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    Wurrin' Bitz Kult

    Big Mek Wurrbitz' motley warband of orks is definitely one of the strangest sights around Calixis sector, but even stranger are their customs for these orks are a Big Mek lead a veritable cult of green galactic wanderers who have taken to imitating the Adeptus Mechanicus of the Imperium... And they do it in very orky way. It is quite unclear when or how these orks came the conclusion that machine is stronger than flesh and equally unclear is when they set up a base on a jungle deathworld of Revenant Moon. What is sure, however, is that living in Revenant Moon has changed the orks. They are bigger, meaner, more cyborged and many orks say their methods have become unsound... even downright un-orky.

    The self-proclaimed, and undisputed, leader of the warband is a huge mek called Wurrbitz who his Boyz revere with almost religious fervor, worshipping him and his ”Robonobz” in hope of gaining cyborg implants as a sign of his favor. Only a rare ork is willing to sell his flesh for metal and not all of them survive their first implants so the number of Boyz in the Wurrin' Bitz Warband is quite always lower than Wurrbitz would want to. To make up for his lack of Boyz Wurrbitz has gathered a huge mass of Grots to ”assist” him in his studies.

    Recently the Wurrin' Bitz Kult has taken over an old and abandoned Imperial Research facility which they use as their combined fortress, research lab and armory. A huge network of trenches runs outside the facility, reinforced by piles and piles of metal and concrete while the inside of the fortress houses many deadly weapons, bought or captured, which are constantly being kustomed to fit orkish tastes. In the cellar of the fortress, in abandoned Inquisitorial detainment laboratory Wurrbitz is working day and night, assembling metal limbs, skullplates and complex robotic life-support systems which are then carefully crafted into endless green line of volunteer grots and orks to create deadlier and deadlier combinations of metal and green flesh...


    Big Mek Wurrbitz: The Biggest of the Big Meks, leader of the Wurrin' Bitz and Creator of Robonobz.

    Big Mek Skragamekga aka "The Ork With a Golden Gun": Wurrbitz head assistant who packs a golden shoota. Loves to "test" his shoota on assistant grots but rarely hits anything with it.


    "Robonobz": The biggest, baddest and most metal mofos around. Usually found leading the boyz.


    "Iron Mob" Shoota Boyz: Those older boyz who have seen and learned enough of the kult to be allowed to wield some of the better captured weapons.

    "Volunteers Mob" Slugga & Choppa Boyz: The younger, newly joined kult acolytes who still have to prove themselves by engaging in hunge frontal assaults on the enemy.

    "Lab Grotz" Grot mob: Those assistants who have scavenged something sharp and shooty enough to be any use in actual fight.

    Deff Dread: "Ascended" Robonob

    Deff Dread: Another Robonob who has reached the state of almost complete machinehood.

    Heavy Support

    "Robogrotz" Killa Kanz: Assistants who have dsitinguished themselves in the eyes of Wurrbitz and have been raised to the much wanted status of Robogrot.

    Kult Organization - From Biggest to Runtiest

    Deff Dreads
    Iron Mob Boyz
    Volunteer Boyz
    Everyone else

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