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    43rd Vanguard Cadre

    43rd Vanguard Cadre

    Homeworld: Tau

    Colors: Catachan Green Armor, Kommando Khaki Clothing, Skull White Sept Markings

    Culture: Tightly knit frontier cadre. Often employed to escort Water Caste on envoy missions, deal with exiled tau enclaves, or put down human revolt on conquered worlds. The members of the cadre have all taken part in the Ta'lissera, and spend months on end aboard their roving fleet in the Damocles Gulf, and other third sphere frontiers.

    Strategy: Employs standard Tau tactics, and holds firm to the teachings of Puretide. Known to use modified versions of the Kauyon most frequently. Shas'O Tau Velor'an holds particular respect for the markerlight, and maintains a stringent maintenance regiment on those weapons. Commander Velor'an also employs non-LOS weaponry as much as possible, which has gained him much success in the ruined cities of imperial frontier. As such the cadre keeps a large pool of Skyray on hand.

    Notable Characters:

    Shas'O Tau Velor'an: Commander of the 43rd Vanguard
    Shas'el Tau Laos: Velor'an's second and favored officer
    Aun'Kieva: Overseer of the 43rd Vanguard
    Shas'vre Tau Mont'au: Leader of the armored elements of the cadre

    History: The 43rd Vanguard were forged in combat during the third sphere expansion. The soldiers that would make up the 43rd did exceptionally well in the battledomes during their initial training, which would lead to many of them eventually being assigned to the same cadres through the expansion. The closeness of many of these firewarriors would eventually show in battles with the greenskins under the overall command umbrella of Commander Shadowsun, which in time would lead to the formation of the 43rd. While the expansion pressed onward, the cadre of one Shas'vre Tau Velor'an was detached to aid in the claiming of a previously imperial world. Unlike other more glorious campaigns the history books would list, with Shadowsun's name brazenly involved, the task of Shas'vre's cadre was a less glorious and violent one.

    The poor agri-world they landed on had little in the way of imperial presence, after only several hours the envoy from the water caste had secured the local guard's surrender. The central settlement was conquered without any shots fired in anger. That the guardsmen there folded easily would do them discredit, as the cadre would learn soon enough orc raiders had already smashed into the primary settlements and looted many of the important relays and outposts of the Guard. It seemed that even xenophobic as they were, the guards of this backwater planet knew when to accept help direly needed.

    This frontier agri-world was named by the local humans Hilgar II. Velor'an would spend several months there combating orcs and heading up relief efforts across the newly acquired world. When his Shas'el was slain in battle with the orcs, the other Shas'vre recommended him for the position. It was here that Velor'an's relationship with Aun'Kieva would begin. Also impressed with the skills and level headed nature of Velor'an, the ethreal promoted the Shas'vre to Shas'el and into command of the cadre.

    While the firewarriors that would be the 43rd fought orcs on Hilgar II, the rest of the expansion marched on in glory without them. Nearly a year was spent driving the orc infestation into a lasting silence, and during that year the tau soldiers of the firecaste fought and bled extensively beside that of the their gue'vesa counterparts. As the cadre mobilized for rotation back to Tau, and their relief prepare to take over spirits were high among both the human defenders of Hilgar II and what many of them would forever remember as their saviors. Velor'an would go on to pain his XV8 in the colors worn by the gue'vesa as a gesture to his new allies. The cadre left Hilgar II to cheers of aliens, and with little glory worthy of greater commanders of legend.

    The accomplishments of Velor'an and his Shas'la were not lost on Aun'Kieva, and much to the warrior's surprise when returned to Tau he was asked to lead a newly forming cadre. He would keep the tau he had lead on Hilgar II, as well as receive some of the brightest new recruits from the battledomes of the homeworld. He would be working closely with gue'vesa in and around the frontier, and Aun'Kieva had spoken highly of his wise touch with the humans of Hilgar II. Though the third sphere expansion had made the Tau empire many gains, not all the planets of the new region were as easily converted as Hilgar II. He would be charged with the safety of the envoys to hold out worlds, responding to the needs of newly conquered worlds, and offering relief to cadre's in the frontier. Not the most glorious of duties, but one necessary to the Greater Good.

    Velor'an accepted as a tau shall, and was promoted to Shas'O as the 43rd Vanguard formed around him. Likewise Aun'Kieva was assigned by his supervisors as the cadre's permanent overseer. Finalizing the organization of the 43rd was the addition of Shas'vre Tau Mont'au, know to many as The Terror, who if he were a human in the guard would have been a tread head. An expert at maintaining the tau war machines, and part of a research and development arm of a Earth Caste projects lab, he quickly pulled strings and traded favors to requisition prototype XV suits for 'field testing'. The new advanced chasis of the XV9 hazard suits were far from fully functional, and the units supplied to the 43rd Vanguard were 'barebones' models, they still afforded Shas'vre Mont'au the ability to continue his duties for the project while also serving in a more full extent in the field. Fitted with standard crisis pattern hardpoints, the prototypes would serve in every function as the XV8's they would be replacing in the 43rd, but would allow Shas'vre Mont'au the ability to stress test the chasis in full scale deployment conditions, and report the cost effectiveness of maintaining the new model of battlesuit. Unfortunately the cadre was not afforded any new weaponry in development for the XV9, nor any of the new sensory or targeting systems, requiring the prototypes to be fitted with standard and current XV8 hardware and software.

    With all the elements in place, and a rendezvous point with a warsphere in the navigation computers, the 43rd Vanguard set forth to write their own tale in the frontier of the Tau Empire.

    (( Angry rabble rabbles welcome. Also name of cadre still up in the air... ))

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