The Harvesters of Khorne - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Harvesters of Khorne

    Hello, I am new to the hobby and here is my proposed warband (a 1750 point army list is in the chaos space marines army list section). I am not a writer, so i tried to keep it short and sweet. I will start a project log when my orders start to arrive, hopefully next week.


    The Harvesters are a warband of the World Eaters, and still bear their legion's iconography. On the fateful night when Kharn dispersed the World Eeaters, a sergeant named Zhorastor took advantage and drove a power spear through his captain's eye socket, taking control of his company and leaving with his brothers in their thunderhawks.


    The members of the harvesters emulate their lord in that they have a fondness for spears and halberds, though many carrry axes. The warriors of the Harvesters have a reputation for slaughtering the enemy to a man, which is how they aquired their names. They have a liking for large guns, and thus they rely on super-heavy tanks and vindicators to pulp the foe's defenses so the slaughter can begin.

    Known Conflicts

    Zhorastor the Annihilator rose to prominince during the dominion of fire, when he and his company spearheaded a formation of two thousand World Eaters against the 1.4 million strong PDF of Vandalar in two days and a night. He now is butchering his way across the Ultima Segmentum, leaving nothing in his wake.

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    I think that works well as World eater fluff. I think that you've done of good job of working them into the background of the World eaters by including when Kharn split the legoin up and the dominion of fire.

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