This is the fluff of my Tau, who are from the planet the Tau abandoned.

Shas'el N'Dras T'Or'es Eldi Saal T'Shaserra
My commander, who's name in english is: Fire Knight from N'Dras, of powerful wind, pupil of Shadowsun. I'll abbreviate her to Eldi.

Eldi's parents were on their way to N'Dras, when the Tau abandoned it. They landed to find nothing there, but an abandoned civilisation. Eldi's parents gave birth to her, and with nothing to do as a child, she learnt to battle. She learnt to use the power of the wind to assist her motion in her abandoned battlesuits. When she decided to join the military, she quickly grew to a high rank, and became a pupil of Commander Shadowsun. Shadowsun taught about how to use fusion blasters with intense precision. Shadowsun taught her to love alien races, and how to use Shield Drones effectively. Tau'cyrs later, she returned to N'Dras, and found a small community, assisted by Kroot.

She recuited the townspeople from N'Dras, and the Kroot, and, with the permission of Aun'va, she created her Cadre of the Army.

Eldi's Hammerhead, Killing Blow, which she salvaged from N'Dras, is with her in every battle. Armed with a Railgun, Eldi commands the crew to go for the strongest infantry on her enemy's side first. She gets them to attack them first, regardless of any vehicles on the table.

Kunas Mal'caor
Eldi's team of broadsides, the Agile Spiders, are the backbone of her entire force. She uses those, and not Mont'ka to take out enemy vehicles, as they have multiple shots, due to the 3 in the unit.

Va Kroot
Eldi's Kroot, are a small, but vital part of her army. They are used when the enemy are advancing, as her Fire Warriors almost never leave her defensive line.

There may be more, but I haven't got my army list handy, so I cannot check.

Constructive criticism only please.