the Path of War, for indeed they are, bonding their blood to the spirit stone and making their lives forever intertwined with its fate. Indeed many do ascent to great deeds in the afterlife, albeit in the form of them being turned and used as Direswords. On one final note, the pain of the process of the Scarring was a way in which Asurmen devised to commit them to the Pledge, from his brilliant contemplation of the fact that an act committed in blood and pain will never ever refute the cause for its becoming, thus forever sealing them to his call and will, granting him the perfect soldiers for his plans.

The Ritual of the Bloody Hand goes beyond its significance as an initiation rite however, as during times of dire crisis the blood within the Direblade awakens, and the bond between the bearer's spirit and the spirit stone intensifies. The scar upon their left hands bleeds anew and the pain reminds them of their initial commitment when they made the Pledge. Their closeness to death in such times causes the link between the spirit realm and the Materium to open through the medium of the spirit stone. The intensity of the bond to the spirit realm allows them to feel the spirits of those Dire Avengers that were lost to the cause and their unredressed demises fills the Dire Avengers with vindicating intent. They fight on with unnatural vigour and force, their blows becoming possessed by some otherworldly force. As such, the Dire Avengers are renowned for their legendary stubbornness at critical moments, oftentimes able to turn the tides of battle, stunning both friend and foe alike. Among equals, the Dire Avengers have earned their name as the most devoted of the Aspect Warriors and truly worthy of the title Dire. They have exemplified the “Virtues of the Noble Warrior” at its heart, exposed at its core the “Virtue of Relentless Opposition against the Foe of the Eldar”, an unyielding pride that leads to a resolute defence. This Virtue amongst Virtues has earned them special recognition as first among equals, as the Armour of the Eldar, forged within the heat of battle, of tried and tempered devotion. They are reminiscence of ages past, of the glory of ancient days, created in the hopes of one day linking past and present. Unto them is the Undying Fire, the light that pierces the darkness to show the way to the salvation of their race. Unto them lies the responsibility of the Avenger, the one that Upholds, the one that Destroys in order to Restore.

Diresword ~ Soul Blade

The Diresword is a Direblade refined and sharpened into the dimensions of a sword, although it has been known for the spirit stone that functions as the Direblade to be shaped into those of a halberd, or even axe. It is essentially a matured Direblade; often a Diresword will be passed down from generations within the family line, retaining its use of war for many millennia. It is a weapon exclusive to the Exarches, due to the high regard they have of it. Despite its origins initially as a Direblade, it exceeds in many ways beyond the powers of a regular Direblade, breaking the limits of the Blade with feats that it cannot hope to approach, to the extent of it is to turn it into a weapon of a completely different par from that of the Direblade.

The key to moulding the Direblade into the Diresword, and secret to their tremendous difference in levels, lies in the substance lingering within the core of the spirit stone. The Direblade doubles as the all-important spirit stone of the Dire Avengers, in its traditional purpose of containing and shielding the spiritual essence of an Eldar in his passing, from the daemonic ravages of the Immaterium. It is their first line of defense against the predations of She Who Must Not Be Named, from Her unceasing thirst for Eldar souls. The difference between Dire Avengers and their brethen is that they use this actual spirit stone as a weapon, albeit using its mythic properties to augment their line, instead of simply engraving it into their chestpiece for instance, a much more sensible gesture in light of an action by which upon appearance seems to condemn the fate of all Dire Avengers into an existence of thin fragility, exposing their one instrument that guarantees them an afterlife to the unforgiving elements of war and nature, which even then some bearers of ill omen say that of its powers will ultimately prove to simply serve to delay their inevitable possession by She Who Thirts. Despite this, the Dire Avengers view it as an example of their conviction to their oaths, and as another means to seal their determination in battle.

However, there are actual practical and technical matters to this issue, which although may not be readily apparent, holds the secret to the formation of Direswords. A Diresword is as such a Direblade sealed with the spirit of a Dire Avenger, with the crucial aspect that he must have fallen heroically in battle, especially desired to be set against the toughest of odds. When the Dire Avenger is still alive, the blood within the Direblade is sentient and glows dimly in situations which bring the Dire Avenger closer to death. The Blade itself glows more intensely with the progress of the moment, as the heat of the combat reaches its peak, and the Dire Avenger's life shines with less vigour and prospect, the glow becomes a brilliant gleam, due to the expanding of the portal that manifests through the spirit stone, between the Materium and the Warp, between the realm of the living and the dead. This is possible because of the bond between the Dire Avenger and his spirit stone, due to the presence of his blood within. The psyche of the Dire Avenger as he reaches a level where the line between life and death blurs, due to the intensity at that moment, breaks lose from such feeble concepts as the preservation of oneself. As such the intensity of the psychic emanations of the Dire Avenger are comparable to an ancient Farseer channelling his psychic powers, those tiny fractions of time in the highest point of the battle, as they cross arms with such precise movements as to become a blur of movement, a stylised dance of death, appear to the Dire Avenger to span out to eternity. When it reaches this mark, thought attains its ultimate existence as pure intent, the movements of the mind ceasing with all thought, only the purity and surety of the fulfilling of intent left, movements a blur, bearer becoming one with his blade. If the Dire Avenger reaches this point, which only the machinations of battle in their natural course can bring about, and dies, he has died the “correct” way, named the “Beautiful Passing”. Few ever approach such a height in battle, much less attain. In such situations it is only possible if the bearer has the attributes that makes him an exceptional fighter, thus Direswords are almost exclusively wrought from the souls of Exarches.

Something interesting happens at this moment of absolute fulfillment. Known as “The Height”, the sheer emotion and experience becomes engraved in the blood within the spirit stone, and as the Dire Avenger passes onto death, the portal between the realms completely manifests, bonding absolutely the sentient Blood, the spirit of the bearer into the spirit stone. What that is registered into the spirit stone, which the Eldar also use as memory modules, never leaves it. In times of war, when the champions of the Dire Avenger are compelled to muster their greatest, they bear these powerful weapons of war, often inbuilt with special micro-reactors that turn them into high-frequency blades, edge sharpened to dash through armour. Besides this, the Diresword bears with it many interesting properties, as the sword is sentient and guides the bearer's blow, seeking vulnerable areas of the enemy. More importantly, the true power of the Diresword is its terrifying ability, in which the spirit of the fallen warrior lashes out psychically upon all that the Sword touches, obliterating their minds with powers proportional to the nature of the psyche of the warrior at the instance of his death. As such those fallen warriors who were tested to the extreme limits of body and mind upon their last moments become the most powerful Direswords. A single well-placed hit is all that is needed to enable the spirit to intrude into the minds of his enemies and annihilate him from within. In fact the hits act as a mark for the spirits as they enter through the point of contact, each additional hit upon a target marking him further, increasing the ease of the spirits to access and assault the souls of the enemy. To exist as a Diresword in the afterlife is considered the perfect and aspired way to all Dire Avengers, as the services they have rendered themselves to their people and their pledges is carried on with them in their existence as a weapon of war. There's little doubt the Diresword exist as the most powerful armament of war in the arsenal of the Dire Avengers, the quintessential piece of the Dire Avenger style of war.

Banner of the Rising Phoenix ~ Rally Flag

The Dire Avengers are the only Warrior Aspect to utilise banners. This greatly aids their strategy, since they are a core mainstay troop meant to defend objectives rather than secure them, which is best left to the more specialised Aspects. The banner serves as a rally point for the high number of Dire Avengers, allowing a swift organisation of even great numbers of Dire Avengers in the thick of a fight. This rally flag, called by the Dire Avengers, the Banner of the Rising Phoenix, depicts the emblem of a Phoenix rising from the ashes, as a grim reminder of the Pledge of Blood of the Dire Avenger, to destroy in order to restore. The Rising Phoenix is symbolic of the fight of Eldar to redeem their dying race from the Fall, and its representation instills the dire resolve of the role of the Avenger within the Dire Avengers, stilling their hearts with a fiercely indomitable spirit that will not bow until they have avenged in blood the crimes against their people. The Exarch carrying the Banner and his squad is considered the bulwark of the Dire Avenger line, and should they come under fire, surrounding Dire Avengers will flee to their aid, bolstering the line where it is weakest, and fortifying the all important position secured by the Rally Flag. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, so do an overwhelmed Dire Avenger troop never scatter but rejoin their brethren on the field of battle in proximity of a Rally Flag. The Rally Flag is where the Dire Avengers make their stand, and they will hold the line as long as it will allow fleeing Dire Avenger troops to reform and continue the fight.