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    Unholy alliances?

    Obviously in the Grimdark of the 41st millenium everybody hates each other, but i was wondering what the extremes would be (and if they could ever be desperate enough) to warrent an alliance between the "good" and "evil" forces?

    For example should the necrons rise completly, this would be very bad for both the Imperium and Chaos. Obviously the imperium would be very badly damaged, and the necrons could potentially close off the warp which would ruin chaos, especially since the gods would no longer be able to feed off the emotions of mortals.

    So could sitauations be so desperate that the natural hatred and loathing of the 40k races could be put aside, albeit only till the threat passes?

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    It does happen on occasion that hated enemies of the future will work together. There is an allies gid at the back of the Apocalypse book. It says people like the Imperium and Chaos really hate each other and will only work together for a very good reason. The Necrons could be that reason but it is possible that the Necrons will attack one or the other but not both and one side would be destroyed in the process. This would leave one force exausted and easy prey for the other.

    However it must be noted that to ally with Chaos, heretics, traitors or Aliens of any kind for any reason whatsoever is entirely unforgivable and inexcusable heresy. For such vile people who would do such things a proper punishment is yet to be found.

    Hear not the loathesome voice of the Alien the Heretic and the Traitor that will tempt you from the path of rightousness.

    Speak not unto the Alien the Heretic and the Traitor or you will give them license to be heard in turn.

    Look not upon the foul works of the Alien the Heretic and the Traitor and save yourself from hideous corrupting influences.
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