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    The Nature of Chaos Entities

    I was playing Dragon Age Origins Awakening today. For those who don't know, the Dragon Age universe has a very similar idea to the Warp of fantasy and 40k called "The Fade" where people go when they are sleeping or having any sort of out of body experience. THe Fade is home to many manifestations of pure human emotion. While some of these manifestations are considered evil (rage, sloth, desire, and pride), others are dependent on the more chivalrous side of humanity (justice, valor, and other thigns of that nature).

    Because of the similarities between the two, I was struck by just how much the Fade of DA and the Warp are alike.

    In the 40k universe, the major (and minor) entities of the warp are the conscious manifestations of emotional extremes. We only really see the more evil ones (Khorne nurgle etc), but is it possible that Chaos might be home to a set of "good" gods that are the manifestation of the good elements of the human psyche? Or is the warp unlike the Fade and only home to negative emotions? Or even perhaps that there is but the Imperium is just so corrupt and fascist that these emotions aren't strong enough (thats probably not a very useful or practical idea but it struck me while writing this).

    What do you all think? Could this be feasible in the fluff? Or would this just be stupid. It would be kind of cool making a, for lack of a better term, "divine chaos" army, though I probably won't end up doing that its just a thought.

    On a side note, the now defunct once-god Malal is not what I'm talking about, as he would be considered anti-chaos and not necessarily good.

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    The Chaos Gods are not evil, they are just extreme.
    Khorne is the God of war and bloodshed but also honour and pride.
    Tzeentch is the God of change, and change can be good as well as bad!

    The Gods need to be extreme because they gain their power from the emotions, so they need to focus solely on those emotions and ensure those emotions are felt in the real universe.
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    Only the strongest and most powerful drives of sentient creatures register in the warp, and as omegoku mentioned, the problem here is that the gods feel no restraint. They are nothing but the raw, instinctive drive from which they're formed. The problem is not so much that the Imperium is bad, but that actually, deep down, people are still animals with extreme, violent emotional drives. It's a bit 'heart of darkness' in that way.

    e.g. Khorne is the biological drive to compete and fight, but because Khorne is nothing but that, there is no restraint to it. There is no good fight or bad fight, there is just as much fighting as possible without restraint or mercy.

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