I have a DIY chapter called the Silent Pythons I have spent alot of time on it. One of the unique characteristics about my chapter is that the first chapter master was/is a Master of Forge. Many wanted to know how/why and I told them that it would be explained when I write the story, well here is part of it.

This is the 1st draft so it might be a little rough on the edges, but please post your thoughts and comments.


Setting A aspirant is preparing to take a test which will determine if he becomes a marine.(read Silent Pythons to get a better understanding)

After four months of studying the aspirant was starting to value the power of knowledge. The aspirant had learned that with knowledge you can defeat any foe or accomplish any feat. It was the Emperor’s wisdom and knowledge that lead to the creation of Rogal Dorn. He wondered if Dorn used his mind or his physical ability more during battle, as he started to write.

“Rogal Dorn’s legion, the Imperial Fist was used as the Emperor’s strategic reserve company, often delivering the death blow to the foes of mankind during the Great Crusade. Dorn’s wisdom and knowledge of war distinguished him from the other Primarchs, which is why he was asked by the Emperor to build the defenses for the Imperial Palace. Able to combine his wisdom with his superior physical attributes he became a Lord of War, a divine being capable of accomplishing anything on the battle field. No one will ever reach the status of Rogal Dorn, however a select few are worthy of recognition, one of those few warriors was Cornelius also referred to as “Disciple”. Cornelius first served as a Master of Forge under Dorn’s command and later on was promoted to Captain accomplished many things in his career, but his biggest honor came when he was asked to train a new chapter from Rogal Dorn’s geneseed. This book is about Cornelius life and how he became our Disciple.”

The young aspirant smiled as he opened the book titled, “Disciple”, he had summarized the first few pages perfectly. He was going to do this for each chapter; this would prepare him for the trial the Chaplain warn them about. This was his fifth time to read the autobiography of the Silent Pythons first chapter master, and each time he read it he felt more like an Astartes. He caught a glance of the Chaplain walking by, as he started to summarize the first chapter of the book.

“Cornelius was born around 200 years before the Horus Heresy on Terra. He was the son of a notorious scientist, who played a significant role in the creation of the legions. As a young man Cornelius proved himself worthy to join the Emperor in the pursuit of Reuniting Humanity. It is unclear if his father played a role in his selection, but it is known that Cornelius was sent to the Southeastern Facility, a facility that his father worked at.

Cornelius was under his father’s care, during his transformation into a Space Marine. His father vastly improved hypnotherapy, which allowed Cornelius to communicate during the surgery. His father when questioned about the changes claimed they were to improve the marine creation process. He was allowed to make these changes but other scientist believed that he had join the Cult of Mechanicus, and was using his own son to test new techniques learned from the discovery of new Forge Worlds.

When Cornelius completed his transformation into a marine his knowledge of Imperial weaponry, vehicles, and communication was unparallel. His father was able to teach his son about these things using his advanced hypnotherapy techniques. The current commanders of the 7th legion decided the best use for Cornelius in the legion was to make him into a techmarine, where his mental fortitude could be put to great use.”

The young recruit paused for a moment as he confirmed that it was indeed the Southeastern Facility, which Cornelius was taken to. He skimmed over the pages stopping to read the small summary of how technology has gradually declined over time. He wondered how is that possible, he wrote the question down he will try to find the answer another day, as he started to write once more.

“It is unknown if Cornelius received his training on Mars or with his father on Terra, either way he quickly learned the rites of activation and how to call forth a machine spirit. With a great understanding of the machine spirit, Cornelius focused on self improvement constantly training. He wanted to make sure that when he re-joined the 7th legion he was able to meet their standards. When the time came for him to rejoin the legion his father gave him a unique servo-harness.

When Cornelius joined the 7th legion, he became a techmarine for the 8th company. After only three decades he became a Master of the Forge for the legion, after the death of his superior. Because of the size of each legion, the 7th legion had several Master of the Forges; it is believed that he was one of nine. He had well over one hundred techmarines under his command and was over the armoury of 8th through 12th companies. He was a Master of the Forge for a decade when Rogal Dorn presented himself to the Emperor.”

The young recruit quickly flipped through the pages of the book, to find the portrait of Rogal Dorn. He could not fathom the feeling the 7th legion must have had when they reunited with their Primarch. The portrait alone filled him up with pride, he could only imagine the change in morale for the 7th legion legion. The legion now knew where their strength came from each one of them had a piece of Rogal Dorn inside them.

“Cornelius being part of the Imperial Fist headquarters was able to get close to Dorn participating in most of his mission briefings. He also played a large role into turning the Phalanx into the mobile fortress monastery that it has become. Cornelius took pride in reporting that the armoury of his companies was prepared for war. Cornelius being of Terran descent also took part in honor duels, welcoming new recruits from the Inwit system.

Cornelius saw and often recorded Dorn’s mission briefings; amazed at how he demanded attention and how everyone knew when and where to strike. While Techmarines don’t see the battlefield as often as others, the Captains of the 8th through 12th companies often asked Cornelius to join their command squad, his presence on the battlefield improved communication, teleportation, and orbital bombardments.”

He stops writing to view the picture of the Phalanx, and the size comparison to Curesy’s moon. The Phalanx was almost the size of the moon, a fitting place for the Lord of War to voyage in. He smiled briefly as he started to write about the Battle of Aline.

“The entire Imperial Fist legion was present to participate in a campaign against an Ork invasion. The Orks had declared a waaaagh against a region of planets in the Segmentum Pacificus system. The Orks had three planets under their control and were attacking two more with a large fleet under their command they seemed unstoppable. An Ork invasion of that size would require two legions but the Imperial Fist was the only legion nearby, they would have to wait for the Raven Guard.

Dorn decided to attack three planets at once; he would lead half of the legion to attack Aline, the Orks main planet while the other half would split off and annihilate the Orks attacks against the two planets. Without any backup from the Ork’s worlds their attacks would be quickly neutralized, following that the remaining Imperial Fist would be able to re-join their Primarch and eliminate the rest of the Orks on Aline. Around this time the Raven Guard would be able to make planet fall on the other two planets, and would have the Imperial Fist acting in as reserve. Cornelius was part of the 9th company whose job was to eliminate the Orks on Lizan as quickly as possible, after that they would act as a reserve company for the 2nd and 3rd company and join the main battle on Aline.

The attack that Cornelius participated in went as planned, they were able to annihilate the Orks camps on the planet in two days, but the other two offensives did not go as expected. Shortly after making planet fall on Aline the Ork fleet launched a counter-attack. The Phalanx along with the other Imperial ships was caught off guard by the number of space craft. The fleet was completely occupied and was unable to provide the proper orbital bombardment that was needed. The Orks had superior numbers and aircrafts, their fight-bommers out numbering the legions aircraft four to one.

The Orks was able to quickly neutralize several of the Imperial Fist Scout Titans within hours of planet fall with their Kannons. The majority of the Imperial Fist footslogged across no man’s land suffering heavy losses from bombs from fighta bommers. Despite the odds Dorn’s presence insured their victory, and the Imperial Fist fought with unmatched zeal, while taking more losses then expected the Imperial fist took over the Ork factory. Fighting swarm after swarm of orks, Dorn was unable to go into phase 2 of his assault.

On Lizan the Imperial Fist companies had managed to defeat the Orks within a matter of days. The companies were however left unable to join the main battle because of the Ork’s Fleet counter attack. Cornelius anxious to aid his Primarch, decided to make modifications to civil transports. The changes made it possible for the vehicle to carry Astartes and military supplies. With all of the Ork’s fleet attention focused on destroying the Phalanx, the small civilian ships with smoke launchers that made the ship resemble fallen debris, were able to land successfully on Aline.

Cornelius and the brave few marines had to travel for a day non-stop to reach Dorn’s stronghold. They fought off several attacks but eventually they managed to get the supplies to Dorn. With new troops and supplies, Dorn decided to launch an assault; he would not shame himself or legion by telling his brother that they were caught off guard and behind schedule.

Dorn launched the offensive against the Orks, determine to take the Ork’s main base. They carved through the Orks with little effort, but the number of Orks started to take its toll, Dorn and his marines were locked in a stalemate. The Orks were starting to gain momentum when, two huge explosions sent hundreds if not thousands of Orks flying.

Cornelius and a small group of techmarnies and servitors had repaired the Plasma Blastgun on one of the damaged scout titans. Dorn immediately took command of his only long range threat informing Cornelius where and when to fire the Plasma Blastgun. The Plasma Blastgun penetrated the Ork’s stronghold and Rogal Dorn was able to challenge and defeat the warboss, without him the Ork’s became dysfunctional and started to retreat. The Imperial Fleet was able to send in support shortly after the death of the warboss, the Imperial Fist had reclaimed Aline. When the Raven Guard arrived they quickly join the fighting giving the Imperial Fleet the advantage, they also managed to reclaim the other two planets in a matter of days.

After the war Cornelius was acknowledged by his peers and the adeptus mechanicus. He was able to alter ships to get men and supplies from Lizan to Aline. Once there he lead the marines from their land site to the Ork factory while fighting off small packs of Orks. He was also able to repair the Plasma Blast Gun of a Scout Titan which was vital for the victory on Aline. Dorn spoke to Cornelius for an hour before calling up an assembly of the commanders of the Imperial Fist legion. At the assembly Dorn honored Cornelius presenting him with a master crafted two handed power axe and promoted him to Captain of the 9th Company.”