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    Like A Moth to Flame


    I have pondering this for quite a while now. It has been mentioned that, unbeknownst to the High Lords of Terra, that it is the Astronomican psychic signal that is actually luring the Tyranids towards the planet itself.

    Now could this be conicidence? Perhaps. But I like to think that there is something far greater going on behind all of the lies, decpetion and cover-up that the Inquistion does not want revealed. However, it is something that I cannot quite put my finger on. I was wondering what you all think of the mysterious phenemenon that is the Astronomican.

    Do you think that there is more to the Astronomican than is told? Is it possible that the psychic potential of it could become so great that the galaxy could be torn asunder, or every heretic purged of their unrighteousness? Was the Astronomican channeled throughout the Emperor while he was alive, and in mortal form? And why does the Astronomican attract the Tyranids directly towards the heart of the Imperium...?

    All thoughts and ideas would be really cool here.

    Good Hunting.

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    The Tyranids see the Astronomican as a 'pit stop', they've been travelling the void between galaxies which forces the 'Nids to go into a hibernative state, now that they have reached the closest of these Galaxies (in this case, the Milky way) they now see in their "mind's eye" the Astronomican - a phychic beacon used to safely navigate the fleets of the Imperium and power what's left of the Emperor.

    There's no secret behind the coming of the 'Nids, just another toll on the doomday clock that is the universe of 40k , they eat to survive, and adapt to combat their next form of prey. The Imperium's Astronomican is just a 'pit stop' to the 'Nids, nothing more.


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