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    Sins of the Nobles: Forgotten Keys Space Marines Chapter

    Hi Guys! As you can see from my post count, Im pretty new here. I stumbled across this site whilst looking for a place to post my 40k stuff. it seems pretty good, so i decided to post some of it here, namely some interesting things that spun off of one of my Dark Heresy campaigns. (actually, I just now decided to name it Sins of the Nobles, I hope my gaming group wont mind...) since this site seems to favor the tabletop wargame, ill put the chapter up first. I hope you enjoy!


    Forgotten Keys


    Late in M37, the High Lords of Terra deemed it necessary to create new chapters of the space marines. One was to be deemed
    the Forgotten Keys. They were given equipment from the foundries of mars, as well as gifts donated from other chapters.the
    grandest, though, was a battle barge constructed in the great shipyards of mars. It had been commissioned for another
    chapter of the space marines, the Brotherhood of the Flame. Shortly before completion, however, the Brotherhood of the
    Flame turned to the worship of Chaos, ond betrayed the Imperium. The Forgotten Keys cristened it the Evertrue Confederate,
    as in their dedecation speech, the High Lords beseeched them to support the Imperium against its foes.
    Early Years
    The Forgotten Keys based themselves aboard the Evertrue Confederate. They travelled through the Imperium, lending support
    where they could, spending most of their time fighting alongside of the Imperial Guard or other chapters. They gained a
    reputation as a supportive chapter, rarely dictating the course of campaigns or wars, and some of the more independent
    chapters considered this a sign of weakness.

    The Shattered Chapter

    Five centuries after their founding, the Forgotten Keys were assisting the imperial navy against a rebellious system in the
    Ultima Segmentum. With the navy ships, they outnumbered the traitor fleet considerably. Shortly after engagement, it was
    revealed that some or all of the enemy had turned to Chaos. A tainted space hulk, as well as chaotic ships, aad been
    summoned from the warp. Shortly after appearing, the chaotic fleet began to decimate the loyalists. after many losses in
    the naval fleet, and much damage to their own, the chapter master enacted a last-ditch plan: crash the Evertrue Confederate
    into the space hulk, and hope the est of the fleet would prevail. The hulk was destroyed, but a rift to the warp had
    opened, and began to pull the remainder of the loyalist fleet into the emperyan. Only the chapter's remaining ships has
    powerful enough engines to resist the pull long enough to activate their Geller fields. Most of the chapters fleet had
    survived the battle, but they were scattered throughout the Imperium, dropping out of warp randomly, and they did not know
    where their bretheren were.

    Of the Fourth Company

    The Fourth Company, aboard the Whispered Litany, appeared from the warp in the spinward part of Segmentum Obscurus. They,
    like many of their bertheren, had boarded a strike cruiser in perparation for planetary assault after the main enemy fleet
    was broken. However, their plans had changed. They were lost. They had no idea where their chapter was. They had picked up
    many marines in saviour pods, launched from the Evertrue Confederate in the hopes that as much of the chapter could be
    preserved from the crash. Numbering over a hundered and twenty, all the marines present changed their company colors to
    green, the color of the fourth company, until they could locate the rest of the chapter. They pledged to wander until they
    were once again a whole chapter, and they would keep their vows of defending the Imperium The company wandered gradually
    toward the Eye of Terror, helping the Imperium as best as they could. They skirted the edge of the Eye of Terror, vigilant
    against the traitrous forces that had seperated them from their bretheren. Eventually, they reached the Calixis sector, on
    the edge of the Imperium. Persuing a pirate band through the warp, they faced them in naval combat and defeated them, but
    not without great cost. Over a thousand years of travel and combat, rarely coming to port, had taken its toll on the
    ancient ship. During the battle, her great engines had given out. They contacted the sector Governor, and were towed to the
    capital, Scintilla the ship remains in orbit, slowly being repaired.

    The Fourth Company Today

    For seven decades, the Whispered Litany has circled Scintilla. But the Fourth Chapter of the Forgotten Keys have not
    altedin their duty to the Imperium. Losses in Battle had reduced the company to fewer than fifty marines, and they have
    began to recruit from the hives of scintilla to replenish their numbers. To combat the corruption in the calixis sector,
    the chapter sends its neophytes of the company to assist the Inquisition, and so gain battle experience. The Brother
    Marines, for the most part, stay aboard the Whispered Litany or the escort craft of the chapter they have found in their
    travels. Ocassionally, a squad of marines will be deployed to battle, or a squadron of escorts will assist battlefleet

    Fourth Company Details

    The Fourth Company mantains a rather eclectic mix of equipment, due to the donated equipment from its founding and its
    rather unique circumstances. Apart from the following, most of their equipment follown astartes standards.

    Most of the chapters land raiders were destroyed with the Evertrue Confederate, but the fourth company mantains one land
    raider terminus ultra named Crown Lance. It is unknown why the land raider is in their possession, but the Company has put
    its supreme anti-vehicle capabilities to good use.

    Two of the chapters dreadnoughts have remained with the company.
    Davian Scathe was a librarian before being interred within his sarcophagus, and his armoured shell is equipped with a twin
    -linked heavy bolter and a dreadnought power fist.

    Anton Gruze, also called the Zealot, was only interred within his sarcophagus two centuries ago. He is fervent in his
    devotion to his duty, fighting with zeal, and often singing the chapters hymns whilst on the battlefield. He possess a much
    hotter temperment than most dreadnoughts, and he is often reigned in. he is equipped with two hurricane-pattern bolters,
    and lays a veritible hailstorm of fire on the battlefield.

    The Company captain, Damos Rylanor, wears an adamantine mantle and two forearm-mounted storm bolters. He also wields an
    artificer crafted chainsword, which he unseathes wen the enemy is too close to use his bolters on. he mainly stays on the
    bridge of the Whispered Litany, sheparding his company as they move throughout the sector

    The company has a large number of thunderfire cannons in their armoury, and many marines have been trained by the
    techmarines to use them.

    The company completely lacks rhinos or bikes, but has more whirlwinds. therefore, their combat style isn't quite the rapid
    -strike attacks that most chapters use. Instead, ther perfore a more methodical approach, similar to the imperial guard.


    Actually, I could use a little help on a couple of things
    1. We couldn't cecide on what chapter their gene-seed came from,but i hope sombody could help me with that.
    2. Personally, I wanted to put an interesting and unique gene-seed corruption in, but again, Couldn't decide.
    3. Finally, I completely lack a copy of Codex: Space Marines so I couldn't give them army stats. I would appreciate help with this.

    Oh, Im also working on some fluff for the 3rd company, which turned to chaos. I just dont have it finished yet

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    Nice fluff, made for a good read.

    1. Most of the gene seed used to create a new chapter comes from the Ultramarines or their successors.
    2. The bit of corruption could have been inflicted genetically when they were sucked into the warp, giving you free reign to create something new rather than be tied to something like the Blood angels flaw. What about a simple mutation of growing a couple of extra fingers ? Would not affect the chapters loyalty, but could give other Imperial forces cause to suspect them of mutation.
    3. I' recommend getting the codex. It contains a huge amount of background fluff thats very usefull as well as all the stats. I think its against forum rules to post complete stats for copyright reasons.
    Jager bombs. Very efficient at wiping out friend or foe.

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    Not bad at all, I like the sound of most of this. It's actually got a nicely original tinge to it, particularly if you develop the history of the other company and what happened to them.

    As praxis said, most of the geneseed these days comes from the Ultramarines. Pretty standard, incorruptable stuff. Blood Angels and Space Wolves geneseed is now completely off-limits, after the Flesh Tearers and the Wolf Brothers problems.

    Related to the point above, I'd ask why the chapter needs a genetic flaw. What does it add to their story? How does it help make them unique in ways they're not already? For example, in the chapter example I created (linked in my signature), three of the space marine organs have fused into a triumvirate organ because of their practice of implanting a few necessary organs to start with and then harvesting them from the recruit's corpse if they don't survive and implanting them into the next one in line. It wasn't done just because i wanted a geneseed mutation. Think of what the flaw can add/indicate and then consider the possibilities, not the other way round.

    And finally, you said the chapter was just commissioned. This isn't something the High Lords of Terra do when they're bored. You tied their early history quite heavily to their battle barge, were they then created to police a certain reach of space, one that the regular Navy had problems dealing with? What implications would such a regimen have on the choice of their "parent" chapter (the one their initial headquarters staff come from) and recruiting practices? Now obviously, they'll be tied to recruits from Scintilia, but what did they do before then?

    And a thought re the armour: in the advent of a repainting, there must be some area to signify the origin of the armour, so as to not dishonour the machine spirit within. Maybe they repainted to the colours of the sixth company, but each other company keeps its designation markers regardless of its current role in memory of their former position? Repainting a marine's power armour is a big thing.

    Keep up the good thoughts, they just need to dig a little deeper!

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    Thanks xerxes, your ideas will really help. I'm just a little too lazy right now to change it right now. but as soon as i get around to it, ill do it.

    oh, i wasen't implying that they repainted all of their armour, just the trim, to recognize that for all intents and purposes, they were 4th company

    yeah, ill take you guy's advice and drop the gene-seed mutation thing. i had read up on the blood angels recently, and i liked the idea of a shared mutation.

    what if i make the founding chapter the black templar? that might their crusading tendencies...

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