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    Traitors and Chaos: Decisions, Decisions...

    So, in working on my Traitor Guard army, I've decided to expand into Chaos Space Marines to sprinkle in bits of a bona-fide fall to Chaos in what was an otherwise merely rebellious force. However, I'm having a little trouble deciding which 'Patron' I want for the whole force once it's assembled. The list has been narrowed down considerably according to the flavor of what I have now, and now I want some input on which choice would be most appropriate.

    The full details so far on my army are listed here: (The Peoples' Republid of Zierheim)

    For those who don't want to read all that (and to add some recent developments), here is a convinient bullet list of all the major points to keep in mind:
    - Socialist worker's rebellion founded on steam-age fuedal world. Upset victory against Imperium allowed them to secure spaceport and passage to stars.
    - Currently being transported to scenes of battle via Dark Eldar allies in exchange for any prisoners who do not commit to their cause.
    - Currently lead by charismatic general possessing an unknown artifact (red book) and an unsanctioned psyker (pressumably with mind-control powers to encourage rebellion whereever he goes).
    - Army is motivated by the protection of its homeworld, Zierheim, which has yet to be ravaged and exploited by Imperial industrialization.
    - Army is fascinated by armored technology, and with help of psyker is experimenting with powering machines with daemons and grafting mechanical parts onto human subjects (heavy heritek influence).
    - Army considers most Space Marines to be abominations, having never seen them before, and is reluctant to trust them.
    - CSM army will be comprised mostly of Noise Marines and will include 'Daemon Engines' (Daemon Princes modeled as mechanical monstrosities) and possessed vehicles.

    And our contenders for the souls of the traitors are:

    - Easiest sell to any human
    - Normally patron to Noise Marines
    - Might be interested in turning Zierheim into a perverse paradise world.
    - Taps into general's want to be influential and charismatic
    - Explains psyker's specific ability of mind-control
    - Does not explain heritek influence
    - Noise Marines will be 'actual' Noise Marines, which may not sit well with the rest of the traitors.
    - Overt daemonic presence, which again may unsettle traitors and drive away DE allies
    - DE allies could possibly worship Slaanesh, or be attempting to work out deal to save their souls that involve army; possible, but very rare

    - Explains heritek influence as teachings of forbidden knowledge
    - Allows for subtle daemonic presence (ie: daemon engines)
    - 'Great Game' may allow for traitors to switch allegiances and remain outwardly non-Chaos influenced
    - Daemon Engines models in-game are normally given his mark (mostly for the 4+ save to make them more resilient)
    - Difficulty in making Noise Marines more Tzeench-like
    - Distinct lack of psykers/magic-users within army
    - Might have little interest in Dark Eldar involvement with army

    Fabius Bile
    - Creator of Noise Marine brain. Could modify 'volunteers' to become Noise Marine equivilants.
    - Possesses great knowledge of human body and could teach army how to graft cybernetics effectively
    - Actual in-game character is completely non-competitive unless filling all troop slots with augmented CSM's.
    - Don't know if he would show up to secretly help army without dragging daemonic incursion/CSM army with him.

    Chaos Undivided/Independent
    - Works well with socialist mentality (each god gets a fair share!)
    - Army is less beholden to one specific direction
    - Feels like a cop-out to not pick a patron.
    - Overt allegiance to Chaos would not sit well with DE allies.

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    Fabius Bile is actually a bit subtle.. There's at least one bit of fiction where he travels with a small band of noise marines to hunt down forbidden Imperial research from the cursed founding.

    Slannesh, however, is kind of the antithesis of any socialist ideology. The way the Tau (the closest thing in 40k canon to a socialist society) react to it in fiction is a good example.

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    No Eldar would ever work with a band devoted to Slaanesh. That god is constantly sucking their souls at all times, why would they help those who serve it? Chaos in general would be considered to be nearly unthinkable to all Eldar, including the dark kin.

    Personally I'd stick with Tzeentch. The 'Noise Marines' could be played as Noise Marines but in fluff be given psyker powers by Tzeentch. Also explains how powerful your heretic psyker is, and of all the Gods, Tzeentch would be the most likely to be able to ally with Eldar (Khorne would kill them outright for being psykers, for example).

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    Warning Spoiler Alert! Read on only if you have read the 3rd Soul Drinkers novel by Ben Counter, or if you want to know what I am saying

    Ok in the novel, the world that they are on is the base for a Dark Eldar Cabal. They are devoted to Slaanesh and are trying to make the world into a new Commerath/Daemon World. It was weird when I read it, but yeah they were Slaanesh worshippers.

    But yeah I agree with Marius that Tzeentch would be the best.
    Repainting Orks not sure how many points yet
    Warriors of Chaos shelved until further notice

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