So, I'm new to 40k, have had some experience with Warhammer Fantasy. As with all things, I like to create my own stories for them, as is the case for my Marines Chapter. I read throught the "How To" thread above, and found many useful tips, but one thing that is mentioned but not touched upon is how to make my Space Wolves unique.

The general background of the story right now is that my pack is from a planet that has a highly unstable, stormy atmosphere. It is also a planet that has seen it's share of turmoil on the surface (including regular incursions for a Chaos chapter I have yet to create), battles with Orks, and disagreements with the Imperial Guard stationed there. As it is, they would prefer to fight alone, but don't always have that luxury. In one of the many wars that have taken place on the planet (I haven't devised the strategic reason for it being a battleground yet), the leader of this pack was once assisted by scouts from the Raven Guard. It takes a lot to impress him, and their aptitude for stealth impressed him as a hunter, and he wished to learn from them, eventually placing a greater importance on his own scout packs.

Now, I understand that there's no Space Wolves second founding or successor chapters (unless I misread that?), but how does one go about personalizing their own color schemes for a pack? I want to use a metallic black with a lighter green as a secondary color, as opposed to the grey and yellow the Space Wolves incorporate.

Suggestions? Or is there some information I missed somewhere that'll be of better use?

Thanks for your time.