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    Space Marine Chapter searching for Nirvana (rough draft)

    Sons of Chron Tron
    Founded as a Codex Astarters chapter in the 38th Milleniuem by the High Lords of Terra to preserve several agriworld systems and a forgeworld from the tide of Chaos, Greenskins, and Anarchy that followed the Age of Redemption.

    Sons of Chron Tron once had a homeworld in their founding, granted to them by the High Lords of Terra. The name of the world is long lost to distant memory, perhaps some lowly scribe on Terra may know of it, all is known that it was a lush garden world that contained the some of the most exotic strains of cannabis in the galaxy.

    Following the minor participation in the Macharian Hersey, the Chapter began their quest to find Nirvana. Chapter Master drank a cauldron of a rare strain of acidic brew "" collasped his eyes blazed with red light, going through every emotion at once at the same time. When assessed by the chief apothecary, he found that all of the organs had failed at once, then restarted, with the Catalepsean Node putting "" in a coma like state. It was in this state that "" saw Nirvana in the time of the Great Crusades with the Emperor inhaling a from a magnificent glass piece that gave him enlightenment. Or atleast so it was foretold by the Chapter Master upon his awakening nearly a decade later. He declared the chapter would crusade for Nirvana, and so directed the master of the forge to begin the construction of a mighty crusade fleet that could endure the ages to come in this search that would surely surpass their own lifespan. The populace of the world eager to please their overlords were put to work mining the systems asteroids for minerals, and building the Shipyards that would soon churnout the vessels nessacary to sustain the Sons on this seemingly endless crusade. The forgeworld "" to formally severe the old pacts and create new ones based upon the assumption that Nirvana may hold an STC. The Adeptus Mechanicus of "" augmented the shipyards with some of their best tech-priests, who over saw the construction of everything from the mighty Battle Barges to the lowly fuel transports. Eventually gifting the Sons of Chron Tron a Ramilies Starfort named "Aerius Aether" as the fortress monastary from which the chapter could voyage across the stars for Nirvana.

    The Sons of Chron Tron can be described as "nomadic", this is entirelly acredited to their continual use of visions in the search of Nirvana that typically dictate where to go and when to act. This had led to the creation of many ceremonies that range from induction into the chapter to the eventual full rites of initian, Trial of Nine Hells, The Long Smoke, Seven Days of Tranquility, Warp Riddle, The Unending Quest, and the last ceremony that will only be achieved upon dsicovering Nirvana, Asencion. Each Ceremony is unique, for instance the Long Smoke is a continual ceremony that takes place within the helmet of the battle brother almost at all times; The Trial of Nine Hells is the test that every potential acolyte undergoes to test their mind against the horrors of the warp, and come to terms with their own past to move on to the future. While their method of travel is unusual so is their aid to the imperium, the Sons consider that all beings of the Emperors domain can achieve enlightenment just as the Emperor had. To this end whenever the Sons of Chron Tron go to war they begin the Seven Days of Tranquility then begin to campaign against the enemy, while performing the Unending Quest, once the enemy has been neutralised another Seven Days begins to purify their bodies and minds.

    Sons of Chron Tron adhere to the teaching of the Codex Astartes, when they can remember it. Specializing in space warfare for the past three thousand years has led to the chapter to adopt or mix tactics and strategies laid down in the Codex, they tend to prefer drop pod assaults and mechanized warfare, though this does not mean they cannot perform other roles if need be. The Sons are well known for their planetary invasions, using their Ramilies Starfort and warfleet to blockade a planet, then launching drop pod assaults to secure a landing site, than the thunderhawks move in to provide air support while transporters land the heavier vehicles. The pilgrim population are marshaled into fanatical regiments and begin to campaign alongside their "High Angels" masters. The Chapter Master commands everything, whether from the frontline or the basilica of the starfort. Almost always a single company in a strike cruiser is all that is needed to quell a rebellious planet, or assist the Imperial guard in a campaign, or fight alongside the Imperial navy.

    Glory and Ruin
    The Sons have travelled from system to system all the way from Segmentum Obscurus through Solar into the Ultima Segementum out to the eastern fringe where they now battle Tau, Ork, Chaos, and Tyranids. This Odessey is not without its highs lows, from the destruciton of the Battle Barge "Tempered Storm" at the hands of the Alpha Legion, to the salvation of Imperial worlds from the encroaching Tau.
    The Macharian Heresy
    The Sons were tasked by the Adeptus Terra to coordinate with other chapters to end the civil war and anarchy that followed the death of Lord Solar Macharius. Fighting the Alpha Legion who insitgated a number of rebellions in the nearby subsectors, the Sons soon found themselves facing a growing Waaagh! that threatened to overrun the worlds they had just brought back under the Imperium's fold. The chapter had exhausted its fighting strength against the Alpha Legions devious wars, and began a fighting retreat leaving many civilised worlds to their doom. They soon drew a line on the death world Helphia. The orks entered the system to find the entire chapter had mustered to slow the Ork waaagh! to allow the sectors imperial commanders to gather their strength to throw back the greenskins. It was on Helphia that the Sons fought a most noble battle, winning a pyrrhic victory on greenskins. In space however the battle was one sided, no matter how many ships the Sons destroyed, more filled their place. Worse reports that the asteroids had begun moving towards Helphia, threatening to bring the fight back to the beleaguered planetary defenders. In a daring raid on the the Ork warlords flagship the chapter master led the entire first company in a teleport boarding action onto the command bridge. A battle that decided the fate of the sector raged for seven hours as the Ork warlord and chapter master duelled. Finally cutting the greenskins head from his shoulders the chapter master and few survivors returned back to the battle barge. The Waaagh! quickly collasped, as rival warbosses vied to become the next warlord. The Sons retreated, losing nearly half of their own to the stall the Orks. A new Ork warlord would soon rise, and plunge the Sector into war again, but the Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard were ready thanks to efforts and sacrifices made by the Sons of Chron Tron. In the time of the Macharian Heresy worlds would be reclaimed, through total war!
    The Search for Nirvana
    With nearly thirty escorts, ten strike cruisers, and three battle barges, the Sons of Chron Tron had a crusade fleet readied for the great journey to Nirvana. After replenishing their losses the Sons embarked upon the gifted Ramilies Starfort "Aerius Aether". The progress of the journey was slow to begin but soon the momentum was unstoppable. Fighting in many space actions against Chaos, Ork pirates, & Eldar in Segmentum Obscurus, this tempered the Sons, soon they entered Solar, fighting Necron incursions, cleansing daemon worlds, putting down rebellions. For six hundred years the Sons travelled star by star, searching for Nirvana, deploying their forces carefully in the defense of the Imperium, rarely fighting as a chapter after the battle of Helphia. Their travels soon took them to the Ultima Segmentum, there they sought help from other chapters, inquistorial factions, and the Adeptus Mechanicus. An Inquistor soon pointed them towards eastern fringe, and after a Long Smoke it was deemed trustworthy. The Sons found themselves entering the latter years of the Damocles Crusade, and it was in these times the Sons gained a strong respect for the Fire and Air Castes.
    For the Emperor,
    The Sons having fought their way across the galaxy against all manner of foe, had never encountered an enemy such as the Tau that enraged them to point of almost suspending the search for Nirvana. Launching many surgical strikes against outlying Tau worlds or against Imperial Governors that were being swayed by the Water caste, the Sons desired to halt their expansion. With a Ramilies Starfort, and their potent warfleet the Sons of Chron Tron began a long war with the Tau that is known as the Vendetta Crusade. It still lasts to this day, but visions of Nirvana beckons the Sons. In the Time of Ending perhaps the secrets of Nirvana could aid mankind, but in what ways...
    This is a rough draft, please comment and criticize!


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    An entire Chapter of Space Marines who are constantly hotboxing within their armour?

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

    Rep for you.

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