Hi, this is the fluff for the Chaos Warband, sorry for the long read any comments and improvments will be appreicated, thanks.

The Shadow Brotherhood are one of the Imperiums Space Marines that turned renagade. They were founded during the 35th millianium as the Knight Stalkers.

Fall to Chaos

During the 36th Millianium, The Knight Stalkers Home sector of Tallderan was under threat by an Ork Invasion, the Orks were appearing on all 4 planets in the Tallderan sector including the Chapters Home World of Gregaust.

The war was short and rather bloodless for the Knight Stalkers, losing only 50 of their brothers, however the same can not be said for the Orks, they were driven out of the sector by the Astartes and the Local Imperial Guard regiments.

The last battle of the war was on the fungus-covered inhospitable planet of Marxius Prime. The Orks fought their fiercest here, during the fighting, The Chapter Master himself led the 1st company through a hidden cave, hoping to outmaneuver the greenskins, unfortunatly this move sealed the fate of the Knight Stalkers.

The cave was completly empty, except for one tunnel that led to their destination, on their way the Chapter Master found an ancient sword named Midnight Sabre that he took as his own.

Chapter War

After their victory against the Orks, the Chapter Master order the entire Chapter, to remain in their sector, to defend it while the Governors rebuid. During this time, several raids from Eldar and Tratiors were happening around the sector, during the pasification of these raids, the Chapter Master became more and more cruel to his enimies, this continued until the fatefull day the Chapte Master renounced his oaths to the Emperor.

On that day, one of the battle brothers rebelled against the Chapter Master, as the brother said his name, the Chapter Master cleaved the Astarte in half, belowing "I AM NOW GOGRON UNGOLIM, FOLLOWER OF CHAOS, JOIN ME MY BROTHERS, OUR SLAVERY TO THE FALSE EMPEROR ENDS TODAY!" The incident was broadcasted on all Chapter channels, this started the Chapter war.

Fully half of the Chapter Joined Gogron Ungolim, including the entire first company, in renoucing their oaths to the Emperor, the rest, led by brother captain Alval of the 3rd company along with all of the 10th company. The fighting lasted for a year, most of the senior veterns of the Chapter, joined Gogron, while it was mainly the rookies of the chapter that joinded Alval, givining the traitors the advantage in both numbers and experience.

The Loyalists were being over powered quickly, thining their numbers, eventually only half of the 3rd Company and three quarters of the scouts remained, along with Alval. They maid their final stand on the fungus planet Marxius Prime.

Fate of the 1st Company

"On Marxius Prime, the Loyalists dug their boots into the muck of that alien hellhole and dared us to come in after them. So we did, only to be met with month after month of flesh-eating diseases, shrieking nocturnal predators, and other sights that haunt me to this day"

Captain Fafnir Ghasta, 1st Company

Gogron sent the entire 1st Company in Terminator armour, along with a contingent of the 2nd Company to wipe out the loyalists in one fell swoop. This was not to be however, while man for man the Terminators easily had the advantage, however, the scouts picked the of from the foilage of the trees and fungus of the planet, a full quarter of the 1st Company were wiped out, Captain Ghasta, knowing the fate of his brothers if he didn't do something, pledged his servise to Nurgle, at that moment, all of the terminators and the few marines from the 2nd Company, were twisted and mutated beyond reconistion, after this the Loyalists, were completely wiped out.


After their victory over the Loyalists, Gogron renamed his new warband The Shadow Brotherhood. To show their new loyalty they destroyed every planet in their sector before fleeing for the eye of terror.

The warbands main goal is to achive immortality, to achieve this, they have enlisted the services of Ahriman, with his help they have increased their alreay long life. The warband left the eye of terror in the 37th millenium and begun roaming the galaxy as mercinaries and assassins, led by Gorgron even now during the 41st Millenium.

Council of Nine

The Council of Nine is the ruling body of the Warband. Seats Nine, Seven and Six are left empty, symbolically held by Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh respectively. The warband, dislike Khorne or his followers, meaning that their is no Seat Eight for the council.

Seat One is Held by Gogron Ungolim, leader of the Warband.

Seat Two is Held by Fafnir Ghasta, Ungolim's second in command, this seat is opposite seat Seven

Seat Three is Held by M'raaj, leader of the Sorcerer's and followers of Tzeentch in the warband, this seat is opposite Seat Nine.


The warband dislikes followers of Khorne, they are Enemies of the World Eaters warbands, they also have a shoot on sight order for Kharn. They are not above using beserkers as distactions however.