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    I write here my tale, so as some may learn of my sacrifice, and some at least will know the truth. My name is Macallen Gregorum, and I was the commander of the Cadian 6th, 7th and 19th. I was called the greatest ever commander since… well… since the Emperor himself. I am 75, and yet still I fight amongst my men. I have been at the head of no less than 9 Crusades, lead the armies of the Imperium to victory in 23 campaigns, and won over 10 thousand battles in my career. And now they call me traitor, heretic, and any other name they can think of. I will begin my story at the beginning….

    The date is 431.M41. I have just led my last Crusade, and look forward to a well earned retirement. I return to Terra, by order of the High Council. Looking out of my window during the descent, I see Saint Terra, and the Palace of the Emperor, which stretches over 2 continents. The planet floor is covered in cathedrals, palaces, places of worship, factories and houses. The entire planet seems to breath and live as one, even though I know that, even here, there is strife among humans…

    After my landing, I make my way to the main building of the Administratum, where I am told to wait the High Council. When the call finally comes, I enter into their majestic hall.

    -Macallen Gregorum, High Commander and General of the Armies of His Almighty Power, the Emperor, we welcome you.

    Macallen bowed his head in show of respect, and took a seat in front of them.

    The Fabricator General spoke in a dim, metallic voice.

    -Surely, the Imperium owes a massive debt to you, and we would gladly give you anything that you wish, as a sign of goodwill for your service.
    -Then, High Lords of Terra, grant me my freedom, and my retirement. I have fought long and hard, in the His name, and have served gladly. But now, I wish to me with my family, which I have not seen in over 4 decades.
    -We will grant you this, but not immediately. The Legat of the Inquisition had cut in. We have a last and pressing mission for you, and we need your great service. Macallen’s heart sank. He loved the Emperor, and would gladly fight for him, but he thought that his missions had all been accomplished. It is not a large mission, or a particularly hard. We have reason to believe that the planet Gurfolg VII might soon fall into chaotic worship.
    -Why, if I may ask, do you not send the Inquisition, whom are most probably more used to dealing with this kind of situation?
    -The Inquisition already has a base on the planet, and will do most of the work. However, the area has been hit hard by Eldar raids lately, and the base needs protecting. That is why we are sending you, in charge of 10’000 Imperial Guards, and 200 Ultramarines , to help defend the Inquisitorial base while they do their work. Do you accept this deed?
    -I do, he said. He knew that if he answered anything but yes, he would be tried as a heretic…

    Three months later, the Ultima Emporus, mighty battleship of His Imperial Navy, arrived on the out-skirts of Gurfolg VII, and Thunderhawks and out gunboats brought men and materials to the small base. Macallen stayed on the ship a while, staring out onto the planet. He liked space, he always had been intrigued by it. It was cold, pitiless, and yet, it knew no war. Sure, fleets fought between themselves in space, but space itself was never affected. Gurfolg VII was a small planet, with only one major city. Its total population was about 67 million people, and it was situated in the Beta System, Ultima Segmentum. Macallen marched slowly towards his Thunderhawk, his Terminator armor stepping heavily on the floor. He was no Space Marine, and had started his career as little more than a lowly Guard, but after the Apolun Crusade, he was granted this Terminator armor, encrusted with purity seals and messages of worship. As his ship went closer and closer to the planet surface, he looked out of the window. He seemed to be unnaturally somber, even for him.

    The ship landed inside the base, where his men were already setting up camp. All around, the grounds were being turned into a criss-crossing of trenches, bunkers, and other fortifications. Supplies and men were arriving by their thousands, and Macallen made his way to find Inquisitor Dupree, the man in charge of the entire cleansing of the planet.

    -Lord Macallen, good to finally meet you. We have much work to do.
    -We do indeed, Inquisitor. How do you plan to tackle the situation here on the planet?
    -We must sweep the entire planet. I have 1000 men under my control, and have already called in for Grey Knight reinforcements. I believe that if we do not hurry, we may need them…
    -My men have already set up a perimeter around this base. When was the last Eldar raid?
    -Two weeks ago. About 100 Eldar anti-gravs came, destroyed several buildings, took certain artifacts within our base, and left before we could counter-strike.
    -We will insure the safety of this base with our lives, Inquisitor. You just concentrate on your mission, I have everything under control.
    -Of course, Lord Macallen.


    The Eldar moved with such speed that Macallen’s men found it hard to get a lock on them. But their Lord’s tactical genius in placing trenches meant that few Guards died. Macallen himself, even at 75, could still be seen, at the fore-front of all combats. However, today he overreached his grasp. He ordered a risky counter-strike, him at the lead. They dug quickly into the Eldar lines, slaying hoards of the aliens in their wake. However, he had pushed to far, to fast, and now was surrounded. There, him and his men fought on, even though hope had faded. All of a sudden, a single Guardian broke through, and hit Macallen over the head with his weapon. All went black, and he remembered nothing.


    -Wake up, mon-keigh. Wake up.

    Macallen heard voices around him, and slowly raised his head. He looked straight into the eyes of an Eldar. Looking around him, he saw he was inside some sort of strange room, most probably somewhere in some unknown Craftworld….

    -Good to see you awake, High Lord Macallen. We worried that Lauthelias might have struck a blow to hard, and some sort of permanent damage might have occurred.
    -How do you know my name?
    -Oh, we know all about you Macallen. People on Terra call you Macallen the Great, Macallen the Wise. So many names. Without realizing it, you have also helped US sometimes. That is why you are still alive.
    -I.. Helped you? How?
    -Simply, when, on the Crusade of Apolun, you destroyed a mysterious religion on the planet Falan, you actually discovered a Genestealer cult. Those that had fallen under their control were making raids against anything that came that way, and we had a base in that part of space.
    -Why am I still alive? I don’t believe that you would keep me alive simply because I saved you the trouble of eradicating a Genestealer cult.
    -You are wise for a mon-keigh, Eldrad was right. Our Great Prophet has seen into to future, and knows that your people have uncovered an evil worse than you could ever imagine. And at the fore-front of the corruption are none other than Inquisitor Dupree, and the Legat of the Inquisition himself!
    -What!? What corruption? How dare you speak of a High Lord of Terra that way, they are beyond corruption!
    -Nay, you fool yourself mon-keigh. The human spirit is corruptible, and the High Lords of Terra are only human. However, he is the only one, to our knowledge who has fallen. But if this continues, then all is lost. On Gurfolg VII, Dupree was spreading the corruption, not attempting to stop it. They have found an artifact of unimaginable power, which, if activated, could bring forth the destruction of the entire galaxy. This is why we have kept you alive. You have innumerable supporters in the Imperium, and we have captured most of the high figures that will join you.
    -What? Who else have you captured?
    -Chapter Master Galas, of Fire Blades, Chapter Master Ghouln, of the Emperor’s Zealots, High Lord Commander Garak Andrews, commander of the Death Krieg Korps 2nd, 3rd and 16th. That makes a total of 2000 Marines, and 2 million men. How many men do you reckon you can gather?
    -I do not believe you, alien scum!
    -Believe it. The Black Sword has been uncovered, and already Gurfolg VII, as well as a 100 other planets have already fallen under its spell. Your Imperium needs you, Lord Macallen Gregorum. Will you answer?

    He sat there in silence. He had heard that the Eldar would use any means to manipulate humans, for their own purposes. Surely they had their own agenda in here.

    -Why do you need me?
    -Because, if the power of the Black Sword is unleashed, the Immaterium will become one with the galaxy, demons will walk amongst us. And to this, the Necrons will awaken, thinking that their time has come, and war the likes of which the galaxy has never seen before will break. Your Horus Heresy will seem child’s play compared to this. And all life will finally be extinguished, the Eldar, Mon-Keigh, Orks and Tau, all will meet their inevitable end in that war.

    The alien seemed sad, just while thinking about it. Macallen believed him…

    -I can gather 3 million men, as soon as the people see me. Armies will flock to my call, but I must warn you. The High Lords of Terra will attack us with everything they have, and their ships are faster than ours.
    -That is where we come in. You will use the Webway, to transport yourselves from one planet to the next, until the corruption is ended, and we find the Black Sword. The Eldar will go to war with you, Macallen.


    In the main meeting hall sat Ghouln, Galas, Garak Andrews, Mouguin Ro, High Lord of the Eldar strike force assembled to help the humans, and Macallen. The talks had already been waging for hours, and now all knew the plan. Their first target was to be Inquisitor Dupree. When he had been taken care of, Andrews would send his most skilled and talented Assassin to take care of the Legat of the Inquisition. To think, the most sacred of all jobs intrusted into mortal hands, the Inquisition, had been corrupted…

    However, they knew they would be fighting their allies and friends of old, and, no matter if they accomplished their mission or not, they would be hailed as traitors and heretics. It was a price they were willing to pay for the good of the Emperor…


    Dupree received an urgent message from the control towers. It seemed that a large Eldar force had just escaped from the Webway and was heading this way. Strangely enough, there also seemed to be several human ships among them. Dupree cared not, he had 7’000 men and 100 Space Marines defending his base, and thought he was safe.

    An hour later, he received an urgent message from Commander Uriel, Macallen’s replacement. It seemed that the Eldar force was massive, at least a million strong. What’s more, it was accompanied by 2 Space Marine Chapters, and 5 million Imperial Guards. Dupree’s mind went numb at the news. Maybe they found out? No, that would not explain the Eldar. Just before the message was cut off, Uriel told him that he was expected…

    Dupree marched out from the base alone, looking worried. In front of him was the largest army he had ever seen assembled. His eyes showed fear, but nothing like the fear when he laid eyes on Macallen. It was as though he had seen a ghost. Next to him, he saw 2 Chapter Masters, another High General, and an Eldar Lord.

    -What is the meaning of this? What is this trickery? He said, pointing at Macallen.
    -It is me, Dupree. I have come. I know of your corruption, and I am here to destroy it.

    The Inquisitor’s face went blank for a while, and all saw that Macallen had struck a deep blow. Quickly, he regained his figure.

    -What are you talking about? I think this scum must have made you mad, Macallen.
    -Let me talk to my men.
    -No blood needs to be shed, only yours.
    -They are my men now, and they shall fight to the bitter end. Traitor!

    With that he turned, and made his way back to the castle. He only had one choice. He contacted the instigator of the cult, and ordered him to prepare the army.

    All of a sudden, shots rained down from the sky, as Eldar fighter planes flew down, slaying anything found in front of their deadly weaponry. The Eldar, Imperial Guard and Space Marines advanced, running at their foes. At the front, Macallen was there, with his power glove. They reached the defenders, and the battle was soon over. The 7’000 Guards were slain in an orgy of blood and death, while the 100 Space Marines joined Macallen after learning the reason of their attack. But the battle for Gurfolg VII had just begun…

    As Macallen begun his advance into the main city, the resistance truly begun. It seemed that, of the 69 million people who lived on the planet, Dupree had managed to turn 30million into his army of corruption. The attackers were easily outnumbered, and Macallen did not have time for this. He need to hit where it would hurt the most. He needed to meet Dupree in battle.

    Macallen ordered the Marines to begin advancing towards the main church, while the Eldar and Imperial Guard surrounded the mighty city, in an attempt to starve the people into submission. Macallen was amongst the Marines, when they met the bulk of Dupree’s army. They stood in front of the corrupted church, blasphemous runes etched onto its walls. At the front stood Dupree, in his now twisted armor. His face was distorted with hate and anger.

    -Why do you try to destroy me, Macallen, when I out number you 3 to 1? Surely, even your tactical brilliance knew that against such odds, victory is impossible.
    -Victory is not gained with odds, but with faith, fallen Inquisitor. And to think, you were once the Emperor’s Inquisitor. Insighting corruption is a strange job for such a faithful man.
    -Enough, why have you come here?
    -To destroy you, to recover the Black Sword, and to end the corruption!
    -The Black Sword? It is no longer here. And that, I can tell you, is the truth. You will never find it. You may slay me, you may slay us all, but we will be victorious in the end. Corruption must be stopped at the source, and the corruption’s source is higher than you, Commander General! CHARGE!

    The tidal wave of traitors hit the 2100 strong Space Marine force. The carnage was immense, the Marines charged up by the traitor’s talk of corruption, and even though they were horrendously outnumbered, they made them pay so dearly some of the traitors just collapsed and began to weep, such was the carnage being unleashed upon them. Macallen met Dupree in close combat, and the fallen Inquisitor raised his huge mace above his head, and brought it down on Macallen’s shoulder. The armor held fast, and gave time to Macallen to bring round his Claws and dug them both deep into his enemy’s stomach. Blood spewed out of Dupree’s mouth, and he grinned at the bitter sweet pain. He brought down his mace on Macallen’s arm, and it broke with a snap. With his other hand, he gripped at the General’s throat. The old man brought up one claw, and severed his hand. The Inquisitor screamed with pain and rage. Once again, the High General dug his claws into Dupree, this time into his chest. With a snap, all of his ribs broke, and blood flooded into his lungs. He fell to his knees, and Macallen severed his head with one mighty swipe. All around him the battle suddenly stopped. All had seen Dupree’s fall at Macallen’s hand, and the traitors tried to run, but they were cut down by the Marines. All around the city, Andrews gave to orders for the Imperial Guards and Eldar to shoot anyone who tried to escape the city.


    A week after the battle, the entire planet had been scoured, and all traces of corruption had been brutally destroyed. Few of the planet’s people were still alive. No trace of the Black Sword had been found.

    -Where next, Lord Macallen? It might just be me, but we cannot search the 99 remaining planets that have been corrupted.

    Macallen looked into Mouguin Ro deep blue eyes. It was like looking into wells of time, and sorrow was at the bottom of them.

    -I don’t know… I may have a plan though.
    -What would that be?
    -Well, on the list of planets you gave me, on about 70 of them, I have friends in high places. I may be able to begin an uprising.
    -An uprising against a corrupt government? Are you sure it will work?
    -Well, it will mean that we don’t have to scour every planet, overturning every stone. We will aid the uprisings, but it should take, I estimate, about 6 weeks to deal with 70 of the 99 planets.
    -When do you expect the High Lords of Terra to react?
    -Hmm, well, the Legat of the Inquisition might already have word of it, but he will wait some time to ponder his next action. I would say we have, at maximum, 3 months.
    -3 months? That isn’t long at all..
    -We must do with what we have, my friend….


    And so began the 6 week Crusade, eliminating corruption from all of the planets. However, none had the Black Sword, and the corruption had only been minimal. However, they only had another 1 and a half months before the arrival of a massive Imperial force, determined to destroy them all. However, despite the growing feeling of despair, news finally came of an unknown artifact, on a planet called Hun. Their agents on Hun had told them that the planet had tripled it’s defensive force in the last 2 weeks. And so, Macallen, Andrews, Ghouln, Galas and Mouguin Ro prepared their men for what might be the last assault.


    The landing pods began touching down, Thunderhawks were dropping off their cargo, as Eldar transports touched down. All of a sudden, the plains south of the main city of Hunthor were covered with men, trenches, supplies and equipment. The 5 million strong force had come, and was facing a 15 million strong defensive force which was said to be the best trained and equipped in the area. Macallen laid down his plans, and all the other Commanders were stunned by its brilliance. The plan was that the Imperial Guard would move forward, and place itself like any normal military commander would. Then, when the enemy came, they would stand and fight for a small time, then fall back when they would be outnumbered. Unless the enemy commander was either a defensive genius or a total idiot, he would follow. Then, when they traveled between 2 forests, the Eldar would jump out of their ambush, while Terminator squads would Deepstrike from behind, catching a large bulk of the army. All while this happened, the other 1800 Marines, led by Macallen himself, would launch the main assault against the city., to retrieve the Black Sword, which was held in the main church.

    As the assault begun, the enemy launched his entire force against the attacks, and the Imperial Guards gave way. As predicted, the enemy followed, and was cut to pieces in the trap. The Space Marines, led by Macallen, attacked from the south, and made way to the church. When they were no more than 20 meters from it, they heard news of the incoming Imperial Force. It was a month and a half in advance, and victory was slipping from their grasp. Thinking fast, Macallen pulled his men back, and met with the rest of the army on the fields to the south of the city. Here, they created vast networks of defenses, while the Eldar prepared ambushes. Macallen sent word to the Imperial Commander, with the hope of explaining to him the situation.


    -High Lord and Commander General Macallen Gregorum, I, Alessander Numbar, have a warrant for your arrest on the charge of heresy. How do you plead?
    -Not guilty, Alessander.

    They were having a meeting in the field, as both armies looked out at their commanders. The Imperial Force was about 20 million strong, and accompanied by 3 Space Marine Chapters. No matter how he fought this battle, Macallen knew he could not win. He was facing the entire military might of the Imperium, and for the first time in his career, he feared an enemy.

    -I have come here with grave news of corruption and trechery, Alessander. The Inquisitor Dupree was spreading corruption on Gurfolg VII, and thus I had to defend the Imperium, and I launched my assault. Now, I am purging the worlds that he visited, trying to uproot whatever heresy he began there. If you do not believe me, enter the city, and find the church. There you will find it, etched with blasphemous runes, and surrounded with demons. This is not a simple rebellion from a Commander. This is heresy. The corruption reaches into the very heart of the Imperium, and I fear that the Legat of the Inquisition is also one of the fallen.
    -These are the words of heresy! Do you expect me to believe you?
    -No, I expect you to listen to me, and at least find the church. If I have lied to you, and it is not corrupted, then I will order my men to lay down their arms, and to give up. If, however, it is true, I expect you to leave this place.

    Alessander thought about this proposition. If he is lying, he will be able to save countless lives, and much time. He will be heralded has a genius.

    -Fine, I will send a group of Scouts.
    -Prepare them for the worse, and give them fair warning of the danger that lies ahead.


    Alessander called another meeting 3 hours later. When Macallen arrived, he saw that his besieger’s face was deathly pale, and his hands gripped the seat tightly.

    -Why have you called me?
    -I am leaving, as promised. I will try and explain to the Imperium why you are doing what you are doing. I will leave.
    -What did you see?
    -Demons, thousands of them, holding up an old artifact, shaped like a sword. From it emanated an incomprehensible power. Am I correct thinking that this is what you are after?
    -Indeed, it must be destroyed, or the end of the galaxy is nigh. Wish me luck.

    The assault begun again, and the defender was ground down. Their numbers had been swelled by the demons, but still Macallen had all the cards. The Space Marines cut down anything they saw with the bitterest of hatred, the Eldar claimed life after life, using skills learned thousands of years earlier. After another 2 weeks of siege, the attackers surrounded the church, and pounded it with every weapon in their arsenal. More and more demons escaped from the church, but they were cut down with little difficulty. The city was little less than an immense slaughterhouse, corpses littering the floors of the streets, blood streaked up against the walls, limbs and gore lying wherever you looked. Macallen lead the final assault with the Terminators personally, breaking through the defensive perimeter, and fighting. Inside, however, they were surrounded, and cut down. There, Macallen, High Commander and General of the Imperial Army, loyal servant of the Emperor, master tactician, was cut down. He was fighting against scores of enemies, and made a hill of corpses. There, on top of the hill of his foes, he was finally cut down.

    The battle, though was won, and the Eldar destroyed the Black Sword, using arcane technology, ancient before the times of Man. The war was over, the corruption on the planets had been eliminated, and heresy and been destroyed by treachery.


    In the High Council room on Terra, a simple messenger was telling what had happened to Dupree, what had become of Macallen, and all he knew about the Black Sword. At the end of his speech, he told them of Macallen’s theory of treachery of the Legat of the Inquisition. The High Lord’s face went slightly pale for an instant, and this was proof enough for the messenger. Changing form quickly into an Eversor Assassin, he aimed his pistol at the High Lord, and fire. With a cloud of blood, the Legat fell, dead. All of a sudden, the Assassin was cut down by the High Lord’s bodyguards, but the damage had been done. The Legat of the Inquisition had died. Corruption had been removed….

    The End

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    I really liked this story. I think that if you expanded it, as in writing much more in depth on all the sections, this could be a killer short story. Very compelling, I was worried that Macallen was going to die unjustly at the end. Nothing too fancy, just some description and more narrative. The only suggestion on the story I have is maybe a;ter the ending so that the Eldar manipulated and used Macallen to kill some pesky inquisitors that were not actually traitors. But Good job!
    “Cry ‘Havoc’ and let slip the dogs of war!� - Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene I

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    I thought long and hard about the Eldar ending, but I came to the conclusion that I needed the artifact, and I didnt want Macellan to die from some stuipid, meaningless Eldar plot (not a fan of Eldar, maniuplative buggers...). Also, I get to screw the Inquisition over, for once. I hate them, them and their rules, regulations and xenophobia...

    PS: I still have the text on my computer, so I might change it somewhat, go more into depth, and turn it into a short story, sell it to someone, and make millions This was already 7 pages long I believe, should be able to stretch it out to make 20

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    Is it really soo bad that none of you dare make a comment (even negatif)?

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